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30 Seconds of Footage from the Season 6 Premiere debuts at SXSW

Game of Thrones

Over the years, the annual South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas has grown from a multi-night music-only festival into a multi-week multimedia event that attracts guests from President Obama to Bill Murray. HBO has had a large presence at the festival for years, and in the past has featured Iron Throne themed pedi-cabs and rented out entire venues to promote the new season of its ratings blockbuster.

This year was no different, and the throngs of fans that flocked to the Hall of Faces were treated to a plethora of goodies. Along with being able to sit on the Iron Throne, play with Needle, and taste the latest offering from the Ommegang brewery, fans were invited to add themselves to the Hall of Faces alongside such luminaries as Tyrion Lannister, Ned Stark, and of course Jon Snow. But as has become standard operating procedure for HBO, the network saved the best for last.

After temporarily confiscating cell phones, fans were treated to a 30-second clip from Episode 1 of Season 6 ahead of its April 24th premiere. On a private viewing platform, fans could look into the flames and see the future, as everyone’s favorite red woman attempts to do. Although a valiant effort was made to record the clip, it was foiled by an energetic HBO minion. I was there, and will transcribe the (very interesting) scene for you.

And obviously: SPOILER WARNING!

Jon Snow dead on the ground Season 6 trailer

The clip opens with the same shot everyone saw in the recently released trailer, of the camera skimming along The Wall before focusing in on a close up on a dead Jon Snow. The camera gets closer to Jon, and we half for a minute on the former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. A wolf who can only be Ghost howls in the background. The howling sounds both sad and angry.

After this is where things get interesting. We cut into the chamber from the trailer, the one where Jon’s body is laying. Melisandre and Ser Davos stand over it. Jon’s face appears to now have blood on it, and he lies motionless on the table.

Jon Snow's dead body Season 6 trailer

Melisandre speaks first, saying, “I saw him. In the flames. Fighting at Winterfell.”

Davos replies slowly. “I can’t speak for the flames, but he’s gone.”

Now, at first glance this might appear to be little we don’t already now, but the “fighting at Winterfell” bit is new information. Melisandre believes in the visions she sees in the flames, but acknowledges that she can misinterpret them. So Mel might believe them to be wrong now, but as viewers, we can guess that her vision will come true at some point, even if it doesn’t happen how she expects.

Melisandre and Davos from the Season 6 trailer


  • Game of Thrones is a show where Hope is both the murderer and the victim. I learned long ago never to get your hopes up, you’ll only be disappointed.

    Even if Jon Snow does come back, would he even be the same? From all the “resurrections” in GoT & ASOIAF; Beric Dondarrion and Lady Stoneheart all lose something when they’re brought back to life.

    If Jon Snow does come back, he will not be the same man he was before.

    • I think that transformation is exactly the point in Jon Stark’s case. In Jon’s case, I believe it’s less of an undesirable side-effect, than an integral element of the prophecy that he’s part of.

    • Jon’s different in that its well explained in the book that he can transfer to his wolf (on body death) and back where Beric Dondarrion and Lady Stoneheart could not i.e. they actually die .. as long as they didn’t kill the wolf as per the King of the North.

  • COREY: You said Jon’s face appears to have blood on it… The same blood splashes we see on the poster of Jon?

  • I thought Melisandre told Jon about seeing him at Winterfell when she was in his chambers? Am I wrong?

  • OK HBO is officially trolling us. Ned, Tywin, King Robert, and Oberyn never had this much fan fare after their respective deaths. Are we really expecting them to show us all this footage and tease us about Jon and he isn’t coming back? Bravo HBO.

    Second thing is Mel has lost her faith in her god. She said she saw the battle in the snow, the Bolton banners being taken down, and Jon fighting at Winterfell. She thought that would be because of Stannis. She did see the battle in the snow; she saw the Battle of the Bastards but not Stannis’ charge. She did see the banners lowered and Jon fighting because she has to bring him back for those to happen. Thoros told her that he lost his faith and that was why he was able to bring Beric back from death. She’s going to bring him back, he’s going to fight in Winterfell, and the banners will be taken down.

    • All the fanfare for Jon Snow is because its a cliffhanger in the books too. Everyone including book readers are waiting for a resolution to that cliffhanger. Other deaths in the show – Ned, Tywin, Robert, Oberyn etc. – are closed chapters in the books. But not Jon.

  • I really wish season 6 was starting this Sunday. April 24th can’t get here fast enough. What do you guys think does jon get resurrected before or after the tower of joy scenes?

    • BEFORE. Based on this teaser and the trailer, it seems the resurrection will happen in the first or second episode. TOJ was filmed by Jack Bender for episodes 5 or 6, so unless they move the scene for previous episodes, I hope they resurrect Jon before TOJ. I can´t wait to see him being reborn. Besides, I want him to rally the Northerners as Jon Stark. It would be cool.

      • Why would he rally anybody as “Jon Stark”? If he really is Ned’s son (doubtful), then he’s still a bastard and a Snow. If he is Rhaegar and Lyanna’s son….guess what?……HE’S STILL A BASTARD. The only person alive who can make Jon Snow Jon Stark is King Tommen, and he’s busy either playing with cats (books) or getting his woman back (TV). Snow may come back to life but that doesn’t legitimize him in any way relating to either Ned or Rhaegar.

        • You’re absolutely right but if he’s rhaegar’s son wouldn’t that not make him a snow but whatever kings landings bastards are called. I think his resurrection will be before as well but if it is before how will he find out who his parents really are, unless he has some dream/vision with bran seeing the toj scene.

        • There was a scene between Catelyn and Robb about his heir. They didn’t want Tyrion and Lannisters to get Winterfel because of his marriage to Sansa. So, Robb wanted to name Jon his heir. Cat wasn’t happy, she preferred a bannerman to marry Arya, etc. … The thing is there is a chance Jon was legitimised by Robb before dying, he was Lord Stark and King of the North, he had the power to do it. So, Jon could already be Jon Stark.
          Regarding Jon Targaryen, why did the Kingsguard stay with Lyanna instead of following Vyseris??? Maybe Rhaegar did marry Lyanna.

          • The reason the Kingsguard followed Lyanna is because she had Rhaegar’s son,who is his heir and thus a higher priority.

        • He’s not a bastard if Lyanna and Rhaegar were married in secret. It’s hinted at in the books that they were married because Ellia Martell could die if she got pregnant again.

          • Mag and Mike are both right – Robb legitimised him and that letter doing so is still out there – possibly with Howland if I remember right or maybe the Manderleys. Regarding Rhaegar, well we don’t know but I’m not ruling a secret wedding out.

          • Everyone is wrong! I think he’s the son of the Robert Baratheon! The seed is strong black of hair

        • There has been speculation that Rob may have legitimized Jon before his death, as he was technically a king at that time. How this would be uncovered, I don’t know. Perhaps Sam finds a letter addressed to Jon on his travel to Old Town. SPOILER BELOW……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

          An image has been leaked of Jon on set, he appears to be in Stark Armour.

        • Once (if) Jon is resurrected he is no longer tied to the nights watch. His duty to them died when he did. His watch has ended. So regardless of his resurrected last name. He can still leave the wall a free man and take up arms and rally the north and retake winter fell

  • I am almost certain this will take place in Ep1. Jon’s resurrection may come in later episode, but this will happen very early.

    We can outline what’s going on : Davos and Melisandre found Jon’s body, for whatever reason decide not to burn it. The mutarnees want Jon’s body destroyed, Davos is standing up to fight for it……

    • Are mutamees mutant manatees? And if so, what are they doing at Castle Black? It’s landlocked.

  • So Ghost’s Howl was both sad and angry? What’s does it mean? What does it all mean? If ghost dies then I’ll be thoroughly annoyed, my dreams of a Ghost v Drogon deathmatch will be smashed. Don’t act like you wouldn’t wanna see that

    • I don’t want to see that. Ghost is the best direwolf but Drogon is a dragon. Ghost has no chance to attack before being a barbecue.
      I’m also curious about Ghost wellbeing. I’m sure Thorne would like to kill him. I believe people will wake up because of Ghost howl. Melissandre might reach Ghost first, hopefully, unless Ghost is already locked up in the room they take Jon’s body.

      • Ghost this, Ghost that. What about Nymeria? Here we’ve got a direwolf that was abandoned by its owner and now roams the Riverlands in a pack, bringing fear to (I’m sure…) Lannisters and Freys.

        • Nymeria was awesome … Summer too, but we haven’t seen them in the show for a long time. It will be great to see Nymeria again with a pack of wolves and killing Freys and Lannisters … That would be sweet.

          • They have to be careful how they reintroduce Nymeria. A huge pack of wolves showing up randomly and killing lots of Frey soldiers is so cheesy and silly. It needs to be done right if done at all.

          • But it happens in the books and it’s cool. I don’t find it cheesy. Nymeria is a direwolf, she would lead any pack of wolves for sure. And Arya will warg in Nymeria and kill Freys, the wolves will follow the leader and do the same.

  • If I recall correctly, there is a glimmer of a scene where Alliser Throne is present and it looks like they’re bashing down a door, as well as a scene showing Ghost lying above Jon’s head in that room where Melisandre and Davos are standing. You could presume that Alliser might be either trying to kill any remaining Allies of Jon or trying to get into that room to burn Jon’s body. Either way, I’m keen to see blood spillin’.

  • I don’t really care about Jon, nor worry about Ghost.
    But I’m worried that Mel might catch pneumonia…

  • What about shaggydog? He and ghost are the coolest….one is a ghost in the snows the other one is a shadow in the nights. The long night is coming! Snow and darkness!

  • I dont want jon resurrected by melisandre, i dont know why everyone is excited about that : / at least not the way thoros did it…
    Actually that would be SO boring and disappointing for a thing that was hyped up for this long ..
    I want it to be like a one time event that happens to jon .. like something special?
    Am sure it will be anyways ..there will be more to jon’s resurrection than mel … i hope lol
    thats why am excited to see how this resurrection plays out xD
    But we kinda know for sure that jon will warg into ghost in season 6,one of the show writers said that in an interview.

      • what was a joke? What dan said? Cause he seemed serious : /
        Oh well whatever it is .. its gonna be awesome ,seeing how jon is resurrected is what am most excited to see this season.

  • I dont know but carice is so gorgeous. I would not have been able to resist those tits in my face. Proof jon is gay. Lightbringer will be a prada purse he hits people with.

    • R.Strong

      How do you even know what a Prada purse is? Are you gay? Not that there is anything wrong with it! Lol I know you’re joking but FYI Jon was still mourning loss of ygritte.

      So….?. Something tells me if cow utters hit you in the face you would be just as happy! You guys and your stupid tits and ass comments !! Perverts!!

  • We also know that Rickon is supposed to show up this season. Once he does he will be the rightful heir of Winterfeld as he is a legitimate heir. I think Jon is freed of his commitment to the Night’s Watch and goes to liberate his home and seek revenge on the Bolton’s. However, this storyline does not prevent Jon from being something more once his parentage is revealed.

    • You know, I’ve been thinking about this since last season and how complicated the Stark succession could get. Jon was offered the job by Stannis. Baelish is pushing Sansa. Rickon might have the Umbers’ support. The true heir is Bran, but he’s presumed dead and God knows where. Sansa wanted it. Jon has always wanted it but turned it down due to his duty.

      So what happens if it ends up that there comes a factional war over which Stark gets the job? If you take Bran and Rickon out of the picture, you still have an issue of whether a recognized bastard would be better than a legitimate female who has twice married the enemy.

      • One thing for sure, Jon never wanted the job of being a king, or the heir of Ned or winterfell for that matter. He knew his place as a bastard, which shows when he did not take any baby wolves, till he found Ghost. He even said, “i’m no stark” way back in the first episode.

  • To all the fans that didn’t want it to be Mel or just didn’t believe it would be ,there ya go.

  • Davos involvement must happen only in the show, right???? Davos isn’t there in the books. Sansa might take Davos place in talking to the Northerners and looking for Rickon.
    I’m really curious how did Davos got convinced to help Mel in bringing back Jon … maybe the men that went to Hardhome told him everything that happened there … also wargs are common among wildlings, so they could recognise Jon warg into Ghost … I can’t wait, so annoying they move the premiere. I hate Vinyl, I didn’t watch any episode.

    • No, I haven’t watched a single episode of Vinyl either. The topic of music from that era just doesn’t interest me.

      • I TRIED to watch the first episode of Vinyl… not my cup of tea. Sad that is the reason for GoT being a week or two later.

        Yes, with so many of the show characters being in different places from their book counterparts, I’m waiting to see how this goes down!!

      • Having been college-age in the ’70s, that era of music DOES interest me, and I still couldn’t get through the first half-hour of Vinyl. The antics of nasty, self-indulgent people are tiresome enough in the real world; why does Scorsese persist in thinking that they make good entertainment?

      • Well, I hate it because HBO move GOT Season 6 premiere for that show. … But, I didn’t get interested with the trailer to watch it.

    • Books only. I don’t think we’ve actually heard Ghost howling in the show before, but he definitely whined to get Jon’s attention when the wight was stalking Mormont.

  • I am so happy that Ghost will howl – it will be just like I imagined. I also suspected that Davos will play a crucial role in Jon’s resurrection and that Mel won’t be able to do that alone. Now it seems that things are moving exactly where I want them to.

  • What if it is Theon flayed and burning on the Bolton cross… I think Davos and those few Nights watch will beat back Throne and the others protecting Jon’s body until he is resurrected by Mel…

      • I’m afraid you might be right about Tormund. I would really hate to see that happen. I like the guy! But of course it ain’t gonna be someone we don’t like…
        I just can’t wait for Jon’s return!!!

        • And it won’t be only Tormund … they must kill several characters we like per season. I just hope it isn’t Davos or Brienne’s time. I would be very disappointed if a Stark children die…

      • My money is on Roose. Sons killing dad sounds right. Prob couldn’t show fat Walda hanging. Dead giveaway

        • I don’t get that they’ve burnt the body. That’s not their style, unless they want to hide who it was. How about Ramsay claims it’s Stannis but his body wasn’t found? Fits with Pink Letter – he only claims he has the sword.

          • Paul
            True, it’s not Bolton style to burn a body however, it could be that Jon and company found the flayed body and then burned it. Wights are bad enough but, could you imagine seeing a flayed wight! No thanks :)

          • Maybe Ramsay will say Roose body is Stannis, he was previously flayed … And Fat Walda would be Selyse …

      • What if Brienne did not kill Stannis? Weren’t the Bolton men out looking for any survivors? Possibly stumble across Stannis? Maybe, possibly, that’s Stannis, flayed and burning?

  • It would be funny if Mel takes her clothes and her necklace and afterwards she becomes a real old lady …

  • Hmmm. if Jon is really the son of R&L, then he is Sansa’s cousin not brother. After he smashes the Bolton army he could marry Sansa….he likes red heads.
    His highest priority however, will be to defend Westeros from the Night King.

    • Yes, and I think that Jon’s marriage will make the main plot twist for S7. Let’s check: there will be Sansa with whom Jon will probably develop rather close friendship while fighting for Winterfell; there will be Margeary – widowed for the third time but still willing to be “the Queen”; and there will be Daeny with her own claims to the Iron Throne and dragons as a dowry… Poor Jon will have to mourn his wows.

    • Both Rickard Stark and Tywin Lannister married their cousins …. it wouldn’t be a problem. But, with the Nissa Nissa prophecy going on, I don’t think it’s a good idea for Sansa. Lady was sacrificed and it doesn’t sound good either … it could be a hint that Sansa has to be sacrificed too …Otherwise, I like the idea …

  • I’m just hoping Jon flays the Bolton then burns them for the long night- hence Roose burning on the X.

    And everyone debating jons lineage of he’s an heir to the throne. You gotta remember back in the day aegon did it through conquest do if Jon wanted it he could take it

    Don’t be haters vinyl is an awesome show

    • I also think that the man on the X-cross will be Roose flayed by Jon or rather one of his banner-men. There will be one young lord, whose parents and uncle were flayed in S5. The other one could be some Roose’s bodyguard or even sir Alliser, if he makes it out from the Castle Black.
      And regarding Jon’s lineage it will be important. Of cause, he will need an army, but being a legitimate heir will help him to summon it.

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        • And I’ll stand with you – not only for women, but also for gay folk. Anybody who uses the term ‘fags’ instantly marks himself as a pathetic loser.

  • You know someone had to record or film this! I’m hoping more cell pics start to pour out now that we’re so close. There has to be some more photos from the BoB

  • what if Ned warged into Ghost before he died, and when Jon dies Ned transfers to Jons body? Makes about as much sense as a ghost drogon showdown.

  • If he is Neds he could have been married before Cat making him the only legitimate Stark.. If he’s Lyanna’s Rob still made him his heir and most of the North would know this. Getting married in the North requires one person and a weir tree not too difficult. Only real threat to him being the heir to Winterfell is Rickon.

  • Ghost is heard to howl after Jon’s death, but Ghost was mute up to this point. Maybe this means that Jon has warged into his dire wolf and the howl is his.

  • Although its not going to happen I like the idea of Jon Snow’s body being burnt as one would expect at the wall.

    But then, as the fire burns out a blond, untouched version of Jon rises.

    Ressurection and implied linage both sorted in one go.

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  • Can hackers please get the episodes? I have an HBO account only because of GoT. Some other shows are ok, but dammit I need more episode spoilers. Hate surprises.

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    season 6 is going to own!
    Preacher, Daredevil, Game of Thrones! hot dam theres a lot to look forward to on tv, lets not even get started on whats coming to the big screen !!!!

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