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Jerome Flynn (Bronn): “I Thought I Was Selling My Soul” By Joining Game of Thrones

The second career of Jerome Flynn is one of the least likely in show biz history. Once part of Robson and Jerome, the 1990s hit duo, Flynn had a duel career in singing and acting before it was de rigeuer for all pop stars to try their hands at acting.

Then in 2000, he walked away. He bought a house in the country and decided he was done with stardom. Most pop stars don’t come back from that. Walking away at the height of your career can burn bridges, and make it so people aren’t willing to work with you anymore. I think it says a lot about how talented he was that his agent stuck by him, patiently sending scripts and waiting for Flynn to finally come round. Ten years later he did, accepting a role as the sellsword Bronn in a nascent fantasy project for HBO. But he nearly didn’t go for it.

In an interview with the RadioTimes, Flynn admits he thought he was selling his soul when he agreed to do the production.

“I’d put it in the bracket of American twaddle. I had a picture of dying a terrible death, a selling-my-soul kind of feeling.”

He’s not the only one who had preconceived notions of what Game of Thrones would be. Jonathan Pryce (the High Sparrow) was originally offered a part in the first season, but turned it down for much the same reason that Flynn did. The difference is that Flynn accepted the job and realized how mistaken he’d been after meeting with the producers.

“I got an idea of what it meant to them, and the scale of the production. Then the cast turned up, and I realised this was epic. Wonderful to be part of.”

Not only was it wonderful to be a part of, but it jump-started Flynn’s career. A year after Thrones’ debut, he was starring in the BBC show Ripper Street. Though Ripper Street never hit the way BBC and BBCA hoped it would, it’s still going, having moved on to Amazon for it’s fourth season. Flynn says that fans were a major part of saving it. He feels that the voices of fans are important for keeping the entertainment industry on it’s toes.

Now, if only all of our voices can resurrect Jon Snow from the dead…


  • Bronn is one of most beloved character in GoT series, a big part of it because of Flynn’s performance. Well done!

    • To be fair, the US puts out far, far more twaddle than the beeb. But the percentage of twaddle by output is probably the same if we compare the BBC and CBS for example. CBS just makes more volume. 22 episodes vs 12 episodes usually.

      • I’ll compare the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes to the CBS version Elementary.
        For me, the BBC version sucks in comparison.
        Martin Freemans’ Watson is a complete idiot in the same mold as the old Dr. Watson of the 1940’s when Basil Rathbone was playing Sherlock.
        Cumberbatch is boring as Sherlock and never shows the slightest bit of passion which is clearly evident in the original writings and most representations of Sherlock. Cumberbatch plays Sherlock as a Dr. Spock of Star Trek type character.
        Johnny Lee Miller is a much more believable Sherlock with his anti-social skills highlighting his attempts at forming real relationships and Lucy Liu is terrific as Dr. Watson…someone with a brain who is actually on or near Sherlocks’ level…
        Big win for CBS on one of my all time favorite characters.

        • I haven’t seen Elementary, but like you, I’m not a fan of Sherlock either, didn’t like the way the characters had been brought to life – for the reaons you specified, mainly.

          Following that, have you ever seen the Granada TV Sherlock Holmes series from the 1980s, with Jeremy Brett? He’s a brilliant Holmes and well worth a watch if you like the books (which I’m guessing you do, from your comments).
          Also David Burke was a v. good Watson – can be a bit dense at times, but actually also very true to ACD’s original writings :)
          Just a friendly recommendation, hope you don’t mind!

          • Yes, I’ve seen the Brett Sherlock…very similar to Basil Rathbone.
            I pretty much love anything Sherlock Holmes but the latest BBC offering is the worst of the lot to me except maybe the 7% solution movie which was a disaster.
            I read all the Sherlock books and watched all the old Basil Rathbone movies too as a kid…

  • Jerome was always primarily an actor, he just happened to be in a show where he part lent itself to musical perfomance that Cowell cashed in on. Same with Robson Green who did loads of gritty ITV detective dramas after the music ended.

    I think what has helped Jerome a lot is that he is no longer the clean cut blond he used to be. He’s hardly recognizable from before.

  • To be honest, I liked Bronn with Tryion friendship and it should have ended there. I think the writers have extended his storyline for fans. It doesn’t work anymore, or maybe the whole Dorne thing just wasn’t engaging. Jamie and Bronn doesn’t captivate like Tyrion & Bronn did, he could have been married of in his castle having sons never to be seen again, and I would have been ok with that.

    • I get what you’re saying, but, I do feel like the disappointment with Bronn in season 5 is because he was dragged into the poorly written and poorly executed Jaime/Dorne storyline. But I agree that it’s fairly obvious that the writers were looking for an excuse to keep Bronn on-screen. In the books, Bronn’s storyline continues off-page after he leaves Tyrion and King’s Landing, but, in my opinion his story is still very interesting off-page because you get the sense that he is slowly increasing his status and could actually end up being a fairly powerful Lord in the future. And for Bronn, that’s really moving up in the world when you consider where he came from – a baseborn sellsword who just sort of hit the jackpot. It will be interesting to see what the TV show will do with his character going forward. Will he be able to cash-in on Jaime’s offer for instance?

      • I don’t think Bronn will get to enjoy the bigger castle, and more beautiful than Lady Lollys offer, I think his character is fused with Ays Oakheart, unfortunately his future may not be bright we’ll have to wait and see. I just hope he doesn’t have more cheesy lines with the sandsnakes

    • The Dorne catastrophe was not Bronn’s fault. Maybe Bronn will betrayed Jaime and help Trystane escape to Dorne … They failed to save Myrcella, so he would not get anything from Cersei.

    • The Dorne storyline was undoubtedly one of the weakest parts of the show so far, but I do think the criticism levelled at it has been a bit harsh. Bronn’s presence there was one of the aspects that worked well in my opinion. Jerome Flynn has turned this likable scoundrel into something more than in the books. It only makes sense for the showrunners to adapt and put that tool to use. That’s ultimately what separates great shows from the multitude of mediocre to good ones.

      Speaking of weak parts of the show storyline, I personally feel the worst yet by some distance was the made-up Robb Stark/Talisa romance. That appeared to me as an obvious and poorly written attempt at attracting a wider audience. It was ludicrous and completely unnecessary.

      • Theoria… Robb and Talisa? that’s reaching back in the archives. Where’s your romantic heart? You did make me think of the romances that have been on the show. Mmmmmmmm ” Daenereys & Khal, Tyrion and whore Shae, mmmmmmmmmm not many worth noting, Robb and Talisa were the closest thing viewers got as far as true love without incest or rape, and you thought it was ludicrous and unnecessary wow!

  • When I was a kid in the UK, I absolutely loved the TV show that Jerome Flynn (and Robson Green) were on – a drama about a British army regiment called Soldier Soldier. It was really that that launched their careers and the music came after it. Robson Green now presents programs about fishing of all things! I must admit that I had no idea at all that Bronn was Jerome Flynn until I read it online. He is so unrecognisable from that time. I agree with some of the guys above about being a bit “Bronned” out but I think it’s probably has a bit more to do with how poor the Dornish story was instead tho.

  • Hey first comment on here so ho easy on me! :) Just like to point out that Jerome Flynn first came to prominence on a TV show here called Soilder, Soldier about the trials and tribulations of lads in a fictitious British Army regiment. He along with co star of the series Robson Green played a pair of best mates, and in the series sang a duet, Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers. They then released the song and their singing career took off afterwards.