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Game of Thrones Dragon Boo’d In Philly

Photo: Emily Tharp

Philadelphia may be nicknamed the City of Brotherly Love, but it certainly wasn’t feeling to love for Game of Thrones this week at the Dilworth Plaza at City Hall. The city that famously once boo’d Santa Claus and threw things at him until he cried Uncle and ran away has a reputation to maintain. They aren’t impressed by myths come to life, and they’ll boo them all thank you very much.

According to Philly.com, which seems rather tickled at the local residents living up, or perhaps down, to their reputation, the Game of Thrones dragon presentation that went over so well with fans in New York City only days prior just wasn’t that impressive to those who live just to the south. When the 3D dragon projection took off, the fans gathered, looked at it with all their side eye, and let loose a chorus of rejection.

Note the giggles from those around them. I mean, if there’s any city in the World that’s going to boo a dragon it’s the same ones who threw snowballs at Santa.

Hey, it could have been worse. Winter has already come and gone from the Eastern Seaboard in the US, so luckily the Dragon projection was not beset by my mobs throwing icy projectiles.

Since Dragons don’t seem to be the city’s cup of tea, perhaps beer will go over better? Game of Thrones is already scheduled to return to the City of No Dragon Love in a couple of weeks. On April 14th, they’ll be taking over the old Eastern State Penitentiary Building for an event where they will partner with Brewery Ommegang, the makers of Game of Thrones inspired beers to celebrate the release of their newest micro brew in the Westeros collection, Seven Kingdoms Hoppy Wheat Ale.

At this time, no dragons are scheduled to attend the event. Instead everyone will drink and then fight over the right to sit on the Iron Thrones for photo ops.


  • Well deserved. The NY events were equally as underwhelming, especially after waiting for about an hour for the evening one to start. Nobody could hear the video. They would have been better off dusting off the iron throne to sit on or having other things to take pictures with.

  • Im srry but some of us Philadelphians are hard to please. Woulda loved to have seen it myself there. Couldn’t have been that bad .

  • Maybe they always boo because the events just reminded them they live in Philly?

    Ommegang has more events than just the Philly stop. It looks to be a good time. Of course, not to those in the city of brotherly love.

  • It was an unerwhelmingly cheesey thing to do to begin with and deserved to be jeered.

    One is allowed to like the show and to dislike the marketing efforts and call them out, especially when they suck.

  • Siete Reinos made a podcast where they discussed the trailer and Javi (the guy who knows all the spoilers) gave a few hints about the season:

    * He implied that the producers listened to fans input about Sansa and that she will get a more commanding role and that her character will evolve in a satisfying way.

    * The Riverrun storyline will have way more action that it had in the books. One of the guys in the podcast also says that the shot from the trailer where an army shoots a lot of arrows are Lannister guys. And he is right, if you check carefully they have a Lannister flag, so this might be from the siege of Riverrun.

    * Yara will visit a place that has not visited in the books (I remember there was a rumor that she was going to Volantis, so this could be it). Javi said it was an “exotic” place and that he was really surprised when he learnt about it. And the kissing scene involving her will end up in sex.

    * The scene that looks like a group of women stabing someone are actually children and this is the Epilogue of A Dance with Dragons. He said this is confirmed but that the scene will play different compared to the books.

    * The scene of the Dothrakis charging in what looks like a battle was filmed in Almeria and that it will happen by the end of the season.

    * A main character will die and he said he was completely shocked when he learned about this particular character fate because it will be unexpected.

    The podcast is in spanish, you can find it here: http://lossietereinos.com/podcast-de-hielo-y-fuego-96-analisis-del-primer-trailer-de-la-6a-temporada-de-juego-de-tronos/

    • “He implied that the producers listened to fans input….”

      This is why I’d rather read the books. A creative work shouldn’t have “fan input”. You either like the work the writer/producers put out or you don’t; you shouldn’t be able to bitch endlessly until they give you the story YOU want. Absurd.

  • As a philly sports fan who has to deal with this stereotype a lot, let me clear some things up. Because this article is pretty misleading and paints an incorrect portrait. (note: I get that this article is kind of a playful, just-for-funsies type thing, but in the interest of fairness, I feel I should put in my two cents)

    After two days of build up and anticipation by HBO/GOT about how this was going to be an amazing spectacle of advanced 3D technology and about how Dragons were going to soar through the city sky, what did we get? It was just 20 minutes of one singular, flattly rendered dragon (it was billed as “the dance of dragons”, which the average show watcher would assume meant multiple dragons) bobbing up and down the sides of two or three buildings. There was no sound. No practical, physical set pieces to accompany the projection. And the dragon animation just looped through two or three short redundant animation cycles on repeat for the entirety of the “show”. And when it transitioned from the dragon to the ad for the blu ray, you could tell it was just some intern trying to pan the projector him/herself, because it didnt stay still or in focus at all.

    Everyone there, myself included, thought that the one dragon was just a warm up screen or something that would play a few minutes before the show while people trickled in, but as it turned out, it was the actual show. Not to mention that the dragon froze a bunch of times (or was just animated flying towards the crowd very poorly), and the animation crapped out a couple of times, which would in turn project someones mac desktop on the building.

    Also, the “show” was advertised as starting at 8:15 at city hall, but the only thing that was at City Hall was the physical installation of the ground being ripped up, which was way cooler than the actual “show”. Instead, the “show” was a few blocks away and it started at 7:50 instead of the promised 8:15 time. So everyone was caught off guard and had to rush a few blocks from the nice, spacious City Hall venue, to a cramped sidewalk on market street where everyone squeezed in like sardines. Not helping the matter were the two giant subway stops in the middle of that sidewalk either.

    Also worth noting: The NY show had an actual actor from the show there and a cool looking stage, which meant you didnt have to walk a few blocks away from the billed location to actually experience the “show”. Had that level of production not been put into the NY venue and those fans were left with the silly, overhyped, redundant “show” that we got, they would’ve booed too. And as in the sports journalism world, no one would have reported on it, because apparently only people from Philly boo things. (Fans at a 49ers-Raiders pre-season game stab each other and its barely a blip on the radar, but anytime philly fans boo something it becomes a national travesty and we’re all labeled as santa haters). Not trying to be hostile or anything, just giving you the experience from someone who was actually there :). And btw, I love santa.

    Valar Morghulis

    • Move to a different city Pete. Philly is never going to win a Championship in any sport. You were close when you played my BlueJays, but Joe Carter ended that. And in typical Philly fashion, you ran the pitcher “wild thing” who you guys loved all year, out of town by vandalizing his home. He has a family you know.
      But don’t come to Canada. We don’t put up with shit like that. And we’d never boo Santa. There’s a special place in the Seven Hells for for the animal like behaviour that Philidephians are known for.

  • Thank you for clearing that up. Couldn’t have said better. But im lookin for to some riverrun action. Cant wait to see blackfish again.

  • It’s also worth noting that the true story about Eagles fans booing Santa at Franklin Field is not what most people think. It was a pitiful halftime show on a bitterly cold day where the home team was losing badly and the substitute Santa was p*ss-a*s drunk…some guy they pulled from the stands cause the normal guy got sick. Everyone was laughing and the general atmosphere of the flying snowballs was more jovial than mean. First-hand accounts can be found with a simple google search.

  • If I was in Philly, I would hit the Ave in Kensington…14 for $120 all day

  • The projection did look pretty cheesy in the clips I’ve seen, and not just in Philly. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there of really awesome-looking 3-D laser shows of dragons projected against buildings, and that’s probably what people were expecting.