Carice Van Houten Featured Filming Game of Thrones Melisandre

Carice van Houten (Melisandre) sends greetings from the Season 6 set (UPDATE: video)

We’re into December, but somewhere in the world, filming on Game of Thrones Season 6 continues. This info comes courtesy of actress Carice van Houten (Melisandre), who posted a couple new pictures online. First, the more mundane of the two:

It’s not every day you get an inside look at Melisandre’s trailer. You think there’s an open flame burning somewhere behind her? She’s gotta keep those fires burning day and night, after all.

Next, a photo from the set:

Greetings from season 6

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There’s that open flame. The night is dark and full of terrors. It’s probably also cold, judging by the snow, so the fire is appreciated.

UPDATE: Ever generous, Van Houten has also posted a video of herself walking on the set while wearing her red Melisandre robes! Wherever she is, conditions are muddy.


There have been a lot of leaks during this off-season, but hardly anything concerning Carice van Houten. Many fans assume that Melisandre will have a role in bringing Jon Snow back from the dead, but that’s not based on leaks so much as it is on common sense—we know that Jon died but will return, that Melisandre is around for his murder, and that she knows that the Lord of Light can revive the dead. It’s just the most obvious solution.

Still, you’d figure that if Melisandre revives Jon Snow, she’d have a bigger role in the season, but what reports we’ve had say that Van Houten has filmed only a small amount of material on closed sets in Belfast. For whatever reason, we may not be seeing much of Melisandre in Season 6.*

Well, the picture and video above make it look like she’ll get to film on at least one outdoor set.

*One theory I’ve been tossing around: Might Melisandre revive Jon Snow in the same way that Beric Dondarrion revives Catelyn Stark in the books? Recall that Beric died (for good) in the process. If Melisandre dies bringing Jon back, it could explain her minimal filming time.


  • I think Davos will have a big part to play in Melissandres’ demise, should it occur.
    Thoros of Myr didn’t have to die for Beric to be raised, I doubt Melissandre will have to.

  • What maester Aemon meant when he said ‘kill the boy’ was, Kill the bastard. Bring back the Prince. It is known

  • I’m burning I’m burning I’m burning for you. Don’t fear the reaper

    C’mon baby light my fire.

    Which should be Mel’s theme song?

    • “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” maybe? But I guess that would be a lie. I choose the Doors song.

      • I found the perfect theme for Mel. Its fire by Jimi Hendrix. Check out the opening lyrics and how it applies to characters.

        Alright, now dig this, baby you don’t care for me I don’t care about that. Sounds like Stannis as he never really liked her.

        Gotta new fool, I like it like that
        I have only one desire let me stand next to your fire.

        Obviously Jon Snow is the new fool and R ‘hllor is the fire and her only true desire.

        Just something fun I came up with. I have a few days off and I’m bored haha.

  • They’ve played up Davos hate of Melisandre too much to not have him figure in her demise. I think as Jon prepares to march on Winterfell and assemble his troops somewhere along the way some of the soldiers that deserted Stanis will reveal how Princess Shireen was burned at the stake. That will push Davos over the top.

  • I recently watched back the last season. I think Melisandre saw the correct vision(s), but either misinterpreted them or simply abandoned Stanis after she became convinced Jon was the true King or leader. Melisandra has two visions. The first time she tells Stanis she saw the Bolton’s banners on the ground. The second time, when Stanis asks her if she is sure of her vision, she says she saw the Bolton’s banners burning. I did not catch these two different statements the first time I watched the season. I think these are two separate visions. Stanis was under the assumption the Bolton’s would hide behind Winterfell’s walls during the siege with Stanis’ troops having to climb over the walls similar to the Battle of Blackwater. This would leave the Bolton’s army “high” on the wall defending off the assault. But, Melisandre’s first vision was true. The Bolton’s surprised Stanis by (1) a sneak attack at his camp and then (2) meeting Stanis’ army on the ground or on the field of battle. If Melisandre had interpreted this vision better she would have warned Stanis of the Bolton’s surprise tactics to bring the fight to him on the ground. I then think the second vision of the Bolton banners burning is a future vision of what will happen when Jon attacks Winterfell and really had nothing to do with Stanis attempt. Another misinterpretation? Or, did Melisandre really see who brings the Bolton’s down by evidence of her abandoning Stanis. After burning his daughter could she have ever gone to him and tell him by the way the new vision supports a different King, I am sorry it is not you. She knew Stanis would not accept that so she fled. Just some thoughts I had after I re-watched the season.

    • I just remember Mel saying that she saw herself walking the battlements of winterfell while the Bolton banners burned. So Stannis marching on winterfell made no sense after Mel left him because he supposedly kept marching because he believed in her visions. He could have been trying to fulfill the vision he saw in the flames himself a long time ago though I guess.

  • redwoman just repeat these words in the ears of lord snow and make no mistake
    “LORD cast your light upon this man, your servant. Bring him back from death and darkness. His flame has been extinguished, restore it”.

  • Just a thought:
    Jon Snow is set upon a funeral pyre and set a fire (after all Jon Whitewalker would be a fierce opponent). The fire cannot burn dragons and thus brings Jon back to life as a true Dragon Rider!

    • No because Jon is not in love with Mel and the point with AA was that he was sacrificing the thing he loved most. What if he has a death vision before resurrection and has some sort of parallel scene with ygrette to Dany’s with Drogo and possibly in that scene we have a lightbringer forging?

      But what (who!!!!) would be the lion…..

    • An arrowhead pierced Ygritte’s heart. She was who Jon loved more then anything. She made Jon laugh several times, and cry twice. Jon never smiles or cries, but did with/for her. I wonder if he fuses that arrowhead into Longclaw.

    • I think that readers go into analysis paralysis looking for analogues in Jon’s story for Nissa Nissa. Remember that the author has told us that many elements of old Westeros legends are just that: legends, based on some remote kernel of ancient history but blown up and elaborated over the ages for storytelling’s sake, or to make a moral or religious or political point. My money is on Jon not having to stab anyone near and dear to make Lightbringer work properly.

      • I mostly agree with you but I think His Grace is using misdirection /trolling us when he says not to trust. He’s put an awful lot of writing effort into legends and prophecies for it all to be null & void. Some will have to stand. Now that may be in some really obtuse, tangential and clever way, but it will still be fulfilled.

        • ‘Obtuse, tangential and clever’ works for me! Like wise old Gandalf taking ages to figure out that ‘Speak, friend, and enter’ really translates as ‘Say “Friend” and enter.’ Or perhaps more to the point, broadly distributed myths in our world about a Great Flood stemming from memories handed down through hundreds of generations of the melting of the glaciers at the end of the last Ice Age. The kernel of truth underlying the legend will be there, but it probably won’t be what we expect, or anything literal.

    • Yes… only death pays for a life. Someone will have to die here, no doubt about it. And who better to sacrifice than the one who has been so quick to take other lives for…. hmmm… not sure why she took so many lives really. Misinterpretation maybe?

    • GRRM said that Dany can be burned, and that Targaryens aren’t invulnerable to fire. He also said she survived the pure she entered because it was a unique and magical event, not because she can’t be burned. Blood magic was at work.

      The red god no doubt saved her/made her reborn.

  • I think Carice is filming her scenes inside some sets/studio.
    She is supposed to have a big role in this season and, of course, everything should be secret ><

  • Carice van Houten does a really great job playing a manipulative, sinister character with blotches of being friendly and specks of naivety. She gives Melissandre a genuinely mysterious presence. Shocked how many want her entangled with Jon Snow after she usurped Gendry, utterly ruined Stannis and murdered Shireen, which led to Stannis’s wife committing suicide.

    Thankfully it won’t happen. Can’t wait to see her face when Jon TARGARYEN rises from the ashes of his pyre when R’hllor, Lord of Light, resurrects him.

    Carice is awesome though perfect for her character.

  • Let’s guess who will have more nude scenes in season 6, Melisandre or Daenerys, or perhaps the Sand Snakes?

      • It sounds like someone younger, in their mid- to late teens…my completely unscientific guess is Bran. It’s been a few years since we’ve heard IH-W speak on screen, so I imagine his voice would be a bit deeper than it was in season 4…I guess it could be Tommen as well (I can’t remember his voice)…But those are about the only two characters I can think of that would be in the age range I’m thinking…

        • Sorry – I was referring to the voice at the end of the clip. The voice at the beginning is obviously a much older gent, and it makes total sense that it would be Max von Sydow (can’t wait to see him – awesome actor)…but the voice at the end, I’m pretty sure it’s Bran…

      • The article I found the trailer in said it was Bran’s voice but I don’t think so. It sure sounded like Jojen to me.

  • My question is: How will Jon found out about his parentage? Surely Mel won’t have a part in knowing, therefor when she brings him back won’t he still think he’s a bastard?

    -Maybe Bran will send him a vision in his moments of death

    -Perhaps the NW tie Jon to a gods wood tree as part of his funeral, thus a vision of his mother could appear (might explain the blood from his eyes in teaser poster)

    Anyways, would enjoy some feedback and opinions from you all.

    • There’s no precedent for tying people to trees. But I think you’re in the right direction with Bran. Maybe Howland Reed will play a part too. Perhaps he’ll pop along for the battle of the bastards?

    • Indeed, thankfully Jon already rejected her and narratively that’s key. If she resurrects and ruins Jon it’ll be horrible writing, making his rejection of her utterly pointless and moot while simultaneously railroading everything about his character since he had no control over anything. It would also make R+L=J worthless, too.

      If people don’t get it by now that Melisandre has her own agenda and is sinister and deceptive and a liar…wow, just wow.

        • I so agree about that The Sight promo campaign being an epic fail last year. I have to watch these teasers over and over for all the little bits of the montage to sink in. What good is something a few seconds long, packed with jump cuts, that you can only watch once?

      • Mostly old clips of Jon, ending with a pretty strong suggestion that Bran’s role will be key to pulling all the threads together going forward. That’s not news to readers and obsessive fans, but may serve to point the thinking of the Unsullied in a useful direction.

  • Unless Mel confesses to Davos, I highly doubt he’ll kill her. I think Shireen’s death gave Mel more powers, and no one else will have to be sacrificed.

  • I don’t think smell is a particularly strong or powerful priestess. From my perspective she seems to rely very heavily on the illusion of power, not power itself. She seems to use a lot of props, and relays on intimidation and coercion……I could be wrong, but at this point in the story I’m significantly underwhelmed by Mel in general.

  • Yeah yeah yeah. I’m not saying Amelia doesn’t have power or magic. I’m just saying that to my mind she appears to rely quiet heavily on props…illusions and smoke and mirrors. That’s all. Obviously she has power.

    However, I’ll be interested to see how Mel stacks up against other priests and priestesses of R’hllor. Are they all as ominous and sinister as her?

    • I understand your point. George would disagree with you though. He stated that Mel is his most misunderstood character , and not evil. She really thinks she’s doing what’s best for the realm. But you nay be correct that she often misinterpretations visions and is too confident in her abilities. Now that she has been humbled I think R ‘hllor will make her more powerful like he did with Thoros of Myr. Remember he had lost all his faith before he prayed to R ‘hllor to help him save his friend Beric.