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The Mountain spotted in Croatia as filming continues in Saintfield and begins in Almería

The Game of Thrones production team continues to film Season 6 around the world. First up is Saintfield, Northern Ireland, where filming is STILL going on over eight weeks after it started. This is, incidentally, the longest time the show has ever spent filming one sequence, so that battle scene should be spectacular.

Over in Spain, the production is loading into the final area on its tour of the country: Almería. Filming begins tomorrow and runs through October 23, and Ideal.es reports that a crew of around 500 workers is already deployed in the province, and that they arrived a few hours earlier than planned. The authorities are being coy about which actors will be on hand for this round of filming, although Ideal.es notes that Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont) has already been spotted in the area.

Translation: “The filming of ‘ Game of Thrones’ in Almería begins. 500 workers”

Someone who’s not in the area: Peter Dinklage, who was snapped hanging out in Barcelona by Juego de Tronos.

Peter Dinklage and Conleth Hill in Barcelona

That would be Conleth Hill (Varys) in the background and a golden cat doll in the center. The production isn’t filming anything in Barcelona, so that this mean that Dinklage and Hill have finished filming material for Season 6?

Finally, we have some new information out of Croatia, where Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister) was spotting filming scenes yesterday, despite HBO’s assurance that it wouldn’t be filming anything in Croatia earlier this year. You may remember that Season 5 ended with Cersei being carried off by a giant, hulking, gold-plated knight who is very probably the reanimated corpse of Gregor “the Mountain” Clegane. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, the international strongman who plays the Mountain, has been spotted in the Croatian city of Dubrovnik, which has long stood in for King’s Landing, so it seems that we’ll be picking up that thread in Season 6.

Enjoying my stay here in Dubrovnik. Tourist for one day. #OldTown #Restaurant #Pakliar

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the Mountain with fans in Dubrovnik


  • This has me so puzzled. Why would the disgraced Maester do anything to help The Mountain? The Maester was left for dead at Harrenhall. He was rescued by Rob Stark and in fact given water by Stark’s wife. She told him “your lucky to be alive.”
    It was reportedly The Mountain who was responsible for slaughtering all the people left at Harrenhall. So why help him? What am I missing?

    • I don’t think non-Maester Qyburn is helping the Mountain out of the goodness of his heart. I think he and Cersei see an opportunity to make a kind of freaky super-soldier who they can use for their own ends. Assuming Qyburn is the kind of guy who thinks about revenge in the first place, and I’m not convinced he is, being Frankenstein to the Mountain-monster could be a good way of getting it.

      • Great points Melissa and Dan.

        I wondered about Quyburn ‘ s motivations as well. Ultimately he is a slave to his inquisitive nature and Clegane offered a very unique opportunity. Plus Clegane suffering is a bonus.

        This also curries him a great deal of favor with Cersei who has supported and enabled his works.

    • You’ve basically answered your own question. Qybern didn’t lose his chain for being honorable. He was “disgraced” by meddling in necromancy, and experimenting on living beings. The opportunity to tinker with a dying “Mountain that rides” is a euphoric dream come true in his mind… Furthermore, succeeding opens many doors for possible prosthesis, organ, and limb transplant opportunities…

    • I don’t think the Mountain is even in a state to see it as help – he’s too dead to remember what happened before.
      From Qyburn’s point of view it may even be a bit of payback – the Mountain left him for dead, and now he’s turning the tables by reanimating the Mountain as a puppet, to do with what he (and Cersei) likes.

  • Anyone still think there won’t be White Walkers at the Saintfield battle? We were promised an epic White Walker scene that would be bigger than Hardhome. They’ve been filming for 8 weeks. Could there possibly be a bigger scene coming?!?

  • over 8 weeks in saintfield???? I think you are really wrong my friend. 8 weeks is 49 days, over, is at least 50 days. I think they started saintfield in september, no in August 18-20.

    If im wrong, PLEASE post some fact about they be filming in saintfiel over 8 weeks.

    I really want to know this.

    • Let’s see:
      There are 7 days in a week.
      Therefore 8 weeks times 7 days per week = 56 days in 8 weeks.
      Therefore OVER 8 weeks is more than 56 days.
      That would put the filming as having started around the first week of August.

    • You read this article? I’m just quoting. Says filming is still going on after 8 weeks. I don’t have an original source for those dates.

    • I think it would be funny if they teased fans with a little comment in the script that suggested maybe Cleganebowl was going to happen. Maybe work the word HYPE into the script. But agree it would be a jump the shark moment.