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Watch The Mountain from Game of Thrones Play Tug of War With a Tractor

The Mountain

Now that Gregor “the Mountain” Clegane has been turned into the undead monster known as Robert Strong on Game of Thrones, there’s nothing that can stand against him. Or is there? Caterpillar, Inc., a construction and equipment company, has just released a brand new video featuring Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson, the actor/professional strongman who portrays The Mountain on Game of Thrones, in an epic tug of war with one of Caterpillar’s tractors. Thankfully,Hafthór is nothing like his Game of Thrones alter ego, and the good people in the video have no fear of helping him defeat his nemesis.

This is all part of Caterpillar’s Built For It Trials marketing campaign, and I’ve got to say, if they are using talent like Björnsson, then they are already off to a good start. Maybe for their next video, they could have Rory McCann—The Hound—play pin the tail on the backhoe…or something. Then, and only then, shall the prophecy be fulfilled, and the hype that was promised will come to pass.

It’s an epic tug of war—pitting one of the world’s strongest men against one of the world’s most iconic machines. Discover who comes out on top in the latest edition of the Cat® Built For It™ Trials.

That’s one heck of a sales pitch, eh? Here, look at a little girl in pink melt the icy heart of the muscle-bound Mountain. This has Disney story written all over it.

Mountain 1