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The Sand Snakes sound off on Season 5, drop hints about their return

It’s the time of the year when we start seeing a lot of Game of Thrones actors hanging out around various filming locations. Jessica Henwick, Keisha Castle-Hughes, and Rosabell Laurenti Sellers (the actresses behind the Sand Snakes) have yet to be spotted. This makes sense, as most of the filming right now is happening in Northern Ireland, and the Sand Snakes will probably shoot their scenes, assuming they have any, elsewhere.

Another possibility is that the Sand Snakes aren’t coming back for Season 6. After all, their Season 5 storyline wasn’t very well-received, and it’s possible that the producers are hoping to just cut their losses and run. However, a couple of interviews recently uploaded by Red Carpet News TV suggest otherwise.

Okay, so neither Jessica Henwick (Nymeria Sand, aka Boring Spice) nor Keisha Castle-Hughes (Obara Sand, aka Grumpy Spice) definitively state that they’ll be returning for Season 6, but they drop a couple of hints, particularly Henwick.

  • For one thing, Henwick hopes that her shock over actually being on the show will sink in “once [she’s] come back for the next season.” Sounds fairly confident.
  • For another thing, Henwick says that she’s read the scripts for Season 6. This interview was given at this year’s San Deigo Comic Con, when not all the cast members had had a chance to crack the scripts yet. Presumably, Henwick would only get the scripts for Season 6 if she was going to, y’know, be in Season 6. That’s definitely the strongest piece of evidence.

Henwick’s comments about hating Sansa’s character until watching her go through hell in Season 5 are also interesting. I thought people usually stopped hating Sansa around the time they saw her go through hell in late Season 1, but I guess mileage will vary.

Keisha Castle-Hughes is a little more tight-lipped about Season 6, but it’s still charming to see how big of a Game of Thrones super-fan she is, and how solid a grasp she has of Obara’s character. It’s just a shame Season 5 didn’t give her much of a chance to explore that character. If the Sand Snakes do return, let’s hope that the writers make better use of these talented actresses.


  • Probably the worst writing of the show with the whole Dorne experience…
    I am confident D & D can *spice* things up for the Sand Snakes in season 6.

          • Cardinal Rule of Fight Scenes: Kick Ass first, Chew Bubblegum Later.

            Oberyn spent to much time talking, he should have sealed the deal. Once he ventured too close to The Mountain he ended up “Toting an Ass Whoopin.”

            I totally get his reasons for wanting Clegane to confess and likely implicate Tywin in the crimes against Elia Martell and her children. But a long monologue is a huge invitation to have the tides turn against you.

    • Agreed. They were totally mishandled, as was everyone from Dorne. Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, and Helen Mirren couldn’t have made much of those lines. Alexander Siddig, that wily old(ish) pro, at least managed to scrape out some dignity and depth from his lines. But Doran is a ‘still waters run deep’ chap, so he could work with some subtext available from the books. Conversely, the book Sand Snakes were one-dimensional.

      • Good point, there wasn’t much to go on for the Sand Snakes from the books.
        D & D tried tio come up with something interesting and missed. One of the few misses they’ve had in this series. At least they got the kill Myrcella part right, GRRM only had her lose an ear.

  • Although I agree with all the statements about the Sand Snakes being bland, cartoonish and underused, I still believe that it was Doran’s paper thin character that brought down the Dornish plotline altogether. Had he been better utilized the Sand Snakes cartoonishness would have been forgiveable. I expect they’re saving Doran’s speech about the snake and the grass for season 6 but it was clearly a mistake. Gutting his storyline by extension gutted all the supporting characters storyline. Doran’s duality was the real emotional undercurrent in the books, the calculating man hardened by loss pulling all the strings with a power almost completely unpercieved. I have no doubt they’ll remedy this in the upcoming seasons.

    • From what I recall (and I wasn’t a big fan of this whole storyline anyway) Arianna was the central character in Dorne and the person with the most focus in the books.
      Doran was just a foil to her, no?

    • DarkStar and Maester Feelgood,

      Well struck! Siddig could read the phone book and it would be awesome. His lack of screen time and development really paralyzed the Dorne sub-plot.

      I think they focused too much on Ellaria, trying to use the audience’s sympathy for her as a vehicle for Dorne. The Spice Snakes were just an extension of her attitudes and motivations. They were like card-board cut-out Charlie’s Angels with Ellaria being Charlie.

      While in ASOIF, Arianne is the main instrument of calculated revenge, there are many differences between her and Ellaria that made it difficult to combine them onscreen. Ellaria is all rage and hatred. Her motivations are simple and she does not veil her intentions or her actions with any pretext. Arianne on the other hand, burns just as hot, but her hatred is a smoldering fire rather than a blazing wildfire.

      Arianne seduces Myrcella’s Kingsgaurd Aerys Oakheart with the sole intention of making Myrcella vulnerable. Arianne sets a plan into motion to abduct Myrcella, not to kill her. She sees a chance to broker the Martells onto the Iron Throne by marrying Trystane to Myrcella. Dornish Law recognizes both male and female trueborn children as direct heirs to the throne, males are not given preference. Therefore the oldest surviving child is considered the heir, regardless of gender.

      Thus this allows Dorne to dethrone King Tommen by using the alternative Dornish Law of Primogeniture to assert Myrcella as the rightful heir of The Seven Kingdoms. Many compare Dorne to Spain and according to the historian Poumarede, the Basques of the Kingdom of Navarre in Spain transmitted title and property to the firstborn, whatever their gender. This has been the tradition in Dorne for hundreds of years as well. This unorthodox custom is credited to the influence of the Rhoynish women who settled in Dorne and married into the Martell family.

      Unlike Ellaria, Arianne has more ambition than Old Testament style revenge. Rather than killing the Lannisters outright, she plans on maneuvering Trystane onto the Iron Throne and bringing Dorne into the forefront of Westerosi political power. Arianne is Doran’s heir, so she will control Dorne with her brother controlling King’s Landing. This shows Doran’s influence on her, they are both masters at the cyvasse game.

      Meanwhile Doran has aligned himself with Varys and Illyrio Mopatis to secure an alliance with the Targaryen heirs by securing secret Marriage pacts for each of his children. Viserys had been betrothed to Arianne unbeknownst to him, while Quentyn Martell had been bequeathed to Daenerys. To provide additional security for the Martells, Varys is said to have smuggled Rhaegar Targaryen and Elia Martell’s son Aegon to Essos to be groomed for the Iron Throne by Jon Connington. Now whether Aegon is really the Targaryen heir or a Mummer’s Dragon remains to be seen. Both Jon Connington and Tyrion Lannister have advised Aegon to seek a marriage alliance with Daenerys and reassert their claim on the Iron Throne.

      Thus through Doran and Arianne’s cunning machinations they have maneuvered Dorne into a web of power and influence in Westeros. This goes largely unseen in Season 5 of Game of Thrones. There is the possibility that Trystane’s storyline will be combined with Aegon’s in Season 6 of Game of Thrones. With Myrcella’s death, the Queenmaker story arc is now pointless, so perhaps Trystane will assert his claim to the Iron Throne as Rhaegar’s heir. This paves the way for an partnership with Daenerys and lends fodder to the Three Heads of The Dragon Theory as well.

        • It has been speculated that there is the possibility that Trystane’s storyline will be combined with Aegon’s in Season 6 of Game of Thrones.

          With Myrcella’s death, the Queenmaker story arc is now pointless, so perhaps Trystane is secretly Aegon and will assert his claim to the Iron Throne as Rhaegar’s heir. This paves the way for an partnership with Daenerys and lends fodder to the Three Heads of The Dragon Theory as well.

          • I get that but Trystane doesn’t have any claim to the throne. So he’s just going to say “suprise I’m actually Aegon Targaryen?” . I believe you that it’s a possibility, I’m just trying to wrap my mind around how he would claim and prove to others that he is actually Aegon. He should be the same age as Jon and Danny too

          • I also had that feeling – because either they create ~4 more characters just to get Aegon into the series (assuming that Aegon is necessary to the three headed dragon theory in the books), or they leverage the fact that Doran Martell had already been shown in the show as both shrewd and clever, and exceedingly patient.

            This would however make the Sand Snakes, about to foil Doran’s plan – assuming the above speculation is plausible: prior to Myrcella’s poisoning:
            – Trystane / Aegon was about to be put into the centre of the Red Keep
            – Married to Myrcella
            – 1 death (Tommen’s) away from regaining the Iron Throne
            – With a potential of gaining Lannisters, Tyrells, Martell’s alliance all in one swoop (and therefore ending all conflict)

            But because of the Sand Snakes’ blindness, the opposite effect is about to occur: Dorne joins the civil war, and Lannisters / Tyrells now have yet another player to contend with.

          • Holy whaaaaaaaaa???! Whoah I never thought about trystane being Aegon oh whoah … It’s about to get real on Got! I can see that happening though .

          • Ok smartass born and bred since you wear that so proudly, why would they give Trystane a huge arc in the storyline as you suggest on the show. The Dorne fiasco isn’t leading up to such a huge plot as this. What happens to Kit Harrington, if Jon is dead, he’s going to play a character on the show who ever that might be. Kit is filming in Spain, Why? Maybe he comes back Aegon, Jon’s twin. Jon Connington, could have taken him before Ned arrived at TTOJ. He was Rhaegar most trusted friend, Jon Connington could also have name him Aegon . The Three Headed Dragon fits this theory as well ?

          • Cynthia,

            Why are you still trying to bait me? If you don’t like me, that’s fine. Just ignore me and I’ll ignore you. No one wants a repeat of the last Flame War.

            Let’s discuss Known Targaryen heirs before we speculate on the Jon Snow Twin theory:

            Rhaegar had two known children with Elia Martell: Rhaenys (3 years old) and Aegon (between 1 and 2 years old.) They were killed at KL by Gregor Clegane.

            Aegon would be the Primary heir to the Iron Throne. He cannot be Jon Snow’s Twin because Aegon was born in 281 or 282 AC and Jon was born at the Tower of Joy in 283 AC. If R+L=J then Jon Snow would be second in line to the throne, being younger than Aegon, and his half brother.

            Daenerys and Viserys were Rhaegar’s siblings, thus if it were believed that Rhaegar did not have a living heir because Aegon was killed by Gregor Clegane and Jon Snow was not revealed as a Targaryen, then Viserys would be next in line for the throne. Now that Viserys is obviously dead… no way he survived Drogo’s crown… then Daenerys would be the last Targaryen heir.

            Daenerys is not Jon’s Twin because she was born in 284 AC on Dragonstone. Willem Darry fled with Viserys and Dany to Essos after her mother Rhaella died in childbirth.

            Now there are many theories regarding Possible Hidden Targaryens:
            Young Griff= Aegon. This is what we are told by Jon Connington. Many believe Young Griff may not be Aegon Targaryen at all but a distant Blackfyre relation.

            Meera Reed=Jon Snow’s secret Twin. Raised by Howland Reed.

            Tyrion is a secret Targaryen because the Mad King either had an affair or raped Joanna Lannister and thus Tyrion is not Tywin’s son afterall.

            So any combination of these living Targaryens could be the Three Heads of the Dragon. First we have to ferret out the truth of which ones are Actual Targaryens and which ones are only Rumors.

            Now that GoT has not introduced Jon Connington and his crew and Jorah is the one to contract Greyscale instead of Connington, many speculate that this story arc is being combined with the Dorne ASOIF subplot regarding marriage pacts between several Martell-Targaryen couples.

            It has been speculated that Aegon was switched out for a peasant baby by Varys and did not really die by Clegane’s hand. If Aegon was taken to Dorne instead of Essos, the Martells are hiding Doran’s nephew Aegon as Trystane Martell. It has been shown how much Elia’s brothers loved her, they would certainly protect her son. If he had married Myrcella, he would have had an opportunity to rule in her name, whether that would be Westeros or Casterly Rock.

            All that Speculation could prove false of course. They may not give Trystane a huge arc next season. Jaime may very well slit his throat 30 seconds after Myrcella dies in his arms

            I admit to being on Team Snow: Mission Resurection, but everything in GoT doesn’t have to involve Jon Snow. Aegon could be Jon’s half-brother if R+L=J. They could be Two Heads of the Dragon and Dany would be the third. That depends on IF Aegon=Trystane and if the other possibilities for “Hidden Targaryens” prove false.

            There is substantial filming in Spain this year, while some of those locations may stand in for other cities, there is a high-likelyhood that Dorne will have a substantial role in Season Six. If there is a Tower of Joy scene, that will also bring Dorne to the forefront of the narrative.

          • In response to your comment, I already read that theory on Aegon/Trystane Dorne/ on forum.net which I supposedly baited you to respond. Proving my point you’re a smartass. As far as your comment I don’t like you, I don’t know you, I’m a blogger
            I dont like scoffers, and that’s what you are The Red Lady a SCOFFER!!

        • Trystane being set to be on the Small Council as partial penance for Oberyn’s death is I think destined to happen. Jaime is a pretty good judge of character so any sort of revenge or assholery towards Trystane would be impersonal. Ellaria’s kiss was SO OBVIOUS to everyone at the docks though that I doubt she’ll get away with it.

          See, if they’d spent that time for the horrible scene introducing the Sand Snakes instead explaining Dornish primogeniture laws the Dorne storyline would have been a billion times better. Having the SSs be introduced with them walking into the castle at the Water Gardens with their heaps of attitude and someone says they’re Oberyn’s kids would have been all the introduction they needed. Dorne seriously needs to be untrainwrecked.

  • OK, I am going to get a little philosophical here:
    How many Boob shots should equal 1 Wiener shot?
    One Woo woo shot should be equal to One Wiener shot, i think we’d all agee to that and there really aren’t that many WooWoo shots on GOT.

    • I think that perhaps 4 boobs in motion (bouncing boobies) are worth one floppy weener. Of the boobs are static then it would take 5 boobs to equal one floppy weener

      • Are we talking literally 4 boobs, as in 4 individual boobs? Or 4 pairs of boobs? Because if we are talking individual, the comment regarding 5 is making me laugh.

      • 5 Boobs?

        Does that mean a woman with two boobs plus a woman with a third boob… Ala Total Recall or American Horror Story: Freakshow?

        Or is 5 boobs like a pair of boobs with several ladies with exposed side-boob revealed?

        Inquiring minds want to know!

        • Red Lady lets write the seiner shots in for D&D! Since they can’t seem to put many in or at least ones we want to see .

          They left us hanging ( pun intended) lmao with Drogo…. = No Weiner Shot! Jon Snow=!No Weiner Shot! Did we see Oberyn’s Weiner? If not they owe us ! Jamie Lannister = No Weiner shots ! The hot guy Dany’s shagging? Forgot his name ! bum shot but no Weiner !

          D&D get the Weiner count up!!!! Let’s have a Weiner protest !! Let’s start a petition!! Lol They owe us ladies …too many woooo woos and boobs not enough wieners !!!

          • Nissa,

            Not only the Quantity of Weiner shots were poor, but also the Quality!

            Ok we did see Theon and Ros in Season 1. Not bad.
            Hodor after skinnydipping in Season 1. Not my cup of tea.
            The High Septon at Littlefinger’s Brothel in Season 5, TOO OLD!

            There were “love or sex scenes” that didn’t explicitly show Wiener Shots like:
            Renly and Loras, Loras and Olyvar, Oberyn and Olyvar, Drogo and Daenerys, Dario and Daenerys, Rob and Talisa, Jon and Ygritte, Theon and the Captn’s Daughter, Ramsay and his wenches, Theon and Ramsay’s wenches, Tyrion and Ros, Tyrion and Shae, the Various Brothel Scenes. Am I missing anything?

          • LMAO no , You listed all the wieners we didn’t see! It’s brutally unfair! Here’s the protest shout ! ” No More Boobs Unless We see some Weiners!” Shout with me ladies!

          • Floppy wiener floppy wiener Onnneeee wiener next to
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          • Havnt you lady’s heard? GRRMs house words? It’s a warning of things to come:

            Wiener is coming.

          • The worst weiner award goes to that old man that ran out on the streets during Cersie’s walk of shame !!! That was sooooo uncalled for ! I did not need to see that! It still haunts me ! Lol

          • I thought that little “tip” was the Myreeneese Champion before he fights Dario?

            Either way… not impressive.

            Honestly I could care less about the wiener count, but it is a funny topic.

          • nissa and red lady should seriously make out in S6, it’s BOUND to happen and it’s clearly obvious they have the hots for each other. GIve the fans what they want..

          • Sam,

            What? LMAO…. Oh Hells No!!!! I Love Weiner. The Red Lady and I won’t be making out in season 6! We were just having a bit of fun at the Boobs posts.

      • Not even close.

        Below the waist Male = Below the waist Female

        And depending on what Country you’re from, topless is common place at beaches and the like.
        Hell, you can even go topless in Central Park if you wanted to.
        Sure as hell can’t go bottomless though.

        • Kitt Harrington has said in interviews that he’s all for male nudity and would do it.

          I’ll just leave that here and see how many more people become Resurrectionists.

          • Well I’m all for it! If Kit is up to showing all of him in his fine glory! I would not complain!

            GOT owes the women audience anyway. If they want to redeem themselves I am definitely on board with Kit showing his bits! So yes,should he come back…let’s make it eye popping and swoon worthy! (Fans Self)

  • The writing was horrible. But the cast was not great … Keisha had a horrible introduction scene as Obara.

      • They should have had an all girl orgy as an intro with like ten guys trying to crash it and the girls killing all of them, butt naked…THAT would have been an eye-opener!

        • A57se,

          I’m sure there is a movie out there with that “script” already…

          Looks like you have homework!

      • I’d hope they had a better scene but who’s idea was it to make that pathetic mess? Even the production values were awful. A tent behind some sand dunes where one of the SSs is torturing a man in the ground for funsies and they were all just standing around waiting for Mummsies to come back? They didn’t even have a house to it in? Wtf.

  • All three of em repeated themselves last year . I am obarra sand , I am obara sand . What do you like better pain or humiliation pain or humiliation ? I forget what tyene repeats but you get the point

  • “After all, their Season 5 storyline wasn’t very well-received”…
    Understatement of the year.
    As pretty much all posts addressing the whole Dornish plotline range from disappointment to utter embarrassment, I hope the next season/s will be better. They can’t be much worse when it comes to Dorne and the Sand snakes.
    As for the Boob-Wiener debate: A question to women on this site: Do you really want to see wieners on screen? I find them very ugly members (ok, I am a straight guy but still – you really want to see them or is it just for the sake of balance)? As for boobs – EVERYONE loves boobs!

    • As a woman, I do not find a penis ugly. I mean, like all body parts on all people, some are better than others. But that is the same as breasts. GoT’s isn’t going to show a woman with breasts to her knees. Regarding do I want to see the male parts……I don’t care either way. If it is relevant to the scene being shot, I don’t mind. Same goes for breasts. Gratuitous breastages…..not a fan really. For the most part the women who have been naked on the show have been in brothels….only a few not, like Danys or Mel. *shrug* I really consider it a non-issue.

      I do know that when I started coming to GoT’s websites, whenever there was an episode with no breasts, the gnashing of teeth was pretty audible. ;)

      • We have seen enough dicks on the show.

        Breasts on the other hand, are beautiful and that never becomes dull.

        So, we have that issue solved.

      • Excellent reply and – like ‘The Red Lady’ – I agree 100%.
        If it serves the plot – so be it (regarding both sexes ofc).
        If it doesn’t – meh! I prefer a good exchange of dialogue than a higher “boob count”.

        • I know right!

          I thought I was the only Crazy One who preferred intelligent dialogue on TV. Although I will admit, I don’t mind seeing Marei naked.

  • All the actors in Dorne were fine – They were poorly served by bad scripts, plots, locations and action direction. People use whips to keep things at bay and daggers to quickly stab, not duel against swords.
    Keisha Castle Hughes has a clearer character view of Obara than the writers and directors do imo.
    I hope the snakes are given a fair crack of the whip (groan) in season 6.

  • I thank the lord of the light if they’re not coming back!!!!!! ??

    The only thing I liked about those characters were their dresses!!!! The ones from episode 10 ❤

  • Having seen the sand snakes in D&D’s version of the dumb, dumber, and dumbest TV show, I only wish they had just decided to go with Arianne and skip the Sand Snakes completely. But alas, that’s history. Damn season 5 for all the shit it got wrong. And I know it’s easy to second guess D&D as a fan, but it just seems like they could have cut and streamlined in a manner that would have been more in line with the book storylines.

    But hey if they had cut the sand snakes, fans would have been outraged by that. So maybe there’s no winning.

  • Sand Snakes? awwwwwwww…it sucks because they can use that “time” for better air time with characters we like..just toss them over and we’ll never speak about it again.

      • Rosabell Laurenti Sellers. She is 19 now.
        Damnnnn ……… she is a beauty.

        Why is everyone calling her poosy spice..?

        • Did you miss the last episode of season 5 where she whispers into Bronns’ ear on the dock before he and Jaime leave with Myrcella?

  • BTW i did not like the Sandsnakes storyline/acting in the show that much. Cheesy and not so well performed.

    But that feisty one from that prison scene,…… ggrrrrrrr… she was gorgeous.

  • Let the Sand Snakes back on, please. The only problems I had with them were Obara’s intro ‘story’ and that fight scene in the water gardens… Actually every Snakes scene in that whole damn episode. Just awful– more so the writing than their acting. Oh and that ‘you need a bad pussy’ shit was weird too, especially after she bit Bronn’s ear– she did not sell it too well. But again the writing there too… Come on D&D.

    My suggestions are to fix the writing first off. With Myrcella looking like she is out of the game I think it’s inevitable that Dorne’s plot will be more interesting this time around which will make the Snakes more interesting hopefully. The girls will all have a solid season of experience in the show under them and they’ll do fine– they are already good considering how big a show GoT is. Think about how green Sophie Turner/ Sansa was when she started. Acting wasn’t her strong suit but she continues to grow which is cool to see. Also, if they practise with those weapons more so that they wield like Brienne with a sword I’m all for it. They looked a bit out of their depths with the spear, bullwhip, and twin daggers set up so more time with those and I’m sure they’ll be golden.

    Everyone seems to be smitten with Tyene, but Jessica Henwick aka Nym aka Boring Spice is the one I fancy… Quiet, mysterious, and elegant… Always the ones to look out for. She is quite beautiful.

  • Their content was a lot better in the books. I don’t know if their acting was bad on the show……I was too busy feeling uncomfortable with their lines.

  • I hope they have been practicing since last year. Their water garden fight with Bron and Jamie was unconvincing. With their skills compared to Bron’s there is noway they even land one blow. The only way that would have been an even fight would have been Jamie taking on all three with one hand.

    Please be practicing…. Please be practicing… Please be practicing

  • I shall be waiting this season for sweet little poosey spice to show my man Bronn the difference between good poosey and a very bad poosey…I found their intersction to be the best if Dorne…….and I hope when she whispered goodbye to Bronn on the dock….she slipped him some antedote for Marcella……that would really bond Jaime and Bronn…..and leave future story for marcella…also maybe avoid war….Id hate for Jamie to lose his daughter when hes just becoming a human being… boy did I hate his charachter when he put the knife through Jory s eye…….but ive mellowed my feelings since his travels with Briennne….maybe there is hope for Jamie…..otherwise we might have to send him where whores go….and if Marcella is dead..what of Tristane…kill him for revenge.. still take him to Kings Landing to sit on the small council…or turn the ship around..drop him off and take revenge on Ellaria. ?

    • It would be cool if Tyene had slipped bron the antidote and they save Myrcella…
      but she has to die as well as Tommen to fulfill the Frophecy…

  • Am I the only one who hopes the sand worms and Dani are quickly polished off by the return of LSH.

    Go get em Cat.

      • Yeah, I’m not real impressed with LS, but I know she has her fans.

        I think she’s too far gone to really enact a true justice or be an Avenging Angel Archetype. She’s just killing out of rage, without really understanding what happened.

        When she turned on Brienne and Pod… that was too much for me. After everything Brienne has endured to try and serve the Starks…

  • The most interesting Sand Snake is one we haven’t met yet, and maybe won’t at all: Sarella/Alleras. I could see her and Samwell really bonding over being excluded (for different reasons, of course) from the Citadel and yet finding their respective ways to realize their ambitions to become Maesters.

  • I really had no problem with the actresses and I’m also quite impressed with how Castle-Hughes reads Obara. I just thought the writing for Dorne was complete crap, by far the worst the show has ever done. It certainly wasn’t Castle-Hughes’s idea to announce “My name is Obara Sand” every time she’s on screen nor Saunders’s for that awful “p***y” line, so if the show is going back there, the writers need to do much better by the characters and the actresses involved.

  • Myrcella’s death creates for an unpredictable outcome on the Dornish ship. She was the glue that bound everyone together. The ship is crewed by Dornish sailors and Tristan most likely has guards with him. Jamie’s “man of action” MO will have him doing something over his head. I can see this going many directions.