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Jerome Flynn confirms Bronn’s story is “Different from his normal environment”

Bronn has become one of the more popular characters on Game of Thrones. Actor Jerome Flynn, who plays erstwhile sellsword and friend-for-hire, has promised he’ll be back for Season 5. But for those who might expect him to follow his story as written in the books–mainly getting married and attempting to settle into the more respectable station he earned via Tyrion’s friendship–changes are afoot. We’ve seen evidence of the changes before, but this is evidence from the mercenary’s mouth, as it were…

Some of the more interesting tidbits:

His favorite scene of Season 4: “The farewell prison scene with Peter/Tyrion. It was one of the nicest scenes we’ve had together.”

Does he regret his character walking away from Tyrion in that moment? “Look at the guy who did take on the Mountain.” He calls Oberyn’s death “More shocking than the wedding.” Flynn, like many of the actors, does not read the books ahead. He also does not read the scripts he’s not in so that the show can remain a surprise.

When asked how he likes how Season 5 is going, he admits telling us anything is tricky, because he doesn’t want to give it away. What he does say is that this is “very different from my normal kind of environment for Bronn. But it was nice to shake it [the character] up.”

On the show moving away from the books: “It’s unusual to be doing a show with that kind of body of work behind it….Dan and David have done such an incredible job of bringing it to the screen and giving it their own life, and having George’s trust is that….it’s a phenomenon.”


  • Spoilers before the break, speculation posted as fact, not siting sources when they go out on a limb and say certain characters are remixed versions of other characters in the book. (Myranda) WiCnet has gone down hill. I feel bad for saying it, but it’s true.

  • Stop being a neckbeard:
    stop being anal ^

    For real. As far as I know this website is free so I don’t get the complaining. Besides the show has moved far enough from the books that a lot of things us book readers might have been able to take for granted we now have to speculate about at this point.

  • Gee thanks nitpickers for just coming on to nitpick and not actually discuss the anything about the article.
    I find it interesting that Jerome found Oberyns death more impactful than the wedding. I assume he’s referring to the Red one rather than the Purple one. It seems that the producers feel that way too otherwise why would they change the storyline to focus so much more on Dorne and virtually ignore so many of the repercussions of the Red wedding? Anyway I do like Bronns character so I suppose Im glad they’ve extended his role in the next season. Still it doesn’t make up for excluding Bran Imo.

  • Complaining about complainers? Hypocrisy much? People can express their opinions, whether you like that or not. Getting belligerent over it (stop being anal/stop being a neckbeard) doesn’t help anything.

    I think a lot of the reason for this “nitpicking” is that the amount of spoiler content posted to the main page has increased dramatically lately, and the site does pride itself on trying to steer clear of spoilers. It’s something that people are rightfully concerned with.

  • Been coming here since site forst launched way back. Love everything u guys do, gives me something to read while im on toilet.

    But yeah im happy with bronns changes. If they followed his story from books we would never see him again, maybe a cameo. More bronn is always better long as it makes sense in their tv world story.

  • Given that Bronn’s “normal environment” is about 2 feet away from Tyrion at all times, the fact that he’s doing something different this season isn’t that much of a spoiler.

    But yeah, more Bronn = yes, please! I’m ready for some Bronn/Jaime bromance. (Not a spoiler, just a hope.)

    This is my fantasy speculation for Bronn’s opening scene:

    (Bronn, dressed in fine clothes, sits cleaning his nails with a dagger while a woman in the background, presumably Lady Lolys (I think that’s who he married?) calls out honey-do list items.)

    Lady Lolys: Lord Husband, did you make sure the squires took out the trash? Does the Maester have enough raven food and quills? Is it all right if my sister sends her children to foster here for the next 10 years?

    Bronn: (sighs deeply, stands up)

    (Cut to Bronn and Jaime riding out of the city gates, armed and armored.)

    Bronn: I was all happy about marrying up, but bitches be needy, yo.

    Jaime: Tell me about it, I’ve been hitting nothing but Cercei my whole life. Now that Tyrion’s escaped she wants me to literally search the whole keep for him. And I’m like “what the what?”

    Bronn: Yeah, let’s go do some bro stuff with swords instead.

    Jaime: Yeah!

    (freeze frame as they lift their swords in unison)

  • MRR,

    oh my! And now you’re complaining about me complaining about someone else complaining. This is getting absurd. There’s always room anywhere for critiquing things, that’s fair enough. The way I see it though is: what do people expect when they come onto a news site? They’re going to bloody get news and usually news contains spoilers. Jeeez!

    Well Im looking forward to seeing how the Bronn and Jaime bromance develops. Will a woman get in the way? Will Bronn survive it all? Will they both survive Dornes spicy food? Will Tyrion get jealous when he finds out? and will one of them find out that they’re latently gay?
    Stay tuned folks.

  • Neds no Loraq

    Bronn and Jaime will come down with dysentry from eating lots the spicy food and will spend a few episodes recovering. Then they’ll find out many dramatic events have gone down during their convalescence but they’ve missed it all. They’ll head back to KL vowing to banish spicy food from the whole of Westeros.

    It would be great if this season we found out a little about Bronns past. We really hardly know a thing.

  • Neds no Loraq: And now you’re complaining about me complaining about someone else complaining. This is getting absurd.

    You’ve got the right to say what you want to say; I’m just pointing out that it’s futile and misguided.

    Neds no Loraq: what do people expect when they come onto a news site?

    I think people (quite reasonably) expect that site to live up to its own policies, including the following:

    “We do our best to keep the new viewers shielded from having the story spoiled from them. You can be sure that the front page of the site will never delve into the events of future books/seasons.”

    The sorts of information printed on the frontpage has left many of us much less than “sure” of this lately.

  • MRR

    Ok fair enough. I access this site on my phone and this page doesn’t come up, not that Ive noticed. Also my spoiler application doesn’t work on my phone either so its possible it hasn’t worked for other posters as well. However I also must admit I haven’t noticed any spoilers and if there have been some they seem miniscule. Why would most people access a site and not expect spoilers?. Most news in essence includes spoilers so if people just want to come on a site to read a couple of sentences with hardly any information, why bother? Really why bother? The books have been around for years and years. Well that’s my opinion and I understand you may not agree with it, and that’s ok.

  • I assume that Bronn is going to be off with Jamie down south, which I really wonder what that does to where he might start Winds of Winter. The shows really are getting far afield. Love the shows, but this just seems so poorly thought out. I wish they could have know what a hit they had on their hands so they could have done it right.

    I like the site generally, btw, thanks for the content.