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Episode 3 – Lord Snow – Preview and clips

By Winter Is Coming on

HBO has released two clips from episode three of Game of Thrones, entitled Lord Snow. One is of Jon training with the Night’s Watch and the other is of a conversation between Jaime and Ned. Watch them, plus HBO’s preview … Continue reading

Late July start for season two filming?

By Winter Is Coming on

A recent article from Broadcast Now talks about post facilities in Belfast getting ready for the next season of Game of Thrones. In the article is a mention of when season two is set to begin production. Although not an … Continue reading

Latest trailer contains new footage and critics’ praise

By Winter Is Coming on

Yes, the show is airing now, but HBO is still releasing trailers. The latest Game of Thrones trailer is 30 seconds of quick cuts from the series (including a bunch we haven’t seen yet) interspersed with quotes pulled from TV … Continue reading

Quick Hits: Riffs and Laffs

By Fire And Blood on

First and mawfaw foremost is this: LEX SHREDS on his guitar-only rendition of Ramin Djawadi’s spectacular opening credit sequence theme. (Get the mp3 here!) The axe-man cometh! Way to represent, Lex! I kinda like the thought of getting a whole … Continue reading

Dance is done!

By Winter Is Coming on

Once again breaking from our usual policy of sticking only to Thrones news, we just have to report on the latest update from George R. R. Martin concerning A Dance with Dragons, the upcoming fifth book in the A Song … Continue reading

Thrones’ opening credits attracting much attention and acclaim

By Winter Is Coming on

The opening credits for Game of Thrones have attracted a lot of attention and acclaim. As soon as the screeners went out the praise started, with many critics saying Thrones‘ opening credits are deserving of an Emmy. For the one … Continue reading

Very promising ratings for episode two

By Hear Me Roar on

As almost by default, James Hibberd has the scoop on the ratings (quote updated): Sunday’s 9 p.m. airing was seen by 2.2 million viewers, matching last week. The 11 p.m. repeat drew another 732,000, also in line with premiere night. … Continue reading


By Fire And Blood on

Once again, I logged on to Twitter and checked through the Twitter feeds that were hash-tagged #GameOfThrones. It went so well last week, I said, “Hey, let’s make this a weekly thing!” I cheerfully retweeted many of the more passionate … Continue reading

Recap round-up: Episode 2

By Winter Is Coming on

A roundup of recaps and reviews of last night’s episode: James Poniewozik – TIME Alan Sepinwall – HitFix Maureen Ryan – AOL TV Myles McNutt – Cultural Learnings James Hibberd – Entertainment Weekly Jace Lacob – Televisionary UPDATE: Larry Williams … Continue reading

Episode 2 – The Kingsroad – Recap

By Winter Is Coming on

Still hard to believe that we are getting new episodes of Game of Thrones every week now! Episode two, The Kingsroad, has just aired. Here is my recap and reaction. Spoiler Note: This post is for those who have read … Continue reading

Episode 2 – The Kingsroad – New Viewer Recap

By Winter Is Coming on

Episode two of Game of Thrones has just aired. New viewers (ie those who haven’t read the book) are encouraged to share their thoughts in the thread below. New WiCnet team members, We Do Not Sow, has his take on … Continue reading

Episode 2 – The Kingsroad – Open Chat

By Winter Is Coming on

Episode two of Game of Thrones is almost upon us. Use this thread to talk amongst yourselves to help pass these last couple hours and to share your instant reactions as the show airs. Episode details after the break.

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