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Interview with Sophie Turner

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As we continue to count down toward the premiere (17 days and counting), the awesome-possom dudes here at Winter Is Coming are bound and determined to provide powerful, tear-jerking, eye-wrenching, throat-stabbing content. In that content are a series of new, … Continue reading

WIC and TORn fan sites party like it’s 1999

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(Note: This story appears on both: and and was written by Mr. Cere of TORn [Larry D Curtis of].) Remember a decade ago when the world was going to end? Younger readers may not clearly recall, but … Continue reading

GoT Costumes feature now available online

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Speaking of costuming, HBO has made the much talked about costume video freely available on their YouTube channel, to everyone’s delight. Hear Me Roar: Lots of new shots in this one. Not entire scenes, of course, and I am glad … Continue reading

More pics!

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Winter Is Coming just got its meaty little hands on a number of new pics just released by HBO today. Like this one: No new characters, really, but these are beauties. The costuming is amazing. Props to Michele Clapton! I’ll … Continue reading

Season two rumors: Where there is smoke, there is fire?

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The rumors and signs of HBO giving an unofficial green light to season two to Game of Thrones have been swirling for the past couple months. It started back in Feb when the cast assembled in London for a screening … Continue reading

Food truck serves up tasty Westerosi fare

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By all accounts, yesterday’s Game of Thrones food truck was a smashing success. The truck set up shop in the Union Square section of Manhattan and people literally began running towards it from all directions. Within minutes there were over … Continue reading

The Maester’s Path: The final challenge

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The last step in The Maester’s Path is now active! This week’s challenge involves taste, the last of the five senses. The clues for this week’s challenge tie into the food truck promo currently ongoing in New York City. More … Continue reading

Food trucks roll out in NYC

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The Game of Thrones food trucks will roll out in New York City this week (LA comes next week). Each morning will bring us a new video previewing the menu for that day. Today, Tom Colicchio previews his menu for … Continue reading

Quick Hits: A little bit of everything

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A whole bunch of small news items from the past week: HBO reportedly aired a new trailer last night, the 9th one released for Game of Thrones so far. It has yet to be put online, but hopefully will soon. … Continue reading

Why HBO should greenlight Season Two NOW

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As the countdown clock approaches the appointed day and hour, we remain astir with restlessness. Not for any toll or tidings of doom, no; we stalwarts of House Gatewatch have excited hearts and emboldened spirits brought on by glad missives, … Continue reading

First ever WiC moot in NYC

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Well, with HBO doing this food truck promo so close me, I just had to make a trip up the Turnpike to sample some flavors of Westeros. And I figure, hey, there’s got to be a bunch of WiC readers … Continue reading

HBO to present the flavors of Westeros in NYC and LA!

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HBO has teamed up with an award-winning gourmet chef for a very unique promotional campaign that ties into The Maester’s Path. Remember how the last challenge was going to revolve around taste? Well now folks in New York City and … Continue reading