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Young Ned Stark cast (reportedly)!

A while back, a casting call for a a couple of unnamed roles on Game of Thrones Season 6 surfaced.

  • 12 year old boy, with brown hair and blue eyes. He needs to use a Northern accent. He has scenes where he has to spar with a wooden sword. The length of the role isn’t specified.
  • 7 year old boy with dark brown hair, a narrow face and green eyes. He also has a Northern accent. He also spars with the wooden sword, so it’s safe to assume it’s the same scene. This role is similarly open-ended, the description only stating that the character is being ‘introduced.’

At the time, fans speculated that the second role might be a call for a young Ned Stark, what with the mention of a Northern accent, dark brown hair, and green eyes (Sean Bean has brown hair and green eyes). Now, Watchers on the Wall is reporting that these guesses have proven true, as a young actor named Sebastian Croft has been cast as young Ned Stark.

Sebastian Croft

Sebastian Croft, the Stark who used to be in Winterfell.

Croft is 13 years old and has a rich theater background. He played Gavroche in a production of Les Miserables, Peter Pan in Peter Pan, and Young Simon Cowell in something called I Can’t Sing, so already he has experience playing the younger versions of noted TV characters.

We note that, while the casting call above calls for a seven-year-old, Croft is 13. This might mean that the role in the casting call wasn’t for Ned Stark, that HBO has decided to go with an older actor (not for the first time), or that the other unnamed role was for Ned Stark, despite the discrepancy in eye color. Whatever. Sebastian Croft is young Ned Stark!


How, you might ask, will we get a glimpse of young Ned Stark? Seeing as the production broke its “no flashbacks” rule with the scene involving a young Cersei in “The Wars to Come,” we could simply glimpse him in a flashback.


It seems more likely, however, that we’ll see young Ned Stark through Bran’s eyes, as the paraplegic Stark boy learns to see into the past through the eyes of Westeros’ ubiquitous weirwood trees, just as he does in A Dance with Dragons. He might even glimpse young Ned Stark using the same weirdwood tree that old Ned Stark is leaning against in the header image, and everything circles back.


    • He is way too young for ToJ scene. It will be flashback quite possible to establish connection between young Ned,Brandon and Robert or Littlefinger. 3 young boys are supposed to be cast for the season 6.

      • I don’t think LittleFinger would be involved. It appeared that Ned had never met LF prior to his turn as The Hand in KL. Remember, LF asks Ned of Catelyn had spoken of him and Ned replied that she had.

          • I must be missing the LF journey to Winterfell. He was sent to River run as a boy, which is where Catelyn and Lyssa befriended him. He had the duel with Brandon Stark, but Ned was in the Vale with Jon Arryn at the time.

            Considering that LF got Lyssa pregnant, I doubt Hoster Tully allowed him to be present during the Tully sisters double wedding, for him to meet Ned.

          • Well, since Ned’s brother had a duel with LF, I would assume Ned had heard of LF before he married Cat.

      • He actually looks like a young Aiden Gillen. I just saw an old movie (Buddy Boy, 1999) with Gillen and this kid could easily pass for a younger version.

  • If they’re casting a young Ned, what pivotal scene would be worth flashing back to him at such a young age?

  • I think it is much more likely that “if” these actors are portraying a young Ned and Brandon sparring, then this boy would be Brandon. but who knows- what I do know is I really dislike how many of the authors of these articles automatically assume that their theories are correct and report their assumptions as if they are most likely truth.

    • Yes, there needs to be more caution about reporting rumors and speculation. A headline more like “Young northern actor cast (possibly young Ned Stark)” would be more appropriate.

    • The spoilers bit right? That rubbed me the wrong way as well, like this didn’t happen yet, so no matter how much u believe it does doesn’t make it fact

    • Agree, I don’t like them reporting things as presumed fact rather than what it truly is … total speculation. No one except for The people involved in the production of the show know the facts. And if someone is leaking information and these sites are reporting that information then shame on all of them. But the truth is these sites and blogs exist for and are completely dependant on speculating, scooping, being the first to know … so they will do anything to perpetuate and fuel the fire.

  • Ha! Rickon? At this point, I think Rickon is just an “insurance” Stark- in case they accidentally kill off all the interesting ones and still need someone to inherit Winterfell at the end.

  • Another scenario–Bran green-sees young Ned and young Brandon going to visit Old Nan, who prophesies the following: Brandon will become a mighty, feared warrior but have no heirs. Ned, though a lesser warrior, will become a lord with an heir, four spares, and one question mark. Then Ned goes to his father honing Ice under the Heart Tree and is told about the importance of oaths, promises, loyalty, family, and Winter. Then Lord Rickon dissolves into Lord Ned and we have the full circle squared plus bonus foreshadowing.

    Sorry, just larking about! Speculation is a lovely thing, but it should always be labeled as such. By the bye, I’ve always thought Bean’s eyes were blue-grey. IMDB apparently says green, but they’ve been known to be wrong.

  • that initial link regarding the casting says

    12 year old boy, with brown hair and blue eyes. He needs to use a Northern accent. He has scenes where he has to spar with a wooden sword.
    The length of the role isn’t specified.

    I believe this character to be either young Brandon Stark (Ned’s older brother), or Ned himself.

    7 year old boy with dark brown hair, a narrow face and green eyes. He also has a Northern accent. He also spars with the wooden sword, so it’s safe to assume it’s the same scene. This role is similarly open-ended, the description only stating that the character is being ‘introduced.’

    so, could they be aging this casting up?

  • The young boy with the narrow face and green eyes could be howland reed…. Sparring with Ned. At this point what unsullied would remember Ned even had a brother named Brandon. Idk

    • I read those descriptions and thought Ned and Howland Reed as well. It is about time his character was introduced!

  • He does have a strong resemblance to Ned not just the eyes that they made a big deal about but even the hair color.

    Also, there is no way this is for a Tower of Joy flashback. The kid is 13. There’s no way he’d be believable as a warrior.

    • Yup. They are the same age. Rheagar knocked up Lyanna thereabouts the same time Ned knocked up Catlyn.

  • I want to begin by saying I really enjoy your site and love getting notifications through the app. However, I have noticed something several times that bothers me. I find it odd that you referred to Bran as “the paraplegic Stark”. Would it not seem odd to refer to the other Stark kids as ” bipedals”? It’s a little offense to focus on our disabilities in an article, but especially because everyone here is already aware of his status. I realize that people usually do it out of ignorance, not malice, which is why I wanted to educate you in this matter. Otherwise, this was a great article. Keep up the good work!

    • Suzanne, I will also add if you do enjoy the features and comments like have, unfortunately this blog’s allows ignorance and offensive comments. I have been told by moderators that they are investigating. A blogger described this as mild, compared to the wild wild west on some blogs. I hope your comment is valued and respected.

  • Maybe they are going to show More about the meaning behind the Starks and their family tree/ powers and how they are connected to the Magicand possibly the others.

    Maybe Ned as a boy saw a lot of things we don’t know about and we will see that through Bran now.

    Bran will finally see the importance of his family in fulfilling this prophecy .

  • The younger character is probably howland reed as a child, especially since they emphasise his green eyes.

  • My guess is bran starts to learn how to see through the trees, and wants to see his dad when his dad is his age.

    Once Bran learns how to see the past, is he going to do an Internet search via weir wood for “important events in my fathers life?” If we get TOJ via Bran, how/why does Bran call it up? Does the 3-eyed raven know about TOJ? Why does bran need to meet 3-eyed raven? To control animals (eventually a dragon?) or to understand the past?

  • I see no problem with casting a 13 yr old as a 7 yr old – TV typically ages actors up, and this actor would not be a particularly imposing as a 12 yr old, but would make for a very intimidating 7 yr old.

    Personally I am not thrilled about more flashbacks – I’m not convinced that the flashback scene from last season did anything to improve viewing, and if this turns out to be a scene featuring 2 dead characters, witnessed by an isolated character, I can’t really see how it’s going to move the story forward – though I will be happy to be proved wrong.

    • It depends on the amount screen time and flashback. I think flashbacks help viewers who haven’t read the books understand the storyline better, it will for me anyway.

  • Bran’s visions going back in time reveal quite a lot. It can’t only be at Winterfell as Ned spent part of his youth at The Eyrie. So, he begins playing at stick-sword fighting, with Brandon (and Benjen ought to be around too, as would be Lyanna). Jon Arryn takes on both Ned and Robert as his squires, and so begins their long-lasting friendship. You can’t jump from scenes at Winterfell, with Ned in his youth, to scenes at Tower of Joy without establishing Robert being Ned’s BFF.

    I can’t picture whether or not there was a weirwood tree at ToJ. Without one, how would Bran discover the important events there? Is it possible for his greenseeing abilities to be more than Bloodraven imagined?

    Anyhow, scenes at ToJ require a much older, battle-hardened Ned. This casting isn’t going to take young Ned through all those years. It has to begin with boys fighting with stick-swords, in the yard at Winterfell. (Similar to what we saw early on in S1E1, between other boys.) From what we’re hearing, some work has been done at the site previously used for Winterfell. That’s where Bran’s visions must start: with Young Ned.

    • In the book, the three eyed raven tells Bran that greenseers can see throught he eyes of the Weirwoods but he will learn to see well beyond the Weirwoods…

  • I don’t see how the flashbacks wouldn’t add to the story given that they’ll probably introduce certain hints about where the future story is going, like Cersei’s flashback establishes the prophecy and doom of her children – they’ll likely use these flashbacks to add little things that will form into big build ups in the main plot, i.e TOJ or we meet Lyanna to add to more of that R+L=J theory.

    And I doubt it’s Rickon recast, Art Parkinson’s recent interviews have made it likely that GOT is looking at him to return if his filming schedule allows for it

  • Where the heck is Gendry?
    Be free with words
    Policing language on a lighthearted fan blog… Come on !

  • I don’t think that the boy with the ‘narrow face’ is meant to be Ned. That is used in the books as a general description of Starks, but the only actor cast so far who fits that description has been Joseph Mawle as Benjen – certainly not Sean Bean. So maybe the younger kid is Benjen as a boy.

  • I looks like we are also having an Tourney at Harrenhal flashback as well. Because 13 is too young for ToJ flashback. We should also heard of an Lyanna casting as well. So you is hyped for the Laughing Tree Knight.

    • 13 is a bit young for a Tourney as well. That would make Lyanna under 10. Doubtful for the Knight of the Laughing Tree.

      Robb and Jon are supposed to be 14 at the start of ASOIAF, but they aged them up for the show. They also aged up the actresses for Sansa, Margaery and Daenerys. I doubt they would use such young actors for the tournament.

  • Surely the younger boy is Benjen Stark? I always thought his role in Lyanna’s elopement (not abduction) was rather significant – as evidenced by his ‘penance’ by joining the Nightswatch.

  • Has anyone thought that THIS

    12 year old boy, with brown hair and blue eyes. He needs to use a Northern accent. He has scenes where he has to spar with a wooden sword. The length of the role isn’t specified.

    could be Sebastian Croft’s Ned Stark and THIS

    7 year old boy with dark brown hair, a narrow face and green eyes. He also has a Northern accent. He also spars with the wooden sword, so it’s safe to assume it’s the same scene. This role is similarly open-ended, the description only stating that the character is being ‘introduced.’

    could be Howland Reed? The younger boy is supposed to be introduced. Ned Stark was introduced in season 1…. Think about it people, who best to tell Jon about his parentage, than the only survivor of the battle of TOJ…?