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Rory McCann Insists The Hound Is Dead…after he plays the harmonica

Rory McCann (the Hound) and Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei) recently appeared at German Comic Con 2015, sat on the Game of Thrones panel, and answered questions put forth by the audience. Nathalie talked about the bravery of the stunt people who filmed the Harpies vs Drogon scene from The Dance of Dragons. Rory has been off the show for a while, having been left for dead by Arya at the end of Season 4, but he made up for lost time by showing up with a harmonica and performing a bluesy song dedicated to himself.

Surprisingly, the audience did not ask any questions about what would be coming up in Season 6 (I’m guessing they were instructed not to). Instead, it was a lot of “who is your favorite character” (Emmanuel, loyal to a fault, says Dany) and “what character do you hate most” (both of them say Joffrey is the worst character, but that Jack Gleeson is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.)

But the most interesting turn is how many times McCann goes out of his way to loudly declare that The Hound is dead. Who is his favorite character? Well, it would be The Hound, but he’s dead! Who should survive to the end? Well it should be The Hound, but he’s been killed off! The show should bring him back! Especially in light of certain rumors, sightings, and reports from sources that McCann may not be as gone from the show as you might think, it’s very interesting how many times McCann finds a way to all but say “DID I MENTION THE HOUND IS DEAD?”

Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much.


  • ”-You gonna die?
    -Unless there’s a Maester hiding behind that rock, aye, I’m done.”

    McShane is coming!

    The Hound is dead, but Sandor isn’t.

    • I think the hound or Sandor whoever is coming back, but I don’t think ian McShane is going to be the septon to do it. He just doesn’t look like how I imagine the septon looking.

      • Yes, well Tywin and Bran neither one looked like I pictured them after reading the book…doesn’t mean the show writers felt the same…obviously…Bran is supposed to look like a Tully after all…Ian McShane could play the role of a broken man brilliantly…as has been evidenced by his previous roles.

        • I’m not saying it’s impossible, I’m just saying until someone actually is quoted or we see it then it’s not set in stone to me. Of course the hound is alive. More than likely they will use the same story line as the books for the hound being the grave digger. It’s simply my opinion that he will play another character. And it’s fact that it was never actually confirmed what character McShane is playing.

    • If you look closely at the scenery behind the site where the Hound and Brienne battle, you’ll see sheep grazing. And where there are sheep, there are shepherds. And shepherds probably know where the nearest place is to find medical help, even if it’s just a country herbwoman. Plus, there’s this itinerant seption roaming the area where the Vale borders the Riverlands who just happens to have been around a lot of battlefield injuries in his time…

      • I’m with Ms. Matrevyn, the other options have been ruled out. Confirmation or no, he’s either E.B./Septon M. or a completely new character fabricated for the TV series specifically.

        @Della, whom do you think he’s playing otherwise? He’s clearly a follower of the seven, a healer and bringing someone back into the fold.

        • I really like mcshane as an actor and when I originally heard he was casted hoped he had a much bigger part in the series. Hanging on to that hope, I’m hoping his character just happens to show up towards the end of the season giving more time in season 7. Wishful thinking, I guess. I hope that explains a little of my stubbornness on why I don’t want him to be the hounds traveling companion. Anyway, I think there are 2 assumptions that are swaying people to believe he is meribald/elder brother (which he very well may be).
          1. I think a lot of people are assuming he has to be one of the characters we’ve seen a casting call for. He doesn’t have to be.
          2. Because mcshane said he was bringing back a character we thought was dead, he has to be some kind of healer or have the ability to resurrect. Could be he is playing a character we assumed died along the way or he’s with someone we think may have died along the way. This being said he could very well be meribald or some combination of those characters. I originally thought he would be jon connington, but with the stuff being said that he filmed with the brotherhood, that’s out. I suppose they could move the Griffs storyline to westero somewhere, but why would they do that? Why did they send Sansa to winterfell? I don’t know. So my other thought is that he is part of the brotherhood (lem maybe) and gendry shows up with him. More Wishful thinking.
          This is me just being way stubborn and I’m sure you all are very well right that he will team up with rory, but a girl can hope.

          • JonCon, Haldon Halfmaester, a composite or new character as a means to bring forward Aegon is an interesting notion. Most are assuming that the quote means someone who’s died during the show and not someone who’s known to be dead from the past. I take your meaning. I like McShane too, that would give him an expanded role.

            Also, we may not have seen the last of Elder Brother or Septon Meribald. One of them could easily have more yet to do in tWoW. So even if he is, it shouldn’t dash your hopes of more screen time in season 7. With a little tinfoil….. They could even do a Septon Meribald/Elder Brother/Haldon Halfmaester composite and have Aegon hiding on the Quiet Isle. The show could use that tact to avoid too many new characters and lengthy scenes in Essos and the South. Anything is possible with D&D going commando this time around. Thanks for the response Della.

  • What if the Hound was never alive? Little birds have whispered on this page that Syrio Forel reappears this coming season. If so, how? What if Syrio Forel is a man-of-many-faces and helps Arya during her entire travels. Syrio begat Jeqen H’ghar who begat a Knight in the Brotherhood who begat The Hound who begat the Captain of the Boat who takes Arya to Braavos and so on. What the Hound is dead? We saw the Brotherhood load him into the wagon to take him away, do we know for sure he was not killed? If Jeqen had changed into a Knight of the Brotherhood to keep tabs on Arya he would have heard her pleas at the fight in the cave to execute the Hound for riding down the Butcher’s boy. And, we know the faceless man loves to seek revenge on those who take advantage of the weak. Lets assume Jaqen is one of the Brotherhood who was sent into the wagon to escort The Hound back to Kings Landing. Jaqen could have easily killed the chained Hound and the other crew and double-back to meet Arya as The Hound. If the Hound was dead his face could be taken. What I don’t know is what happens to a person who is using a face and is injured of killed? But an interesting thought.

  • I was at the Comic Con Germany on Saturday ( the video is from Sunday, bc they wear different clothes than on the Saturday panel) and we were not instructed not to ask about Jon. I think the moderator asked and they said he is dead. The sound was not so good and I have a horrible memory but I would remember if they commented different as the rest of the cast (same answer Btw from the GoT members present at Ring Con this year). Just remember that Nathalie mentioned she was shopping in Belfast with Emilia just a few days ago, so end of November and Emila wears big hats and sunglasses so that no one would recognize her. Nathalia meant she still have the feeling that she almost gets more recognized bc of her hair than Emilia and Emilia is left alone bc so few would notice her without her wig.

  • The Hound is one of my favorite show characters, I really enjoyed what Rory did with him especially in the Hound and Arya road show…
    they were so good together.

  • Much like “Robert Strong”, the TV show may take a page from the books and provide a character that makes us feel like the person who once was the Hound is alive and has been redeemed, but, without ever giving us the full confirmation.

  • The Hound Was The Best Character On The TV Show IMO. Followed By Oberyn Martell. One Of The Reasons Season 5 SUCKED.

    • I agree… I love GRRM but the show really got it right with the Hound’s relationship with both Stark daughters. He and Arya have got to be the best pairing in the entire series thus far.

    • Totally agree. And olenna- even if they’re at risk of over playing her now. Losing oberyn so quickly was especially tragic when he was portrayed so well.

      I’ve got a fairly large soft spot for Rory anyway… ?

    • Oberyn was my favorite character too. I hated that he would’ve just finish The Mountain off for good. He had the fiercest & most feared fighter in the realm dead to rights, but his arrogance & thirst for total vengeful were his undoing. Which is too bad because besides being a total badazz, he was also one of the funniest & I loved Pedro’s portrayal of him on the show. He stole every single scene he was in AND that’s saying something considering he was alongside the likes of Charles Dance & Peter Dinklage. Ever the Viper. RIP Oberyn Martell. And i too found the Hound to not only be one of the most entertaining characters in Westeros but also one of the most mysterious & intriguing. He’s very grey in the way he walks the line from murderous soldier to Sansa & Arya’s protector. Nobody deserved the burden of having to remember every day the day his brother Gregor who would become the Mountain held his face to a fire when he was only a boy simply to teach the boy a lesson to stay away from his stuff. Yes it seems as the Mountain was mental right out of the womb. And certainly this would play a major role in the shaping of Sandor’s behavior in life. Beating Beric Dondarrion despite Beric wielding a sword lit a fire, was quite an achievement for the Hound. But to try and tie this back to the conversation I think at least with the tv show, The Hound’s death was perfectly written. It allowed the writers to show how Arya’s growing darker and does not have any of the compassion her father had. Don’t get me wrong, Ned would’ve killed him, but he would’ve chopped his head off & not let him linger in agony. That would have been much more merciful. Of course if there was a Maester or a healer around to save him, maybe someday he will thank Arya for being the reason he changed his life & in a sense of irony Arya dies protecting the Hound. Which causes the Hound to become the Hound again & he goes on a murderous rampage killing everyone who had a hand in Arya’s death culminating with a single combat matchup versus Ser Robert Strong who the Hound will strike down, but in doing so will also die in the process. That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

  • I swear, The Hound is dead!
    I swear, The Hound is dead!
    I swear, The Hound is dead!
    I swear, The Hound is dead!

    Cool, but that’s not what we want to know, that line is in the book as well yet he’s almost guaranteed to be alive.

    At least it’s a change from
    I swear, Jon Snow is dead!
    I swear, Jon Snow is dead!
    I swear, Jon Snow is dead!
    I swear, Jon Snow is dead!

    Yeah, we know that too, but that’s not the important thing either.

  • Just a thought: Could Ian McShane’s supposedly ‘dead’ character be Raygar Targaryen? Why would Raygar’s supporters allow the prince and son of the Mad King to go up against a seasoned warrior with a vicious grudge like Robert Baratheon? How would anyone recognize Raygar after Robert’s war hammer had pounded his head in and the body had floated in the river long enough to loosen the rubies on his armor? I’m thinking perhaps we’ll see Raygar — who was a better musician and poet than a fighter — come back from the ‘dead’ in Season Six.

    • First: What the fuck is a Raygar?

      Secondly: No. IMPOSSIBLE IDIOT SHIT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!

      We already know that Ian McShane’s scenes will be with the Brotherhood. And Rhaegar died…