Filming Game of Thrones Season 4

Making Game of Thrones: Children of the Forest

The official Game of Thrones YouTube page has just released a quick video on the making of the Children of the Forest from the Season 4 finale “The Children“. If you’ll remember all the way back to the final episode of Season 4, the introduction of The Child of the Forest, caused all sorts of controversy between the Sullied and the Unsullied, because she used fire balls to rescue Bran, Hodor, and Meera.

Watch the video after the jump.

First off, I find it highly interesting that the actress is referred to as The Child of the Forest and not just plain, Leaf. According to IMDb, the actress is Octavia Selena Alexandru, and she is set to reprise the role of Leaf, in Episode 1 of Season 5, “The Wars to Come“.

Personally, I was very happy with how they brought Leaf to the screen. Magical fire-missiles aside, that scene where Jojen gets shanked by the wight or skeleton or whatever you want to call it, is still hard to watch. RIP Jojen, at least you wont end up as paste…on the show, that is.


  • So, she’s reprising her role and if IMDB is to actually be correct in this (in contrast with the supposed appearance of Lady Stoneheart later on in the series), then that will mean at least one CoTF, but not Bran, will be seen this season? I’m left to wonder how the CoTF will be featured in any significant way without the most important POV character relevant to them being shown. Maybe a flashback? Maybe leading Meera and Hodor back to safety?

  • They should just kill off all the characters with fire balls , what a scene that was! Still cant believe they did that!!!