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EXCLUSIVE: Spoilers from Inside The Siege of Riverrun

The siege at Riverrun is one of the last outdoor shoots the Game of Thrones production is undetaking before winter arrives. And now we’ve got some exclusive spoilers about who exactly will be running into whom, and how badly those meetings might go.


Riverrun from above 1You sure you’re ready for this?

Ok then, grab a seat and let’s check out a new image from inside the camp, courtesy of our source for these spoilers.


Looks like the inside of Riverrun, complete with Tully trout emblems. Our source also gave a few details about the scenes being filmed in the area. It seems that Mark Mylod is the director on set, so these scenes are for episodes 7 or 8 (or both). This makes sense, as indications are that Jaime will be in King’s Landing until at least episode 6. Bryan Cogman was also on set, so it’s assumed that he wrote the episode as well.

As we knew already, both Gwendoline Christie (Brienne) and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime) have been in the area to shoot material. Apparently, they even share a scene in Jaime’s tent. Their conversation does not go well, and Brienne storms out. If I had to speculate, this may be due to Brienne siding with the Tullys (our source also says she’ll be sharing a scene with the Blackfish) while Jaime is, well, besieging them.

Jaime and Brienne aren’t the only pair who will reunite. As you may recall, their sidekicks, Bronn and Pod, also knew each other, and from the sounds of it, Bronn is pleased to see Pod again. Reportedly, the mercenary even sneaks up behind Pod in one scene and pretends to attack him. Somehow I think Pod might not like that.

Our source also noted a detail about what we’ve been calling “The Battle of The Six Armies,” the massive battle the production filmed in Saintfield, Northern Ireland for weeks on end. Sadly, that name is too clever (or two Hobbity) for the production to use. It seems people on the show are calling it “The Battle of the Bastards,” with Ramsay on one side and Jon Snow on the other. Makes sense. Ramsay may bear the Bolton name now, but once a Bastard, always a Bastard. It would be even cooler if Jon was donning the Stark name here, too, so it’s really the battle of the ex-bastards.

But there are details that suggest Jon Snow is not using the Stark name. Because if he was, the Karstarks and the Umbers would surely join him. However, our source heard that both families side with Ramsay, while Jon is supported by the wildlings. This is the detail that shocked me the most. I could believe that the Karstarks might side with the Boltons, as they do in A Dance with Dragons, but the Umbers? Is Ramsay using Sansa’s name to bring them to his side (despite Sansa, you know, not actually being there anymore)? Are they refusing to follow Jon because he is a Snow and not a Stark? Are they going undercover? Is this just a mistake? Also, where does that leave this Northern host? So many questions.

And finally, our source said that there are “definitely more white walkers this season.” Hoo boy.


  • So Jon is resurrected and then goes all the way to Riverrun, what, leading the entire army of wildings? On foot, no less? And why would the Boltons, Umbers, and other remaining Stark bannermen be anywhere near Riverrun at this point?

  • I can’t see the Umbers backing the Bolton’s if they know of Sansa’s escape. Reek must be taking her to the Iron Islands.

    • Sure – if a bunch of wildlings invade the North, I can see why the northern houses stand their ground at first. But I smell a plot twist, where the Umbers and maybe the Karstarks suddenly turn against the Boltons. Maybe a little boy and a tortured girl will play a role in this.

  • So are White Walkers going to make appearance during the Battle of Bastards??? WiC, Please confirm!!! I need to know!!!!

      • Yes, because it will be battle in blizzard conditions. That’s why there was ton of snowy like fog.

    • No. The Wall will crushing down at the very end of this season and the Night’s King marches with all of his dead army.

  • Maybe Ramsey has an Umber family hostage to ensure their loyalty kind of like the Manderlys in ADWD.

    Remember Manderly is in Winterfell ostensibly siding with the Boltons against Stannis even though he’s told Davos he is plotting revenge against Boltons and Freys…

  • Some of this is true, but the Umbers do indeed join Jon. Their banners are seen with the Starks and Mormonts. My sources never fail, and once again, I have super major spoilers: Ramsay is killed in epic fashion. And the one that kills him?…drum roll…GHOST! Iwan was seen with massive amounts of blood on his neck and face, screaming…holding a green dummy! However, he deals a lethal blow to Ghost as well.

    • If ghost kills Ramsay I’ll disappointed honestly.

      There’s so many characters I would want to kill that fuckwad!

    • Hmmm…if true, I can feel my tinfoil hat heating up…

      I think I may have posted this theory a while back (I can’t remember – excessive exposure to tinfoil apparently results in memory loss), but ever since I heard that this battle may result in the death of a Stark, I’ve been thinking that this may be where we see Lightbringer / Azor Ahai reborn….

      A mortal wound to Ghost would be the perfect catalyst – Ghost is badly wounded and Jon, rather than watch him suffer, puts him down with Longclaw, replicating the sacrifice of Nissa Nissa and creating Lightbringer (and himself as Azor Ahai)…

      …any takers?

      • Funny how so many people take it as fact that a Stark dies in this battle. It was from the highly trusted source called… drum rolls… Reddit!

  • So, if Jon is there as a Snow, why did he wear a Stark uniform? Not a similar one to the Stark uniform, a Stark uniform, like the one Eddard or Robb had. On the other hand, after his resurrection (if this information is correct), we will be at the same point as in the books before his death, when he decides to ride South to stick Longclaw up Ramsay’s ass? And how in hell are some wildling going to defeat Umbers, Boltons and Karstarks? And why would any Umber side with the Boltons? The Umbers are also close to the Wall (“What do those kings in the South know about the Wall, or the Wolfswood?”- Jon Umber) and the Watch, and why would Rickon side with the Boltons against his half-brother? I don’t want to believe the Umbers side against a Stark. I still love the idealization of the faithful northern families, united under the Stark banner.

  • Hmm…

    I’ve always theorised that when Roose discovers that Ramsay allowed Sansa to slip through his fingers he would say something which would push Ramsay over the edge of overthrowing him. Why is it called the Battle of the bastards when Roose is the warden of the north? I think that if this theory comes true, then it will be Ramsay’s undoing as he doesn’t possess the same respect for the northern houses as Roose did. Also I think that this would serve as a good payback for both characters for being so evil.

    • I have a gut feeling a pregnant Fat Walda will die in the reverse Red Wedding as karma for Talisa’s death.

  • I think the Umbers are gonna replace the Manderlys….they’re gonna keep a Rickon a secret up until the battles then betray the the Boltons

  • Not surprised at all about the Karstarks siding with Bolton but Umber? But now that I think about it Whoresbane Number did side with Roose right? Or am I thinking Glover? I need a re-read.

    • The Greatjon actually has two uncles – Mors (Crowfood) and Hother (Whoresbane).

      Whoresbane basically swears loyalty to Bolton because they hold his nephew captive. But Crowfood, if I remember, actually offered to join Stannis in his march on Winterfell in return for (a) amnesty for Hothor and (b) a pledge that Umbers would not have to fight each other…

      …that last part could be pivotal if there’s a battle at Winterfell, as it could (if Mors got those same terms from Jon) deprive Ramsay of some strength he was counting on in the battle…or, we could see a classic betrayal where the ‘pro-Bolton’ Umbers switch sides and deal a nasty blow to the Bastard’s army at a key moment…

      • That’s right Crowsfood. He has a bunch of young boys in his ranks and Whoresbane has a bunch of old men. The Umbers were decimated at the red wedding.

  • I wouldn’t put it past Ramsay to use Sansas name to bring the North to his side. Her absence could be explained by saying Theon/Reek hurt her hence his absence, as in he’s already been dealt with or that Stannis had someone infiltrate his home when he was defending the North. If the Karstarks and Umbers thought Stannis was responsible for the possible death of a Stark I think the Northern Lords would flock to his banner.

  • Instead of battle of the bastards can we call this the Bastard Bowl?? Kind of like the Clegane Bowl!

    • I’m pretty sure people at the WotW do not have to worry with what’s posted here…they still are the most reliable website covering GoT. they have provided accurate information 100% of the time and continue to do so.

      • Maybe you dont know it. But they ALWAYS throw shit at this site. They always say never to believe whats posted here and that people here only copy info from other sites, so yeah, they got WiC on their mind a lot.

      • Oh yeah? Too bad they suck…… They get some casting news once in a while. Their format sucks. The comment format sucks. The page code that displays the stories sucks. The comments that the staff posts are sometimes unprofessional and usually unintelligible. They wish they were still at WIC.

  • Karstarks can’t be with Starks, because Robb executed Rickard Karstark and Umbers might be split into two sides. One with Jon and other with Ramsay or your source could be wrong. Jon can’t defeat them with only Wildlings only 5000 and some of them are women and children. Gretjon is not coming back no leverage over Umbers from Boltons. Mormonts, Starks and Umbers were seen together on the battlefield along with actor that plays Davos. Jon is in Stark uniform = he’s a Stark. Even if he’s not using that name and Rickon when he’ll be put as KitN can legitimize him as a Stark.

  • The Wildlings and Jon can be fighting whoever. Doesn’t matter much. It’ll all change once the Others come riding up over the hill in their crazy blizzard, ice storm. Once they realize what’s happening all the northern armies will band together. Under the leadership of the only commander who’s actually faced the Others in battle…Jon Snow! This is when we see the unified North.

    • Do you understand that this is only Northern battle and it’s got nothing to do with White Walkers.That snowy fog is blizzard like conditions,because you know it’s actually Winter like conditions.The Wall needs to be destroyed or simply to fall down and that is ep. 9 or 10 big moment and it can’t happen like that in the middle of the season.There is enough time in season 7 and 8 for White Walkers.

        • There is apparently a huge scene with the white walkers so either the wall is coming down or they are turning up at this battle in the North – or possibly even both.

      • Yup and it will finally be revealed to everyone that the Night’s Watch/children of the forest/and giants aren’t the ones who built the wall! It was the white walkers all along.

  • I think this will only be a battle for the North between Northern factions. There was no White Walker activity reported, and no sign of any Vale banners or actors.
    Bran could see through the Weirwood network what the White Walkers are doing this season, and it seems very likely that the Wall might come down in Episode 10. The Wall first needs to go down before the White Walkers can pass, since it is protected by magic.
    All of the smoke machines are properly there to create blizzard like conditions. That is what the conditions where like around Winterfell in ADWD, the conditions was suppose to be worse around Winterfell then at the Wall.

  • So what that he’s a “Snow”? Rickon wouldn’t allow the Umbers to side against Jon! Like the Umbers ever would.