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The challenges of a casting director

By Winter Is Coming on

An interesting article has been posted over at Variety regarding casting directors. With all of the casting discussion going on right now in regards to the Game of Thrones pilot, I thought it was worth pointing it out. Give it … Continue reading

Cliffhanger ending

By Winter Is Coming on

There is an interesting discussion over at the Westeros forums regarding where to end the pilot episode. Obviously this discussion is all spoilers, so click through only if you’ve read the first 200 pages of the first book.

Is another Hollywood work stoppage on the horizon?

By Winter Is Coming on

The Screen Actor’s Guild is preparing to go on strike, which could lead to another Hollywood work stoppage similar to last year’s WGA strike. Variety is reporting the stoppage could begin as early as January. The Screen Actors Guild will … Continue reading

Promise me, Ned

By Winter Is Coming on

The role of Eddard Stark is going to be another crucial casting decision that the producers will have to make. Ned’s role in the pilot episode will be important and whomever they get to play Ned will need to pull … Continue reading

Money makes the world go ’round

By Winter Is Coming on

The evil of producing a medieval fantasy series such as this one is that it is expensive. To make it look good is very expensive. So what kind of budget is Game of Thrones likely to get? If we look … Continue reading

Benioff adds more to his plate

By Winter Is Coming on

As if producing the upcoming films Kashmir and Ender’s Game, working on half a dozen scripts and beginning production on the Game of Thrones pilot wasn’t enough, David Benioff has added another project to his already lengthy to-do list. The … Continue reading

Who is Carolyn Strauss?

By Winter Is Coming on

When the press release went out regarding HBO’s decision to order a pilot for Game of Thrones it was revealed that ex-HBO employee Carolyn Strauss (shown at right on the set of Rome) was an executive producer on the project. … Continue reading

Casting unknowns and young up-and-comers

By Winter Is Coming on

Many of the names being bandied about for the different roles in this series are names most people are familiar with. I contend that if you have heard of an actor, the chance they are going to be in this … Continue reading

Waiting is the hardest part

By Winter Is Coming on

No official timetable has been set for when the pilot will begin filming, nor when they expect the pilot to be fully completed and ready to show to HBO. Let’s try to take a guess, though, shall we? We know, … Continue reading

To spoil or not to spoil?

By Winter Is Coming on

As you might have guessed, the writer of this blog has read (and re-read) George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. However, I realize that a lot of you folks may not have read the series, … Continue reading

What’s in a name?

By Winter Is Coming on

Prior to HBO’s greenlighting the pilot, I wondered that if the series did get produced what HBO would go with as the title of the series? A Song of Ice and Fire just seemed too long and unwieldy for a … Continue reading

Let’s talk Tyrion

By Winter Is Coming on

Probably the most important casting decision that the producers have to make is who to cast as Tyrion. He is a complex character and would represent the role of a lifetime for the actor chosen to play him. Let’s take … Continue reading

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