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Check out a teaser video for Game of Thrones Season 6

The official Game of Thrones Twitter account promises that a teaser for Season 6 of the show will drop tonight, right before the debut of Vinyl, a new HBO show.

This being 2016, the teaser has leaked a little early. Take a look:


Here’s the official version:

Unfortunately, there’s no new footage, but there are some intriguing hints about what may be coming here. We’re inside the House of Black and White, and we see the faces of some of the show’s most dearly departed cast members, including Ned, Robb, Catelyn, Joffrey, Jon, and a newcomer.

First of all, note that HBO includes Jon Snow in its roll call of dead people, despite persistent rumors that the character will be coming back this year. Also, the quote that plays when we see Catelyn’s face (“Show them how it feels to lose what they love.”) is sure to stir a few debates.

And then there’s that newcomer. Although we don’t hear a quote from him, that’s pretty clearly Peter Dinklage’s face in the Hall of Faces. Notice the telltale facial scar.

What does this mean? Does Tyrion die? Is there more to the House of Black and White than we know? Are those the faces of other cast members below and beside him? Is HBO just teasing us? Wait for April 24, or for a trailer, to find out more.


    • Jaquan Hagar/The many faced God, said one time, “you’ve stole from the many faced God”. To me; obviously means something.
      1. Can’t steal from the many faced God, no one can!
      2. Somehow what aria did meant she “stole” from Jaquen.
      3. He’s probably going to force her on a mission to pay it back.
      4. Or 1,2,3, mean nothing and all that is going on is Aria’s transformation as a many faced God started, when quote: I can’t see! Was said.

      • I’m sorry, but:
        Jaqen H’ghar*

        Jaqen is part of the Faceless Men, who worship the Many-Faced God, and Arya is traning to be one of them. They are NOT Him of Many Faces!!!

  • All of the living main character’s faces are there, so it probably doesn’t mean anything other than the fact that no one is safe

  • I like how at first showing Jon’s face makes it look like they’re reinforcing that he’s dead, until it shows tyrion, Dany and the rest. I think this was another clever hint that Jon will be back.

  • Pretty sure I saw the Lannister clan, The twins, tommen, one even looked like Dany, but I’m pretty sure I’m wrong
    “All Men, Must Die”
    “all men must serve”

  • Well, unfortunally there a plenty of living charachters in the faces (arya, Sansa, Cersei, Jaime, Dany) which means, to me, that this teaser is only symbolic. I don’t think that there are actual faces of every charachter in House of B&W

  • Uhhh, really? Seriously, HBO?
    The Lord of Light does not aprove of this “teaser”. It’s not even a teaser.
    You will burn, marketing department. I will your scream.

  • Change is we will see them all back in season 6, except for Robb.

    Ned in a flashback.
    Jon ressurected.
    And Catelyn as LS.

  • Interesting. I don’t think it has much meaning though, how could the house of black and white get those faces.

  • The teaser is doing exactly what it was intended to do, which is to whip us all into a frenzy of speculation.

  • You have forgotten that there are also : Tywin, Ygritte, Sansa, Arya, Jaime, Cersei, Daenerys !!!
    Bad job.

  • You are forgotten that there are also : Tywin, Ygritte, Sansa, Arya, Jaime, Cersei, Daenerys !!!
    Bad job.

  • Which means there will be at least 2 MORE trailers to come. First trailer with actual new footage will be 30s to 45s early next month. Second one will be 90s to 120s in late March.

    Actually, there is a hint of what’s coming; Ned will be back (in a flashback), Robb will be back (in a will), Cat will be back (also in a flashback?), and so yes, Lord Commander will also be back, in “blood and flesh”.

  • Not sure I’d call this a ‘trailer’ – I usually associate that term with some actual footage or audio from the coming season….still, I guess it’s nice to see something new.

    If anything, it proved how sharp and ready for action my tin foil sword is when it comes to ASOIAF; when I saw the Ned Stark face, all semblance of rational thought immediately ceased and I went into full theory crafting mode, instantly thinking, “Wow – I guess I know what Arya’s wearing to Walder Frey’s next wedding…”….then I “got it” a few seconds later. Sighhh…still two more months to go, huh?

    • Errggh. If they have Arya flipping through all the faces of people killed by Walter Frey as she’s killing him, I will be annoyed. Cheesy.

      • That makes me think of how Izembaro and Arya’s training with him could easily be made into a traveling ensemble rather than at the shipwreck. That may be how D&D eventually plan on bringing Arya back to Westeros without abandoning said training.

        I hope she doesn’t do a whole flip through the faces thing either. It would be a little too Ghost of Christmas past for me. This all brings to mind how much I didn’t like the fact that everyone has Jaqen’s face, not to mention the deceased faceless man wearing Arya’s. The books made putting on a face much darker, one of a kind and actually like putting on a nasty old preserved leathery face.

  • I dont know why but i think in both teasers they include other dead characters to pervent people from asking if jon snow is really dead why u show him in the teasers??

  • It had everyone’s face, not just Tyrion. Sansa, Cersei, Jaime, Arya, and Dany’s faces were all on the wall. I was disappointed in the teaser, because season 6 is still two and a half months away.

  • So are they telling us Jon Snow is truly dead, but expect a Jon Snow look alike faceless man portrayed by Kit Harington in season 6?

  • Send a raven: the teaser sucks … When I saw the Hall of Faces , I though it might be focus only in Arya, but I expected new footage … It would be ok if they haven’t send a tweet as it was something special…

  • Well that bored me about as much as the preview chapters I’ve read for TWOW that GRRM has released, so I guess the show is being consistent with the source material.

  • Did not find the excerpts boring I knew they wouldn’t give away the plot. HBO didn’t deliver even a proper teaser. I know lets boycott all of HBO new shows until they deliver a proper teaser or trailer,just kidding I don’t want to cause a riot.
    Maybe this was a huge plot give away as in all of this is just a play put on by the faceless men. They are all mummers. Kidding about that as well.

  • Little let down, they announced this a few days in advance and i was expecting an actural trailer (or teaser using footage) I freaked out at Tyrion’s teased death but damn give me a trailer already

  • i remembered the season 5 finale, when Arya reveals herself face when she was takin’ faces from the corpse.
    do they really have all living and dead people face? What is this creepy house? They teased me a looot :~

  • Wats the fucken crack like waiting for a big trailer for the last week and they bring out this shite wat the fuck is going on. Every GOT fan expecting something huge in the trailer sansa and theon tyrion saying a few wise words danny speaking up for herself etc c’mon D&D expected better

      • As a Northern Irishman allow me to translate for you.

        “What the dickens is happening? Waiting anxiously all week for a big trailer and then they release this nonsense. Every GOT fan is expecting something huge in this trailer – Sansa, Theon, Tyrion etc saying a few wise words. Danny speaking up for herself etc. Come on D&D, I expected better.”

  • Oh well. I’m not gonna worry about waiting for anything better from them until the show comes out. That potentially may be all we get!?…
    At least Walking dead has started back up again.?

  • You mean I broke up with my girlfriend of 5 years because she wanted to go to dinner for valentines day instead of staying in to watch the “trailer”!!?? Haha …That was major let down…All men must hype!!!

  • Did anyone notice the scrapes on Jon Snow’s left eye? That explains the blood on his eye in the teaser poster, imo…

  • Some people need to learn to read. This was never hyped as a trailer. We were clearly warned that it would only be a tease.

    But I think the message being sent is simply “All Men Must Die”. And because that, there are no “hints” about who will die next in that teaser. Because, at some point, all of them will die if they are not dead already. But seeing the faces does raise an interesting question with regard to the Hall of Faces and the Faceless Men.

  • I think it’s an illusion that Bran or blind Arya is seeing… They are not actually the real faces…can’t be, its just an illusion for my opinion.

  • I really think they are just teasing that “all men must die.” I mean all the major characters are there. I wouldn’t look into it that much. If the faces do go to the house though, that means that Arya could see that Jon is dead which I’m excited to see if that’s the case.

  • It’s a teaser. It’s not footage of the upcoming season. There’s literally zero to hype. That’s the point. To tease us.

  • This ‘teaser’ seems much ado about nothing. They include Jon and Tyrion’s faces to spark interest, until the zoom out and you can see that everyone’s face is in there– Sansa, Cersei, Arya all of them. This is giving no real hints to the story, rather just reminding us that any and everyone can die on this show. Especially when the Walkers are planning a visit your neighbourhood.

  • Does this confirm that the House of Black and White are in league with the WhiteWalkers? (All me must die then All men must serve). Are they going to bring down the wall and bring the gift of death to Westeros?

  • Thought it was a brilliant teaser, it did exactly what a teaser is supposed to do – make the message boards go nuts by raising more questions than it answers.

    What a complete WOW! moment in the last frame when I recognised the faces of Sansa, Dany, Tyrion, Cersei and Arya!

    Truly, all men must die.

  • As frustrated as I am feeling, it gives me a little comfort and amusement that our cronies on here are displaying a great range of emotion. I love it. I’m still annoyed af at the “teaser”, but seeing as how others are suffering along with me, it makes it a little better. Maybe.

  • After watching this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N43vUqxjeEY I have concluded that HBO and D&D are really effing with the fans. Obviously they want some retribution to all the leaks that have gotten out but also they want us to really question whether JS is coming back. I honestly feel like this is a NEMO moment (kinda sort of) where we are being played big time as to the reality of the whole show. Like the characters are really ALL DEAD MEN anyway and this is just the House of Black and White telling the story ….. It seems that they have all the faces of the dead from beginning of time? So how are they NOT recording all the history as well? I just find this a very interesting slant on who is REALLY telling the story here? We THINK it’s the POV of the main characters … but is it really? Maybe not… what say all of you???

  • Man they’re giving us nothing for this season!!! I bet the trailer will be just a slideshow of the stills they released afew days ago.

  • People are really reading way too into this revealing any deaths. At the end, we see the six consistent main characters (Sansa, Tyrion, Dany, Cersei, Arya, Jaime), the ostensible surviving leads of the show last year and this year. It suggests that any of them could die, for stakes, because it’s a teaser trailer intended to make people watch it live. Nearly all of them probably won’t die this year.

  • So your post is to tell us what we saw. Did you seeba video that we didnt? Then all you do is ask questions with no possible answer consideringthe fact that nobody knows. Are you getting paid? I could do your job for free. Who killed jfk? Pay me and i will give you my opinion.