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And the most beloved odd couple on Game of Thrones is…

…Arya and the Hound, known conjointly as “Around.” But not really.

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“We won a reader poll.” “What the f***’s a reader poll?”

These two ran away with a respectable chunk of the vote, although the pragmatic partnership between Tyrion and Bronn put up a fight, as did the layered relationship between Jaime and Brienne. In the end, the unique rapport between Arya and the Hound, as sweet and funny as it was disturbing and violent, won the day.

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The adventures of Arya and the Hound were more extensive on the show than they were in A Storm of Swords, but the two characters made such an intriguing pair that it was hard to mind. As any mismatched pair of characters are wont to do, these two inspired laughs (if you ask me, the Hound’s chicken monologue from “Two Swords” remains a darkly comic high point for the show), but it was their grudging respect for each other, mixed with wariness and even hatred on Arya’s part, that gave the relationship legs. Commenter DarkStark summed their off-beat appeal pretty perfectly.

Arya and the Hound, with Jamie and Brienne a distant second. The first pair are dependent co-dependents who keep each other sane and alive. Their lines are grounded in conversation, generally adversarial, rather than wit. Their motives are base–his greed and her vengeance–but they are both oddly innocent, loyal, and principled. Dialogue-wise, they don’t do repartee, firing off witticism after witticism–they just talk naturally and often violently from polar-opposite directions. They have the additional visual frisson of 5’1″ Maisie matching and often upstaging 6’5″ Rory. And during their weird, violent, roundabout journey, the Hound and the Wolf Pup come to understand and respect each other. Better yet, Arya gets vital life-lessons that will help keep her alive…I hope. By the way, Arya and Tywin weren’t a bad pairing either.

And yes, Arya and Tywin weren’t a bad pairing, and it should be noted that a fair number of people chose the “Other” option on the poll. Apologies to the fans of Stannis & Davos, Tyrion & Varys, and Sansa & Sandor out there.


  • I agree about the chicken monologue. Still makes me laugh every time I watch it. <3 Arya and the Hound.

  • What is even funnier than the actual chicken monologue is Maisie’s story from a Q&A that at the end of the day after the filming of that scene there were tons of leftover chicken that the props people were going to throw out so Maisie wrapped up as much chicken as she could carry took it back to her hotel room and had a feast.

  • DarkStark deserved to be highlighted for nothingother than using the word “Frisson”!
    Arya and Tywin should have been an option. I think it would have gotten a lot more than 3% of the vote…it might have caused Arya and the Hound to not win as the vote might have split more.

  • No Tyrion and Varys? They traveled together just as long as Mormount, they are in the city together during next season, and they were teamed up briefly in season 2 before Varys jumped back on the Cersei & Tywin bandwagon

  • Lawyers are only supposed to ask questions that they already know the answer to. That’s what I think of this survey question. At best you could have made it an either/or with the top two choices. Oh well, this site needs filler…

  • Loved Arya and the Hound in the books and the show. Excellent acting. Loved the dark humor and the tension between them. The Hound was a great mentor for Arya. Really missed them in Season 5. Also loved Arya and Tywin.

  • Let’s create another with best enemies, or something like that. One of my choices would be Cersei vs Margaery. Those were really tense dialogues.

  • From a pure excellence in film/ TV standpoint, I look to Tywin and Arya in season 2. Those two were about as odd a pairing as it gets, although I guess the Hound and Arya were one of the most ‘entertaining’ and therefore and easier choice for everyone to make. Tywin and Arya (can we say, Arwin?) together did not have ‘adventures’ like the rest, but they were great together on screen. It also showed the usual hard man side of Tywin’s personality, but also a bit of kindness as he seemed to genuinely like Arya considering he didn’t truly know her. I think in her time spent with Tywin, she was the only one to make him smile AND laugh, the only time you really saw him do either in the entire show. As for Arya, it showed her supreme cunning, ability to survive, manipulate, and manoeuvre, all serving as a precursor to her new ‘job’ in Braavos. Their scenes also gave great background to Tywin’s character as well as the entire Song of Ice and Fire story as well.

    Lots of decent choices in this poll– I’d have Arwin top, Tyrion and Bronn second, and perhaps Around at third. I agree with Jon and Sam not making the list as when I think ‘odd’ I think of two people going together that don’t have much in common or are enemies in a symbiotic relationship. Jon and Sam at their most fundamental levels are two people whom most of their families and just about everyone else in their lives including their ‘brother’ crows wanted nothing to do with. It’s kind of natural that they would vibe on a human level. Tyrion and Brown were cool as hell too… It’s like a buddy cop movie (a good buddy cop movie) whenever those two showed up.