HBO Speculation

Is another Hollywood work stoppage on the horizon?

The Screen Actor’s Guild is preparing to go on strike, which could lead to another Hollywood work stoppage similar to last year’s WGA strike. Variety is reporting the stoppage could begin as early as January.

The Screen Actors Guild will send out its strike authorization vote to members next month, making it possible for actors to strike as early as January — prompting a bitter response from the majors.

In a message to SAG’s 120,000 members sent Wednesday, SAG president Alan Rosenberg said a strike would be called by the national board “only if it becomes absolutely necessary.”

Winter Is Coming: If SAG were to strike, it is unknown how this would affect the production of the pilot. Since they are filming in the UK it may not affect them at all since SAG is an American union. However in the past, the UK’s version of SAG, Equity, has supported SAG strikes and urged its members not to work for American film companies. Another possibility is that the members of the Writer’s Guild may choose to stop working in support of SAG. Either scenario would likely mean that the production on the pilot would halt. We will have to hope that a deal is reached soon or we may be looking at an even longer wait than I originally thought.


  • Props on the awesome new blog! Just stumbled upon it and will be sure to check in often for updates. It’s great to have stuff to read about the project while waiting for Dance!

  • Thanks! The wait is killing me too. Will be interesting to see what comes out first, the new book or the series!

    I’m kidding about that last part (I hope).