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Liam Cunningham Suggests We Already Know Game of Thrones’ Big Secret

The dragons have come and gone from New York City and Los Angeles to celebrate the release of the Game of Thrones Season 5 DVD and Blu ray. And thosugh the dragons were the impressive (and most tweeted about) part of the celebration, that doesn’t mean that there weren’t other surprises. For one thing, there was a surprise guest on hand in NYC for the screening of the History and Lore segment on “A Dance of Dragons.” Liam Cunningham was there with his usual mix of self depreciation and hype for the upcoming season. Afterwards, he stopped and talked with The Huffington Post, where he revealed that one teaser he’s put out years ago, we might already have seen.

As HuffPo reminds us, back in Season 2, Cunningham teased that George R.R. Martin had told him a big secret that was coming up down the line. When the interviewer asked about it, he admitted that it might not be the one we think is to come, but in fact, one we’d seen last season. Well, sort of.

“That’s a good question,” said Cunningham, laughing. “I’m not gonna tell you what it is, but you have and you haven’t,” he said. 

So we’ve seen part of the secret? That’s a *very* interesting statement. Let us speculate!

The chills that you spill up my back
Keep me filled with speculation when we’re done
Speculation of what’s to come




Because many fans, especially book readers assumed that the “secret” had to do with one that was embedded in the “pre-history” of the story, as it were. Perhaps we could even call it “the show’s original sin.” That is, the alphabet math known as R+L=J. And there was a scene last season in which this was discussed, with Sansa and Littlefinger, and Sansa recited the history that she knew. A history, it should be pointed out, that was written by the winners, and one winner in particular, Robert Baratheon, who needed this version of history to be true.

Of course, in true Game of Thrones style, the truth of the matter was not revealed…yet. Littlefinger merely raised his eyebrow, Spock style and walked away. But with many of the fans assuming that this season and Bran’s flashbacks will be the make or break reveal moment of the series, it would make sense that Cunningham would say that we’ve seen his secret on screen last season…but still have more to come in this one.



  • They didn’t confirm anything with Littlefinger’s scene … You could consider it a hint about Lyanna a Rhaegar’s love, but not that hey had a son before dying.

  • I thought in his old interviews he had suggested that Martin told him a secret about his character, i.e., about Davos.

    My guess about this was that Davos had died at the Battle of Blackwater and had somehow been brought back to life and left on the rock, maybe with the purpose of murdering Melisandre. (I think somewhere it is suggested that when the dead come back, they are usually single-minded in purpose, as Davos is, right after his rescue at least.)

    If that were right, then the “you have and you haven’t” would refer to his coming back after the Battle, but not yet his achieving his purpose.

    But I’m probably wrong.

    • That’s actually very interesting! I think it would be wonderful misdirection if Jon stays dead, Davos picks up Longclaw and ends up being the unlikely hero we didn’t expect and takes revenge on the Boltons!

      • Davos wouldn’t be taking revenge on the Boltons because they haven’t specifically wronged him.

        Rallying Westeros against the White Walker threat is far more important anyway than revenge on Boltons and Freys that fans are salivating about…

        • Yup, I concur. Any petty feuding in the realm is of no concern to Davos now that he no longer follows Stannis.

          • I never saw it when reading the books. It was when I started watching the show that I saw Stannis’ arc as being a way to get two major end game players (Mel. & Davos) in place for what is to come. Brilliant, Mr Martin

    • I would love that … I never understood why he didn’t go home with his wife and remaining kids in the books … it makes sense.

  • Too much Liam makes me worry about Davos … It seems the man in the cross has short fingers and some people is guessing it could be Davos. Of course, Ramsay could have cut anyone’s fingers …

    • Me too … Liam does such a good job playing Davos, I found book Davos a little boring at times but he’s brought a freshness to the role, especially with his tragic bond with Shireen, that I think makes him more multi-dimensional as a character. Just my opinion of course and with all due respect to GRRM.

    • Davos Seaworth looked up into the bastard of bolton’s eyes, and said “you think this is the first time somebody has took a knife to me? I didnt believe it in the begining but once i looked into the flames of that witch, i saw it.” ” What exactly did you see onion knight?” “I saw a flood of wildlings riding a mountian of snow, Winter is coming bastard, and its coming to Winterfell for you!”

  • In one episode of Game Of Thrones someone stated that Rhaegar and Lyana(excuse smelling pis takes) were in love and ran off together……was it Ser Bariston Selmy? Perhaps that’s what he was referring to?

  • I haven’t seen this theory before, tell me if so, but what if they’ve merged Davos and Mance’s stories? That Jon really is dead but Mel glamors him for the battle of the bastards, then tries to find Sansa?

    It is probably more likely that Jon is resurrected but it would put the high amount of Davis we’ve seen in the promo materials in a different context.

  • Perhaps it was with respect to his character’s relationship with Shireen…her death which we’ve seen, and its ramifications yet to come. (Or likewise, the death of Stannis and where that leads Davos)

    • Yes, he could simply have been talking about the fact that Stannis dies earlier in the show than in the books. I don’t see a basis for presuming that this hint was about Jon’s resurrection.

  • Finn Jones cast in another show is suspicious … Margeary could confess after Loras dies … she doesn’t have to protect her brother anymore. That would definitely break the Lannister and Tyrell relationship for good …

  • It’s pretty simple. If Jon is not important then everything about him wouldn’t be so secret. They wouldn’t be trying to convince us so hard that he’s dead if Jon was not coming back AT ALL!!!!

    We as fans aren’t wanting to see “Jon Snow” come back! We want to see who he becomes when he does. That’s what fans are interested in.

  • I wonder if Davos swapped places with Shireen to save her! Using a spell he learned from one of Melisandre’s books, thanks to Shireen teaching him how to read!! So Davos sacrificed himself, and now Shireen is alive and looks like Davos. Maybe she marries Jon Snow, and he does it for the realm even though she looks like an old man, because they have both learned about sacrificing for other people (as Davos did to save Shireen). That would be an amazing twist. Imagine how Melisandre will be so angry when she finds out!

  • Rallying Westeros for the White walkers is more important than killing off the Boltons or Freys?!?
    I beg to differ!
    They are only for themselves and are a complete threat to all. Cant be trusted even with a mutual enemy. Kill the scum off already so we can take the fight to the white walkers!

  • Jon will be resurrected by Melisandre. She will confirm to him that R+L=J and that he has a claim to the Iron Throne. Since he was dead, no longer held to Night’s Watch pledge, so takes Wildings and attacks Winterfell to rally North against White Walkers/Wights. By end of season Dany will be in Westeros, with Aegon and Jon alonside. The dragon has 3 heads!

  • Jon is going to be resurrected as Brandon Stark or some other historically significant Stark. So yes, Jon Snow technically dies, but becomes someone else, and moves the plot in a different direction.

  • Interesting show twist. Teryion = Aegon. Hmmmmm. Hidden in plain sight, right under his father’s nose. His father even says “Since I cannot prove you’re not mine”. Interesting lol. And yes, Jon will be back. Mr Stark has unsettled business with the North and Nights King. I think Jon will defeat and take the night’s kings place (salt and smoke), to secure a treaty between the north and the South. With Danys help. Bittersweet for bith. Jon finds out he is a Stark, which that name has a price. Bittersweet. Dany, conquers Westeros, by defeating the dead army, she wins support if the North and the South, only to find the throne in pieces. She then, using her dragons, reformed her throne (lightbringer) and looses her 3 children in the proccess. Bittersweet for her.

  • Maybe he talked about the ability of Bran to communicate with the past.

    What if in one of the very last episodes of the series, Bran stops all the drama from happening and unites the armies to fight the white walkers instead? He is slowly mastering the skills of backtraveling and communicating with past characters in for them real time. What if he somehow prevents Arryn from dying, himself from climbing the wall, or his dad from telling the truth about the lannisters? Or even further down, prevents Rhaegar from being killed on the battlefield?

    His new skills leave so many new options and speculation for plot twists.