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Hilarity Pile: Exactly how big WILL Dany’s dragons be in Season 6?

By the end of Game of Thrones Season 5, Drogon the dragon was big enough for Daenerys to ride off into the sunset, or at least into the Dothraki Sea. The show’s SFX professionals have assured fans that the dragons will double again in size again come Season 6, which generally speaking means they’re gonna get really freaking huge. (One wonders if this assertion applies only to Drogon, though. According to A Song of Ice and Fire mythology, dragons grow but little, if at all, when kept in a confined space, so Rhaegal and Viserion should remain roughly the same size. The TV show might not stick to that rule, though.)

Moviepilot has done a little digging, and concluded that the dragons (or Drogon, at least) will have a wingspan of 120 feet in Season 6. This is based on the assertion that Drogon’s wingspan was 60 feet during the Daznak’s Pit scene in Season 5, for which there is some well-reasoned, if not definitively conclusive, evidence. So: 60 x 2 = 120.

What does that mean visually? According to Moviepilot, it means that Drogon’s wingspan will be roughly equivalent to this 120-foot statue of Mao Zedong.


If you’re going to compare the dragons to something, it might as well be Communist revolutionaries. And in a way, isn’t that exactly what they are?

No, they’re not—that goes nowhere. Anyway, I’m not convinced that Drogon will be quite that big, but we can bet he’ll be a far sight bigger and more deadly when we next see him.

Elsewhere, Kit Harington is giving quotes again. He weighed in after professional footballer Wayne Rooney announced the arrival of his son, whom he named Kit. Digital Spy immediately asked Harrington for comment. “I’m now gonna tell people that Rooney named his baby after me,” said Harington, who is a self-professed “massive Rooney fan.” (Soccer is huge in Europe, a phenomena that remains impenetrable to many Americans.) “I don’t think he did, but it’s nice to think that anyway.”

Between this and the recent BBC Breakfast interview, it seems that Harington is hitting the press trail again, which gives interviewers that many more opportunities to ask whether Jon Snow is coming back.

h/t Cinema Blend


  • 120 feet wingspan from 60 feet is not twice as big, it’s 8 times as big. It’s in 3 dimension, remember? 2h x 2w x 2l = 8 times in volume! It’s a common mistake made by people who do not play with scaled toys.

    So I believe the dragons will be 3 to 4 times bigger, but definitely not 8 times!

    • dragons never stop growing their whole life and they can live up to 200 years or so in the game of thrones universe anyway.

  • Unless Dany is with the Dothraki for months and months I can’t see Drogon showing up much larger than he currently is. Otherwise the timing of his growth will be way off.

  • Don’t call it soccer, the sport we use our feet to play is football. You Americans play armoured, easy rugby!

        • nah its the most stupid game ever invented to keep a Society on steroids feeling pleased about themselves

          • And the most watched sports event (in the world). Soccer is a poor excuse for grown men to get some cardio while the rest of us watch them kick the ball over and over to end up in a 1-1 tie (if we are lucky, can’t wait to watch another 0-0 game, such fun!!)

    • GRRM’S is an avid football fan. The real football. Go now, and kick around a pretty little checkered ball ya gang of fairies.

    • I don’t think rugby and American football are really even comparable.

      And I’m not from America or England and we call it soccer as well, not football

  • Albert Krong is right, doubling in mass a 60 feet wingspan dragon would mean having a more ore less 75 feet wingspan one, if the dragon mantains its proportions growing.
    If dragons change proportions as they grow – like almost everything around – then the exact measure will be “exactly as the computer graphic dude wants and not an in ch more”.
    But I think “75 feet” or 22,5 meters is good enough of a starting esteem for “doubling”.

    • Thank goodness, we don’t need another sport where the sponsor’s logo is bigger on the uniform than anything else. Plus soccer teams have awful names….where’s fun in United, F.C., etc….boring!

  • Keep calling it soccer! In N.Z. we have been bullied lately into calling it football, even though rugby union was always the sport first thought of if someone referred to football, but like seems to be in our character a bit, people straight away folded and are towing the line and even saying sorry if they dare slip up and call it soccer, Well a lot of people are!

    • The only people here in Aus hassling to call soccer football are Englishman. But they’ve always done that,

  • I think the dragons will be much, much, , much bigger. IIRC, I read an interview where a designer
    from the animation studio said that Drogon would twice as big in season 6. As noted above, “twice as big” is not really that clear – twice the weight? or twice the physical dimensions? I think Drogon in season 6 will be twice the physical dimensions from season 5. 120 foot wingspawn etc/

    The show has it easier than grrm in most areas – if they want Drogon to be very large, they make him very large –
    we, the viewers have gotten used to the dragons growing alot between seasons.