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New Game of Thrones season 5 set photos

Game of Thrones season five is currently filming in various parts of the world and thanks to a loyal reader, we’ve got a new batch of set photos.

These come from Split, Croatia.

From reader Goran:

Hey guys. Here are some pics from the new GoT set in Split! :) This is in front of an abandoned hotel “Zagreb” on the “Duilovo” beach. That is located on the eastern part of the city of Split. Enjoy. :)

More photos after the jump.

The architecture and detail here looks pretty fancy. I can’t help but wondering if this will be part of the set for Dorne. There is probably a good chance that we will see Dorne this season, considering the death of Oberyn Martell was never really resolved during season four.

What do you guys think? Is this going to be a set for Dorne, King’s Landing or somewhere else? Also, how about that view in the last picture?

Thanks again to Goran for the tip.


  • I play ascent hold I got needle and Aryan’s horse the hounds helm I hope the hounds still alive though I know he prolly not

  • Well its certainly meant to convey an imposing feeling. We know that they lost a site in Sibenik – most likely the House of Black and White. It looks a little too grand for that, but one thing makes me think it might be – in the first picture you can see inside what appears to be a circular roof light – the type of thing that might project light onto a pool – like the pool in the HoB&W. Anyway it looks like they intend to use the interior as well and not just the facade. So i’m going with that though of course it could equally be other things as well. Be interested to read other people’s interpretations.

  • Has a bravosi feeling to me, but who knows, i’ve been wrong before and il be wrong again im sure :)

  • Wow, that place looks like it will be epic when it’s done. I wonder what will happen to the set structures when filming is finished. Looks too amazing to tear down.

  • Doesn’t look right for Dorne, too massive and imposing…not stylish and beautiful. Could be somewhere in Braavos, but don’t think House of Black and White. We already have a Sept of Balor.

    I think the Great Pyramid in Meereen or possibly the Temple of the Graces.

    Maaaaybe, the High Tower of Oldtown? But I doubt Sam and Gilly would get there this season.

  • Yeah…double checked and Croatia was used last season for Meereen. I think this will still be somewhere in Meereen.

  • Meereen is full of Egyptian and Babylonian-style massive large blocks of stone, and structures and designs with sharp, angular lines. This looks much finer and more ornate. Not Meereenish at all…

  • Based on the style, it wouldn’t really mesh with the architecture we already know is Dorne (in Spain). The whole setup looks very Mediterranean, meaning either Meereen or Braavos. My guess is Iron Bank exterior–I agree it’s too imposing/obvious for the HOBW. But I guess it could be the Temple of the Graces or another Great Pyramid.

  • Given the climate in the pictures, it looks like it’d be somewhere warm and more southern. I always pictured Braavos to be more overcast and cooler – think Northern California or Oregon. It doesn’t fit the architectural style that I think they’re going for with Dorne, and they’ve already established some of the more important sets for Kings Landing. This very well might be sets for either Pentos or Volantis!

  • Looks like it might be the Water Gardens. It’s supposed to be different from usual dornish architecture

  • Alessandro Fedi:
    I see in it the HoB&W. Braavosi style (as I depict and imagine it), cathedral-like… and they lost the location originally intended for this scope.

    What was the original location supposed to be I wonder…? Also I don’t think it’s Mereen. None of those pyramids seem to be right on the water line. I’m still hoping for HoB&W.