Editorial Featured Game of Thrones Littlefinger Season 5

And the character who played the game of thrones best in Season 5 is…

…Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish. It worked out just how he would have planned it!

Littlefinger and Lancel

Bad move, Lancel.

It’s not terribly surprising that Littlefinger was the winner of this poll. Plenty of characters made missteps this seasons—Daenerys couldn’t pacify the locals, Cersei got herself thrown in jail, and Jon Snow dealt with some major dissension in his ranks—but Littlefinger achieved more or less all of his goals. He was already the Warden of the East when the season began, and by the end he was on his way to becoming the Warden of the North as well. In the meantime, he successfully manipulated Sansa, Roose Bolton, Cersei, and Lady Olenna into either giving him what he wanted or not doing something he didn’t want.

So no, I wasn’t surprised to see Littlefinger come out on top, or to see that the High Sparrow got quite a few votes for making the most of his newfound influence. I was a little surprised that Jon Snow was so close on Littlefinger’s heels.

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Personally, I’m not sure anybody who ends the season stabbed to death by a group of his own underlings can rightly be said to have played the game of thrones well. However, WiC writer David Harris argued Jon’s case passionately, laying out how Jon secured the early support of both the Night’s Watchmen and the wildlings by training with the recruits in the yard, rejecting the title of Jon Stark, mercy-killing Mance Rayder, and brooking no arguments when Janos Slynt refused to follow an order. However, according to David, it was Jon’s Stark-like trustfulness that undid him.

While Jon started Season 5 somewhere board-adjacent, he slowly and surely strengthened his game. And just when things seemed to be coming up Jon, he allowed his blind trust in his fellow Night’s Watchmen to undue him. Had Jon properly managed his homecoming to the Wall, he would have been hailed as a hero and glasses would have been raised in his honor, instead of daggers in the dark.

Again, I feel like those daggers in the dark should have disqualified Jon from consideration, but David made his arguments cogently enough to win converts to his side. Or people were just going to vote for Jon anyway. Whichever.

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  • I agree with David Harris. Forgot to mention, Jon was in the position to accept Winterfell from Stannis, which he turned down.

    I really think S.B. has a better shot at capturing winter fell with the Night’s Watch, the Wildlings, and his personal army if Jon Snow accepts Stannis offer.

  • I know many people felt Tyrion and Varys deserved more recognition, but their time will come, they have just been put in a position to elevate their game.

    I think LittleFinger will fall victim to the gambler’s curse. No matter how good you are at the game… eventually you are going to lose. Once his machinations become apparent, he’ll lose more than the game.

  • i don’t think that littlefinger will get killed in next season or the season after that because if u will look from the starting season to the last u will find that he has always get what he wanted with his highly political manipulation power…

    so characters like varys and littlefinger will stay put in the game till the end (Most probable scenario )..

    r.r. martin is choosing those character to stay in the game who are not pawns or knight or king or queen but those who are running these i.e. the players.. whom we are unable to see but are always working their best on support of the powerful one..
    like character of varys and littlefinger..

  • To th contrary, I think that leaving his trump card to the North in Ramsay’s clutches without properly doing his homework on the Bastard of Bolton first is going to turn out to have been LF’s biggest miscalculation yet – and may prove his undoing, ultimately.

    The one player who made no missteps this season was the High Sparrow.

    • Well said Firannion,

      I also think that LF not vetting Ramsay fully may be his ultimate downfall.

      As far as the High Sparrow… the key word is YET. I have a feeling Robert Strong is going to take care of him!

      • What did Sansa get for lying for Littlefinger after he killed Aunt Lysa? She got sold to that monster Ramsey. If she and Littlefinger meet again, she’ll have a loyal northman take his head off, especially if it ever leaks out he betrayed Ned to Cersei and Joffrey.

        The High Sparrow similarly blundered in his treatment of Cersei. He kicked a hornets nest. The Seven have mercy on him, the Septas, and Lancel!

  • Littlefinger is good at the game but eventually he will lose I think it will be sansa who out thinks him and he will never become warden of the east as long as the royces are in the vale they don’t trust him he won’t get the north eighter none of the stark bannermen will follow especially umbers manderleys glover karstarks hornwoods flints tall hearts eighter they all won’t like him if sansa makes it to the last hearth north will rally around her theon will be hung by the umbers who know who he is but sansa will object to it to keep him alive and to include the ironmen in taking the lannisters down casterly rock and. Maybe high garden

    • Sansa knows Bran and Rickon are alive and thinks Jon is alive. If she finds any one of them, I think she will support her brother as warden of the north.

    • Richard~ please use some punctuation it can help define a cogent thought otherwise noone can tell start or finish this isnt twitter :)

  • I like Littlefinger, kinda sad so many people hate on him. Sure, he’s the egotist supreme, but there are true villains such as Ramsey, Cersei, and the Freys walking around.

    I think in the end George RR Martin has set-up Littlefinger to be the best Game of Thrones-player in the world, but in the end all his efforts will be in vain because 1) Dany or 2) The White Walkers.

    – 1) In a best case scenario where all his scheming succeeds and the worlds royalty society stays alive, he could never actually sit on the Iron Throne because Dany has a dragon. And he doesnt.
    – 2a) And the worst case scenario where all his scheming succeeds, but society doesnt, he’d be ruling over a pile of ashes, because of the White Walker invasion. Not really winning is it. Let’s call this scenario the ‘oh the Irony Throne’-plan.
    – 2b) The worst worst case scenario. From a storytelling perspective Littlefinger is the perfect guy to win the world in the conventional way, but gets stabbed to death by the magical elements of the story. He will never lose but at his high point, a White Walker will chop his smart head off. Because again; irony.

  • Littlefinger???

    What goals did he achieve? He threw away the heiress to Winterfell for pretty much no gain. How is he any closer to becoming Warden of the North now that Sansa is married to Ramsay? Isn’t he *much, much* further away??? And why would Sansa believe a word that came out of his mouth ever again after what happened?

    I mean, he does still have access to Westeros’s most powerful teleportation device, but still. I think it was all blunders from Mockingbird Man this go ’round.