Would Game of Thrones showrunners return for Jon Snow sequel? "I don't know..."

Although Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have moved on in their careers, they admit to missing the set and contemplate taking "one last ride..."

Jon Snow - Game of Thrones
Jon Snow - Game of Thrones /

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss are readying a new show: 3 Body Problem, a sci-fi series based on the novels by Liu Cixin. That's a huge production, so they're busy. They haven't even found time to watch HBO's Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon, but does that mean they're done with Westeros for good?

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the pair admitted that they do miss being on the Game of Thrones set. “All the time,” Benioff said. THR reporter James Hibberd gave them a hypothetical situation: what if, in a few years, HBO is still trying to develop a Game of Thrones sequel series about Jon Snow, something that was pitched to the network by actor Kit Harington himself. In this hypothetical, HBO wants Benioff and Weiss to help. Do they? “I don’t know …” Benioff said.

“It would be so great; nothing would make us happier than to work with our people from that show,” Weiss added. “But there are a lot of other ways to make that happen that are fresh and exciting for everyone involved. Also, unless [Kit Harington] has been doing a lot of working out, that’s a really heavy cloak for a guy in his 40s to carry around — it’s like 60 pounds.”

Jokes aside, it's clear that the pair are at least intrigued by the idea. Weiss imagined a scenario where they get the band back together years down the line, catching up with Jon Snow long after he went into exile beyond the Wall. “Maybe when we’re 80 and Kit’s approaching retirement, he can throw that cloak on again with real gray in his beard,” Weiss said. And Benioff likened a Jon Snow sequel to The Color of Money, the 1986 film where Paul Newman returned to play pool hustler "Fast Eddie" Felson, 25 years after he originally played the character in The Hustler. "That was a good sequel," Benioff mused, his mind going who-knows-where. “One last ride …”

Last we heard from Harington, the Jon Snow sequel show was on the back-burner at HBO, which is concentrating on House of the Dragon and the upcoming prequel A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. But they could always return to it down the road, possibly even with Benioff and Weiss on the team.

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