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The Mountain fights MMA champion Conor McGregor, and other curiosities

Maybe it’s his size, maybe it’s his onscreen charisma, maybe it’s that time he crushed a guy’s head with his bare hands, but people always seem to be interested in what Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (Gregor “the Mountain” Clegane) is up to. Luckily, Björnsson is often up to interesting stuff (playing tug-of-war with a tractor, breaking a 1000-year-old strength record, visiting a Renaissance Faire—the guy leads an eventful life).

He recently kept up that streak by sparring with Conor McGregor, the Interim Featherweight Champion of the UFC.

At 5’9”, McGregor is a full foot shorter than Björnsson, and weighs quite a bit less. Still, being an international strongman/actor is very different from being a trained fighter. I wasn’t sure which I was more afraid of watching this video: that McGregor would knock Björnsson out, as he has a history of doing in his career, or that we’d see a repeat of the Mountain vs the Viper. Luckily, neither of those things happened, and everyone walked away smiling.

In other Game of Thrones-related curiosities, a Dallas Area Rapid Transit employee took inspiration from the Game of Thrones opening sequence when creating this video for a public transportation conference (delightfully called the Rail~Volution conference).

Finally, Oliver over at Amazing Venues has imagined what an invitation to Joffrey Baratheon’s pre-wedding stag party might have looked like, and mocked it up here.


If Joffrey did have a stag party, it’s probably best we never saw it.

H/T Mashable, The Dallas Morning News


  • I’m 6’5” and that dude would make me look small. What a monster, still, the season 1 Gregor is the most intimidating of them all!

  • Check out this thought I just had.

    Fact 1: the show introduced to us the fact that White Walkers can turn humans into new White Walkers. It is apparently how they reproduce.

    Fact 2: Benjen has been missing for a long ass time. If he were dead, they would just have showed him dead. He will probably returning on some capacity. My thought is he was turned into a White Walker by the Nights King.

    Speculation: Alt Shift X recently posted a new YouTube vid on the nature of the others and Also elaborated on a very popular theory that suggests Jon Snow will be instrumental in forging a TRUCE with the White Walkers. The thought is that this very thing happened during the first Long Night. The last hero made a pact with the others to create a chance at peaceful coexistence. This fits GRRM’s storytelling philosophy a lot better than the final “good versus evil battle for the dawn.”

    Another interesting note on that topic: GRRM has stated in multiple sources that the others are masters of ice and ice magics. They can do things with ice that we can’t even imagine. Who do you think built the wall made of ICE?? It only makes sense that the ice monsters are responsible. A few giants with sleds and a Stark couldn’t build a wall of that magnitude in any reasonable amount of time.

    My conclusion: Benjen Stark will be reintroduced to us as a White Walker, thus making him significantly more relevant to the story. Why would that be? He will be a huge influence on Jon’s decision to make peace with the others. He has already showed a penchant for making peace with seeming enemy’s ala the wildlings.

    Sounds crazy, but with further thought and analysis of all variables, it starts to make a lot of sense. Thoughts?

    • I think Jon making peace with the White Walkers it’s highly probable not too sure about Benjen being a white Walker though….. maybe

  • This would have been a cool fight. One blow from Björnson and McGregor is out. Reminds me of what Daario said about the small and large fighters in the arena and what actually happened!