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The Mountain celebrates his birthday by breaking another strength record

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (Gregor “the Mountain” Clegane) strikes again. The Game of Thrones actor and international strongman has a habit of turning up every once in a while to surprise, delight, and bewilder us with scenes from his very eventful life. Oh, he played tug-of-war with a tractor? Oh, he sparred with UFC champion Conor McGregor? Oh, he broke a thousand-year-old strength record by hefting a massive wooden log onto his shoulders? That’s our Mountain.

Now he’s done it again. While at Giants Live Sweden, a strongman event, Björnsson broke the world record for the keg toss by heaving a 33-pound beer keg 7.05 meters (just over 23 feet) into the air. Observe.

I appreciate Björnsson’s showmanship, as he works up the crowd prior to performing his feat of strength and then picks up a guy I’m going to assume isn’t a stranger for a victory lap around the floor. “He could kill me right now,” the guy may be thinking. That’s what I’d be thinking, anyway.

According to the Giants Live website, Björnsson didn’t consider his record-breaking throw to be any big thing. “It was easy!” he said. “I could have broken the roof, it was amazing to do this in front of the grea[t] crowd. Bring on Europe’s Strongest Man.” Bring on Game of Thrones Season 6, too, where Björnsson should now be even more intimidating than before, what with the array of titles under his belt. I feel bad for whoever Cersei sics him on.

Fortuitously, Björnsson’s keg toss lined up more or less with his birthday—he turned 27 this past Thursday (being from Iceland, the fun fact about his birthday being on Thanksgiving probably means little to him). Here he is blowing out the candles on his birthday cake. In one blow.

Happy birthday, Hafþór! See you in April.


  • Thor. What a beast. He is totally Ser Gregor. Nobody else could play that part. Looks like he could be Sandor’s brother too…younger brother

  • Wow…he’s only 27?? I seriously thought he was a fair whack older than that. Must be the facial hair! ?

  • Yeah the original wasn’t bad. That was a scene I wanted to see unfold very badly onscreen and I was very happy when it did (The Mountain and The Viper) it was perfectly choreographed and I thought Thor nailed the gruesome persona of Gregor. I wish one of the onlookers would’ve lost an arm then a head as he did in the books. I love gore lol, I think that’s why I was absolutely fascinated to watch that fight play out on screen.