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New Game of Thrones museum exhibit opens in Spain

Spain loves Game of Thrones, and the Spanish town of Osuna (the shooting location for Daznak’s Pit in Season 5) has now opened a museum gallery, The Hall of Ice and Fire, celebrating both the Game of Thrones TV series and the Song of Ice and Fire books. The permanent two-room exhibit, located at the Museum of Osuna, opened on Saturday with a few words from Osuna’s Mayor, Rosario Andujar.


The ground floor showcases behind-the-scenes film and photographs of last season’s seventeen days of Game of Thrones shooting in Osuna, audiovisual presentations, a life-size White Walker mannequin, signature show weapons, replica dragon eggs, and fan art, including oil paintings from all over the world.


As you climb the stairs to the museum’s second floor you are treated to a collection of autographed pictures.


On the upper floor, you’ll find mannequins in full Game of Thrones costume awaiting you, including mannequin versions of Jon Snow, a Meereenese Noble, an Unsullied solider, and a Son of the Harpy. You’ll also see official prop replicas from Game of Thrones, such as the helms of Loras Tyrell and the Hound, and a dragonglass dagger. Finally, there are some busts of characters on display.

Jon Snow and Ghost in Osuna

The Hound's helmet

The Game of Thrones production has provided a big economic boost for the Spanish economy, and the country has embraced it both as an entertaining television show and a way to boost tourism. There are other fan events are upcoming in Spain, such an the Austere House cinema event for fans in Madrid, which includes episode screenings and guest appearances by Game of Thrones actors and crew.


Canet del Mar, where sequences for Season 6 sequences were shot at the Castillo de Santa Florentina, is organizing a fan-based festival day which includes a cosplay contest, a tour of the castle market, and an intriguing ‘combat spectacle’ between Lannisters and Dothraki.

12226537_10208034020826728_228957754_nHead over to Los Seite Reinos to see more pictures from The Hall of Ice and Fire.

Hall of Ice and Fire


  • That’s awesome to hear how much Spain appreciates GoT filming in their beautiful country! To have a museum exhibit devoted to it, is quite an honor! I only wish someday I could visit there to see their beautiful country and their new exhibit!

  • Thanks Spain but I think I’ll just hang in there for HBO to open a Westeros theme park complete with a dragon roller coaster, Bravos canals love boat and Red Wedding Feast canteen.

    • Hey, do you travel on the Eurostar and other high speed rail over there?
      I am taking a trip over to Europe next year and I am thinking I might do some train travel around…

      • I use Eurostar a lot – love it – but it doesn’t cover much of Europe (London, Paris and Brussels basically). Other main cross border rail network is Thalys but they have no security in times like these and are pretty expensive during all other times so really flying is better. Depends on where you plan to go and for how long, driving is an option too if you’re concentrating on countries in one region. You could hire one of our cute lil European cars that you Americans find so funny! A fiat 500! Adorable!! ?

  • I love the areas they film in. Since I doubt I will ever get the chance to travel there. It’s nice to at least see it in High Def. Also the costumes and decorations are stunning. Still can’t believe they haven’t won as many awards than they should of. Only one person with an acting Emmy. Peter, which he deserves.