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GRRM interview w/ Mo Ryan; confirms Merchant out as Dany

By Winter Is Coming on

Maureen Ryan of the Chicago-Tribune has posted her full interview with George R. R. Martin and confirms what many people have suspected: Tamzin Merchant will not be returning in the role of Daenarys Targaryen. The interview, which was teased by … Continue reading

Quick hits: Critters, cameras, costumes, and cast

By Winter Is Coming on

More small news items continue to pop up, so I’m gonna combine them all into one post again. Birds and Animals, a company that provides “quality animal talent to the production of film, television and commercial programming,” has quite an … Continue reading

Jory Cassel fans rejoice!

By Fire And Blood on

It’s the closest thing to casting news we’ve had in a while. In George R. R. Martin’s latest Not A Blog entry, after a quick ADwD mention (always good news), George mentions he is working on the episode 8 script … Continue reading

Photo: Costumed extra

By Hear Me Roar on

After the disputed photo that triggered costumegate, Winter Is Coming blog presents you two photos of a costumed extra, one David Blair (click to enlarge). On the casting/talent website StarNow, his profile features photos labelled “in character Game of Thrones … Continue reading

Quick hits: Harington’s hair, Dothraki dancers

By Winter Is Coming on

Some small updates to report on: Kit Harington looks to be growing his hair out. Based on these publicity photos from Posh, the play he is appearing in for the next couple months, Kit definitely has some longer locks. Harington, who wore … Continue reading

Scripting Episode 4

By Fire And Blood on

As promised, here is the Fire And Blooded script outline for Episode 4. This will likely differ in more than a few ways from the episode Bryan Cogman will actually write; he’s a pro, and I expect his to be … Continue reading

Interview with the Dothraki creator

By Hear Me Roar on

Over at, an online interview has been published by one of their resident bloggers, Ellen B. Wright. Who with, you ask? None other than David J. Peterson, who created the Dothraki language for Game of Thrones, and Sai Emrys, … Continue reading

GRRM talks Thrones at C2E2

By Winter Is Coming on

If you haven’t been following my Twitter you may have missed these two interviews of George R. R. Martin at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. (Pro tip: you don’t have to have a Twitter account to keep up with … Continue reading

The script is the thing

By Fire And Blood on

“The script is not the most important thing; the script is the thing.” – Robert A. Berman George R. R. Martin’s recent comments at C2E2 regarding his current GAME OF THRONES episode script (episode eight) brings to mind once more … Continue reading

Returning to Morocco?

By Winter Is Coming on

When the pilot was first filmed, Morocco was used as a stand-in for Pentos during the Dany scenes. It seemed likely they would be returning to the location when the first season was to be filmed. However that was thrown … Continue reading

Q&A session at the C2E2 con

By Hear Me Roar on

After the reading from A Dance with Dragons George R.R. Martin gave at the Chicago convention, there was time for about 10 minutes of questions, the reader Lady Narcissa reports at Westeros forums. George talked about aging up characters for … Continue reading

George working on the script

By Hear Me Roar on

Before leaving for the Chicago convention, GRRM left a message on his LJ about his writing progress in the post script(s): (P.S. Had a good day writing today. Half the day on the book, half the day on the script. … Continue reading

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