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Celebrate Halloween with Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Halloween

Greetings my Lords and Ladies, and a very happy Hallow’s Eve to you, one and all. Today and tomorrow, we celebrate the dead…well, more like the stories of those who no longer walk among the living. In George R.R. Martin’s wonderful world — A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones — there are plenty of spooky tales to keep you up at night, wondering if the boogeyman is real…and if he’s made of ice. One of my favorite haunting Game of Thrones story, is the tale of the Night’s King. This particular story is narrated by none other than Ygritte herself — Rose Leslie — as part of the Game of Thrones Season 2 History and Lore.

Nothing screams super-scary-creepy Halloween, like a story about a man who finds an undead bride in the woods, marries her, then forces his men to worship him and her. And, on top of all that, he was most likely making some weird sacrifices to the Others/White Walkers…I’m talking Craster level incest-baby sacrifices. Next up, we stay with Season 2, and the finale. Remember that feeling you got in the pit of your stomach during last season’s “Hardhome” when the dead rose and Jon Snow realized that all hope was lost? Yeah? Well, Sam felt it first.


I remember a simpler time. When the wights were slow and creepy, way back before they became speed demon, rage-zombies who’s tinder profile said they enjoyed long walks in the Snow *wink and lemmining off cliffs with their bros.


Still has to be one of the better season finales. I honestly thought the showrunners were going to kill Sam, I mean how in the heck did he stare down a White Walker and live to tell about it? Moving on…our next Game of Thrones Halloween stop is probably my all-time favorite spooky tale. Old Nan’s stories are what drew me to A Game of Thrones in the first place, when a friend of mine told me about this line:

Oh, my sweet summer child, what do you know of fear?

Game of Thrones Season 1 perfectly captured Old Nan, and her stories to Bran.

And finally, before you don your Headless Ned costumes, or your Septa Unella Shame Nun outfit, make sure to set your DVRs for Z Nation, as the Bearded Bard himself will make a guest appearance as a zombie. George R.R. Martin will play an undead version of himself, and the scene is full of little jokes like the name of the book he’s signing, or the manuscript that he never finished. Check out the teaser for tonight’s episode.

Hi, my name is Razor, and I hate-watch Z Nation. It’s not good…like, it’s really bad, but that’s the fun of part, it just doesn’t take itself seriously. Hey, you don’t think the dirty guy with the crossbow was Dinklage, huh? I mean, I can handle zombie George R.R. Martin, because let’s face it, he’s not chasing anyone down…but zombie Tyrion? My heart couldn’t take it. No seriously I would be scared to death. I’m a huge wuss.

Game-Of-Thrones- Tyrion

Game-Of-Thrones- Tyrion

Have fun with Halloween this year, dearest WiCnet readers. Eat loads of candy and watch hours upon hours of scary movies…and hey, if you’re of age, drink lots of Halloween appropriate alcoholic spirits for me. But most of all, stay safe, don’t drink and drive,  and don’t forget to send us your Halloween costume pics for a chance to win fabulous prizes!


  • I like how old Nan, asks bran if he wants to hear a story about sir Duncan the tall. Can’t wait for the movies to be made. Been listening to the books on tape about Duncan and Egg.

  • It’d be so cool if we got a big chunk of scary GOT news on Halloween today, like something pertaining to WW’S or LSH in season 6, but I doubt it (especially in the latter case. I fear the slightly iffy Paul Kaye story may be our last dwindling hope …. :^/ )

    News has also slowed considerably this past week for whatever reason, which is a shame.

    But first world problems n’ all …. Happy Halloween! :^)

  • Not buying you were drawn to Game of Thrones in the first place because of your friend reciting Old Nan’s line. Doubt that line would draw anybody to the show.

    Just keeping it real Razor; No need to doctor up an article with that, It’s fine without the bs