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Tena talks Thrones

In a recent live interview with Ben Mortimer of, Natalia Tena gushed about her role as Osha in Game of Thrones (among many other things). Here’s Part Two of the interview in which she discusses the role...

Media News

A little present from MGoT

A high resolution version of the photo published in TV Guide (FaB wrote about it here) has been made available at Making Game of Thrones. We shall take this to be our Christmas present for this year. Not too demanding, I know...


Scripting Episode 8

Part eight of our ten-part “scripting” series picks up just after a certain arrest at the end of episode seven. EPISODE EIGHT 56 scenes; 65 pages DAENERYS 7 ARYA 4 SANSA 4 ½ of JON 7 BRAN 6 DAENERYS 8 TYRION 6 SANSA 5 ½...