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Game of Thrones Spoilers from the North Confirm Suspicions

I wanted to title this Game of Thrones spoiler out of the set “Today in Duh…” but some vague sense of professionalism stopped me. Still, if you are the type to scream spoiler because you saw Jon Snow’s face in this morning’s piece of toast, you might want to turn around…and around and around and around until you get really dizzy and fall down and can’t focus on the computer screen.

—-One Last Time—
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As we saw last week, Carice Van Houten was posting shots of herself heading to the Game of Thrones set in costume. No real spoilers, other than that she was filming material, but it was exciting stuff to speculate about nonetheless, especially since she was clearly outdoors on location somewhere. Previous leaks from Los Siete Reinos had insisted that Van Houten hadn’t done all that much on location stuff this season. In fact, those reports suggested she hadn’t filmed very much at all, which was surprising. Was the show merely using her for the resurrection of Jon Snow, and then abandoning her? (It makes a sort of sense they’d want to film indoors, lest The Daily Mail get pictures of THAT.)

Actually, no. Instead, if one parses some new info from L7R, it might be that they were saving filming Snow’s resurrection for last.

According to their sources, (and this is the Well, DUH spoiler) Melisandre “plays a very pivotal role this season.”

BUT! (And everybody loves a big but!) Why is this a spoiler *now*? What is it that Melisandre is filming that is so pivotal? Because the other half of that spoiler is that the outdoor scene that Van Houten is filming is in fact not being filmed in order. It’s going to happen early in the season. Also, it involves a discussion with Davos—the two do have rather a lot to discuss.

It’s hard not to look at the context and infer things about what might happen after—early in the season, in outdoor mud, somewhere that could very likely be Magheramorne Quarry. Are we finally bringing Jon Snow back to life at last?


  • Pretty sure the show has NEVER shot its’ scenes in order. Nothing surprising there.
    It also makes sense that a lot of the Wall stuff would be shot later in the season…nothing worse then a winter scene where you can’t see the actors’ breath.

  • I agree 100%! I think the first scene will be his revival, and of course, Mel using a Phoenix Down she stole from Davos, hence the argument. Hey don’t laugh, that stuff’s like 100 Gil.

  • And if they film the resurrection last, the nearly inevitable leaks will at least be as late as possible – from HBO’s pov anyway. As for us:
    What do we want?
    – Spoilers!!!
    When do we want them?
    – NOW!!!

  • This may be just a nitpick on my part but when Jon Snow was stabbed the ground was covered in snow, so why would they be filming the resurrection when it’s muddy?

  • I think Jon will come back episode 3. The first episode ending will be some trolling. Melisandre lights on fire his pyre and we all we see him burning. And some fans be like “OMG OMG OMG WHAT HAPPEN!?”. Episode 2 ending, no Wall scene. This episode will ends Dany’s win above the dothrakis with Drogon. And Jon will come back at the end of episode 3.

  • Los Siete Reinos’s post only says that Melisandre will be important in a general way, not even as “news”, and you see fit to do a post reporting it as a “spoiler”? Clickbait is surely at a ridiculous level.

  • I keep wondering whether Jon will become a convert to R’hollor upon his resurrection.

    We all know that Jon worships the Old Gods and swore his NW vows before a weirwood tree. But it’s kind of hard for Jon to deny the existence of R’hollor or acknowledge His power if He or one of his priestesses actually brought him back from the dead…

    I’ll be curious to see whether they delve into the aspect of spiritual conflict / allegiance at all and what impact R’hollor’s ‘gift’ might have on Jon’s post-resurrection mindset or actions – is it possible that those sacrificial pyres photographed at the Battle of the Bastards location are for people being burned by Jon rather than Ramsay?

  • Jim Snow is going to light my fire ! I will ride long claw to orgasmic ecstasy! !!! Eat your heart out fan girls.

    • Wonder if R’hollor could bring it back to life?

      “Theon, we’ve got good news and bad news…the good news is we’ve found yer cock, and we’re pretty sure it’ll work again if we can find one of the Red God’s servants to bestow the kiss of life on it…

      …the, erm, bad news is that Melisandre’s away at Winterfell, so we’ve had to make, ummmm, alternate arrangements…Theon, meet Thoros of Myr”…

  • Jon Snow was stabbed at night and Carice Van Houten filmed her walk to the set in costume and outdoors in daylight. I may be grasping at straws, but that could infer that a period of some hours, until dawn at least, has passed between Ser Alliser Thorne, Olly and the others walking away from the crime scene and Melisandre arriving corpse side, which could be time enough for things Bran, Bloodraven, Ghost, Mormonts Raven, Wight and White Walker to possibly occur – or not. However, I could easily be wrong, wrong, wrong. As the OP stated, scenes are not necessarily being filmed in order and CVH could equally have been off to film a scene with Davos or to hide from Tormund who may be equally pissed with Melisandre for torching Mance Rayder, example.

    • I think you’re grasping at draws, but I don’t really want mel getting the credit for bringing jon back either. Unless it’s because Davis pushes her in jons flaming funeral pyre and that somehow revives jon.

  • I know I Bitch about this all the time, and a57se always tells me to relax, but I’m not convinced about Jon at all. We are always saying he will be ressurected here or this person will do it, or this is how it will happen……. we do not know. We have no idea what is going to happen, per Mr. Bran ‘puberty’ Stark-Bloodraven v2.0 Although there are hints in the book, breadcrumbs leading us to a conclusion, it is not definitive.

    Yes, Melissandre happened to show up at a seemingly convenient moment at the wall. However, that might be adding the dead end, f-you book readers Red herring that Big G-Mart is setting us up for. There has been one single photo of Jon standing in a field, just one. The rest have been rumors and conjecture, speculation about him ‘living’. Some guy, who knows a guy, has a cousin, whom is dating the sister of a guy’s Aunt’s niece, lives by a town where that niece once lived, and knows a person that worked as an extra, and heard that Kit was there filming a scene. Gosh, I’m so negative about this! It just doesn’t add up to me.

    Just prepare yourselves for the opposite of what we are being fed to happen. Don’t be shocked if it does go the other way.

  • I’d agree with that. Though I do like a good bit of speculation (see my previous post) there’s just not enough information to be conclusive at this point, though the picture of Kit Harrington wearing a Stark ‘costume’ on set that The Daily Mail got hold of has got me very excited.

  • I am more excited about what actually happends to Roose Bolton. Surely, he is dead already dead if Ramsay is leading the boltons in to battle. I am assuming that is the case, such a scene should have been leaked already?

    • Uh-oh, you just touched upon my own tinfoil time-bomb…

      When I first saw the pictures of two crucifixes over the stacks of wood, my first thought was that Ramsay, feeling threatened by the prospect of Big Daddy Roose having a true legitimate child by his new Frey bride (a child that would also serve to cement his alliance with the Freys), might make a play to seize power by offing his dad and stepmom. Ramsay doesn’t like competition (it was widely believed that Ramsay offed Roose’s previous legitimate son), and they made a point of showing Ramsay uneasy at hearing the news that he might have a little brother soon, so it’s not that huge a stretch…

      Of course, that also brings up a huge ‘what if’, because if Ramsay killed Roose (thereby taking his holdings), and Jon in turn killed Ramsay, then Ramsay’s holdings would go to none other than his wife – yep, Sansa would technically stand to inherit both the Dreadfort AND Winterfell…

      …at that point, my tinfoil hat overheated and I just said, “Nahhhhhhhhhh”. But fun to think about because, while extremely unlikely, it’s also within the realm of very, very, remote possibility…

      • If Ramsey kills Roose and wife he will being putting himself in a precarious position that will lose him Frey loyalty and as such deplete his army. It’s more likely some Northern Lord who’s loyalty is questionable may be sacrificed as an example. The other option is Jon sends and envoy to avert a battle and more dead to join the army of the dead and that it is this envoy that dies. This could mean Davos but I’d hate to see this. If any one deserves to live it is Davos. Hell Davos should be king.

  • Some people might of thought of this already but it’s only just occurred to me. [I’m slow but I get there eventually :) ] What if Jon’s name isn’t actually Jon? I mean what if his mother [Lyanna] gave him another name or Rhaegar had told her what to call the baby if it was a boy? I’m not sure how he would find this out. Maybe through Bran or Howland Reed. Then Jon Snow would indeed no longer exist.

    • Who cares. Jon is who he is and he will remain Jon throught the rest of the story. He’s not going to change his name Jon to some other. Surname might be different in the rest of the story, but that is all.

      • I’m not sure of that…I think Aemon’s words, “Kill the boy…” have come to pass. I think that the idealistic Jon Snow is dead, and that he will have a harder and more pragmatic outlook going forward.

        IF, as we’re all assuming, he’s going to lead an army south to attack the Boltons, then he’s already broken from the Jon Snow who was a member of the Night’s Watch and swore to uphold its principles, because what he’s doing is technically both illegal and ethically questionable.

        First, he’s breaking his NW oath NOT to become involved in the politics of the realm – he’s using the NW to settle a personal score. No doubt about that.

        And if we chose to argue that he’s no longer a member of the NW and hence free from his vow of neutrality, he’s STILL knowingly weakening the Wall by taking many of its defenders south to fight his battle, men that are badly needed to fight the White Walkers when they come – and after Hardhome, he knows they’re coming…

        However justified we feel he may be in dishing out some payback to the Boltons, the fact is that he’s still deliberately leaving the Wall – and his sworn brothers – weakened and undermanned for the fight ahead in order to settle a personal score. I look at that as proof that the kid gloves (both literal and figurative) are off and it’s a new Jon who’s riding south…

          • He died. Upon death, he was released from any vows. As soon as he is resurrected, he will no longer be a man of the Nights Watch.

            Second, it’s not morally or ethically wrong to liberate the north from a pshycotic tyrant. He would be greeted with flowers should he do such a thing.

        • I meant Jon as Jon in his name.If his name given to him by mother or father is Aemon, Daeron or Viserion.He’s not going to change that.He has no emotional connection to House Targaryen.He’s Stark through and through.

          As for him marching South.We don’t know how will he deal with Night’s Watch or what is he going to do.White Walkers can’t be stopped with Wildlings and new brothers.Impossible.

  • I think it’s very simple: Roose got killed when he went to see Walden Frey. He get killed by…Lady Stoneheart. I don’t know if he is already dead when the battle off the bastards begins. But if he got killed before the battle, Ramsey will kill Roose his wife and unborne child.

    • I thought I was the only one who suspected that! Here’s how I see it playing out:

      The Siege of Riverrun goes the way of the Freys, aided by some timely Lannister help. Walder Frey moves in to Riverrun and announces his 10th wedding. People from far and wide attend, including Roose Bolton. There, the BwB appears (with or without Stoneheart) but with The Hound (resurrected by Septon Meribald) and Brienne (sent south by Sansa to help her mother’s house retake Riverrun) and massacres everyone present. Roose and Walda Frey are among those killed, an unborn Bolton baby dies as retribution for an unborn Stark baby at the Red Wedding. This happens in Episode 7 and news reaches Winterfell by Episode 9, which is why Ramsay (the new Lord of Winterfell) leads his men into battle.

      • Intriguing hypothetical scenario. I still think that it’ll be Ramsay who gives Walda an involuntary premature C-section, though – or at least ensures that it happens. He might send a couple of his 20 Good Men along to the wedding with a large bribe and some special instructions, only to have the BwB reveal themselves right after Ramsay’s hitmen make their move. Triple-cross!

    • Yes, that’s what I believe too. There are too many clues that LSH will be making her debut this season.

  • Only Death Can Pay For Life. I think that Melisandre will bring back a somewhat altered Jon Snow ( how different I couldn’t guess ). That will be her last involvement in the story and the show. Bye Bye Carice. I suspect that Davos will die this series – what role could he play now? Theon, Roose and Ramsey look on shaky ground. Jorah Mormont maybe,also. Littlefinger will tighten his grip on the north. Oh yeah, the Hound will return. There will be no Stoneheart. But what do I know?

    • We have no objective evidence that ‘Only death can pay for life’ is an established law of how magic works on Planetos. We only have the word of an unreliable narrator, Mirri Maz Duur, who had plenty of reasons to lie to Dany. Lots of conventional wisdom in GRRM’s world turns out to be untrue. So I wouldn’t put too much stock in that phrase. Thoros did not have to shed anyone’s blood to resurrect Beric multiple times.

  • I think it’s safe to say that Melisandre is definitely going to be involved in the resurrection…

    The argument with Davos

  • I think it’s safe to say that Melisandre is definitely going to be involved in the resurrection…

    Other than being about Shireen, the argument with Davos could be about Melisandre suddenly proclaiming Jon Snow “The Prince who was promised”, after years of saying the same about Stannis.

  • Just a thought, but what if Davos burns Melisandre while Jon’s funeral pyre is going and this sacrifice of Melisandre brings Jon back. I can see Davos burning Mel as revenge for Shireen’s burning and this would make good on the value of blood sacrifice as Mel has been preaching all along. Kind of ironic though that she would be the one being burnt in bringing about Azor Ahai. The show won’t have her supporters to stop DAvos and I don’t see Davos doing nothing to her once he hears about Shireen. Just a thought.

  • Oh, and Davos will become Jon’s man after seeing the Azor Ahai prophecy come to be. It would be a great subversion of expectations that Mel is the one who would bring back Jon, when it would be Davos who was the real, albeit inadvertent, reason Jon came back and Mel was just a tool used by Davos, though unknowingly.

  • I’m kind of hoping what ever she does ends her life but Arya has to see her again, she foresaw it, so…

  • That’s true, Mel told Arya that they would meet again. Davos teaming up with Jon is the ultimate fanfiction come true. EVERYONE loves Davos and Jon, because they really are the “good” guys. Please let Davos and Bronn live this season D&D! Kill off Dany, and I know I’m alone in this wish.

  • Has it ever occurred to anybody else the growing concern of Daenerys Targaryen and the people around her over the control of the dragons? She even admits her fear of them. To me it infers her need for Bran? The witch even admitted to Stannis the real fight lies to the North beyond the wall against the white-walkers. Their defeat bestows legitimacy upon the victor’s claim to the Iron Throne. White-Walkers can’t tolerate fire or swords of dragon-steel. Daenerys may recover control of her dragons through Bran, victory in the North by fire over the white-walkers and exercise the strongest claim to the throne. Of course it’s only speculation.

  • Ned gave Jon his name it could be something else,but I don’t think he will go by any other name.Jon will be there until the end. I think Davos will kill Mel when he finds out she burned Shireen and Davos will be Jons right hand man those are my thoughts.