WiC Weekly: March 31 - April 6, 2024

We have new info on A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight, celebrations of Invincible season 2, book recommendations, and more!
A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms. (L-R) Peter Claffey and Dexter Sol Ansell. Image courtesy HBO
A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms. (L-R) Peter Claffey and Dexter Sol Ansell. Image courtesy HBO /

Welcome to WiC Weekly, where we run through the most exciting articles to cross our desks in the past seven days, so long as they involve sci-fi, fantasy, movies, TV or books, or often a combination of the five. Let's start with a celebration of all things Star Trek now Discovery has started up its fifth and final season:

A TV show based on the Fourth Wing books is in development. What lessons can it learn from one of the biggest fantasy adaptations of the past 20 years?

The second season of House of the Dragon is on the way, and I'm getting excited about one character in particular:

We're getting some new information about the second season of The Sandman. It's been a long time in coming but it is coming:

We also have new information on the upcoming, Henry Cavill-less season of The Witcher:

Red alert! HBO has cast actors in the two lead roles of its next Game of Thrones spinoff:

Fantasy author Terry Brooks has a new book in his loooooog-running Shannara series on the way:

Speaking of books, here are some sci-fi and fantasy tomes to check out this month:

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is out in theaters! This is just the giant monster's latest step on his very long journey:

Finally, let's round out this roundup with a look back at Invincible, which ended its second season this week:

We're around all week! Check back for more and more and more:

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