Bronn Casting Featured Game of Thrones Season 6

Bronn and Jaqen H’ghar back for Season 6, new young actor cast in mystery role

Season 6 of Game of Thrones won’t air for a good long while, but the casting news is already beginning to trickle in (expect some big announcements at next week’s San Diego Comic Con). First, here’s some news you probably could have guessed: according to the curriculum vitaes of Jerome Flynn (Bronn) and Tom Wlaschiha (Jaqen H’ghar), both actors will be featured in Game of Thrones Season 6.

This isn’t exactly a surprise, especially when it comes to Wlaschiha. The producers seem to have committed to making Jaqen H’ghar (or no one, as is his proper name) Arya’s mentor during her time in Braavos, even though the character didn’t feature in these sections in the books. It’s not exactly shocking to see that Bronn will return, either, even though the producers have already featured the character far more than George R.R. Martin did in his novels. If the show had followed the template set up by the books, Bronn wouldn’t have appeared in Season 5 at all, and it’s possible that he’ll only make a brief appearance in Season 6 before being shuffled offstage. Lord knows Bronn’s been eager to settle down with some rich wife in a castle for a while now.

Jaqen H'ghar--Official HBO

Also of interest: according to a tweet from talent agency Mad Fish Management, an 18-year-old English actor named Sam Coleman has landed himself a part on Game of Thrones. The young Coleman doesn’t have many film or TV credits to his name yet—he’ll appear in Leatherface, a prequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, in 2016—but he must have impressed the producers with his talent if he snagged a role on the show.

Sam Coleman

As to who he’ll be playing, that’s also a mystery. He doesn’t seem to be the right age or have the right look to play any of the characters from the first set of casting rumors, but could fit one of the more generalized roles in the second set—might he be a member of the outlaw band we’ve been hearing about, or possibly one of the Maesters-in-training down at the Citadel? He could be Maester Kerwin, or perhaps Pate, of Feast for Crows fame. Only time and further leaks will tell.

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    • That thought crossed my mind, but the casting call for the “brother” character, who I think everyone is assuming is Sam’s brother, described him as “athletic.” And Coleman…well…

    • Looks like they’ve cast Randyll tartly as well. My bet is Sam stops off at Horn Hill on the way to Oldtown instead of going to Braavos.

  • He does look on the heavy side, Sam’s dad disowned one child for eating. My guess Robert Baratheon young in a flashback

  • He looks like a young version of Samwell Tarley. Are they planning any flashback scenes about Sam?

  • This guy is fairly tall. How about an Umber? Look again. He does look like someone who’s not been seen since Red Wedding.

    • But Smalljon was among the dead at the Red Wedding (at least in the books), and the Greatjon, who was taken captive, is in his 50s or so.

    • I agree with you. Most likely scenario. We already know there are going to be flashback scenes to Ned’s childhood, if they’re at Winterfell it would make sense to see a younger Hodor.

  • Hot Pie reincarnated as Azor Ahai.

    The “burning sword” is actually a metaphor for pie. He shall offer it to the Night’s King and the Night’s King will be, like, this is glorious, we’re not going to kill you now, bake us some more pie.

    He’ll re-enter the story as Sam and Gilly make their way to Oldtown, hitch a ride on their cart.

  • I realize, because I haven’t read the books, there will still be material taken from the books. I enjoy reading wiki westeros, and of course this forum to get background on characters who could be introduced to the storyline. I’m new to WIC so I decided to look at older posts. It’s interesting, because last year, the character, Griff was rumoured to be to be in a casting call for S5, which we know now was not on the show. I always thought from reading wiki, Griff was suppose to be Aegon, or an imposter of Rhaegar and Elia. Now after reading about this Griff, he’s from the house of Griffin’ s Roost, and his real name is Jon Connington best friend to Rhaegar Targareyen. This is very similar to this character, possible flashback?? Jon Connington has red hair, and disappeared to Essos after the Rebellion. So it must be two different Griff’ s right???

  • We only see his round face, maybe he has an athletic body? I think it’s Sam’s brother. Or flashback Uncle Brandon?

  • Bronn definitely won’t be shuffled quietly offstage. He has been kept around like he has because he’s such a fun character and fan favourite. He’ll be given something to do that keeps him in most episodes.

  • ..totally crazy idea I know… but he looks like Hodor. There was heavy inference that a Winterfell flashback scene/s might feature, and one of the call sheets described a (large child) character who could only be a young Hodor.. 18 is rather old for this for sure, but then Hodor would have been massive… even at 10 years old.
    …just keepin’ the conversation goin’…

  • The plural of curriculum vitae is curricula vitae or, in some cases, curricula vitarum

  • Young Yngwie Malmsteen in a flashback hangin’ out with Robert and Ned. The real origins of G3.

  • Why does everyone think it’s Sam’s brother, Dickon? Dickon is not fat, he’s the fighter and son that Randall Tarley never had with Sam. Possibly a young Robert, but he doesn’t really fit that either. I’m guessing a young Hodor…..

  • I can’t believe all the people saying this guy could be playing a young robert in a flashback. That would be so disrespectful i would turn off my television if I saw that. Either Hodor flashback or Pate. Now after some research i found out that both Kristian Nairn and this kid have distinguishingly blue eyes. Definitely hodor. The kid is tall too. He’ll probably play a 10-12 yr. old Hodor at 6’1.

  • Bronn won’t be written out (until they need him for a shock death, which is unlikely when adapting TWOW), both because he’s popular, and because it’s not how the show operates. They don’t care whose part is mostly done in the book (and I’m guessing he has things to do in the last two books anyway). The established characters who the writers like using will just continue to pop up accompanying people in various situations, like Bronn, Ramsay, Jorah, Lancel, Loras, Yara, Mace Tyrell, Meryn, Qyburn, Ros, and Alliser Thorne. They’ll sub in for whomever the writers decree.

    Plus, Bronn is going back to King’s Landing. POV structure never applied much there at all. It’s a place where various combinations of whoever is there get scenes together, and there are suddenly few enough people there that they’ll need him (notably as a person to whom Jaime is honest, and maybe some ongoing animosity with Trystane).

  • How about Aegon Targaryen? I know D&D ignored that sub-plot up to this point, but maybe they work it in during Season 6.

  • Does anybody know when HBO will reveal the new cast? I think the most awesome new character will be Euron Greyjoy. HBO will cast a few new kids in Season 6, its true, one of them is Sam’s little brother but most of them are supposed to be younger versions of Bran Stark. In HBO Game of Thrones Season 6 casting call they reveal most of what characteristics new cast members will have, but they say nothing about which actors will portray which characters.

    Usually they reveal the new cast at Comic Con but not this year. :/