Game of Thrones Humor Season 1

Game of Thrones: The Remix

Here at WiC we’re used to covers upon covers of the theme song for Game of Thrones. Ramin Djawadi’s iconic opening score is endlessly reworkable and perfect to remix, and we’ve seen it done in styles from dubstep to country western.

But what we haven’t seen before is someone actually taking Game of Thrones itself and turning it into a dance track. Musician Chris Lohr took dozens upon dozens of audio clips from the first two seasons of the show, including background track sounds, bells, taps, laughter and vocals, and layered them until he had a dance track as worthy as any dance version of the Game of Thrones opening theme.

I love the focus on Robert Baratheon in the second half. Long live the man known to the Targaryens as the Usurper, first of his name. Who knew he was a such a fine player of the rap game?