Game of Thrones Merchandise Season 5

New Game of Thrones Season 5 DVD ad features 100% more Jon Snow

It’s no surprise that HBO attempted to be cagey about Jon Snow’s fate in marketing for Season 6, but that approach has not extended to the ads for the Season 5 DVD/Blu-ray sets, as seen in this latest trailer.

Is this the best use of the Night’s Watch oath since Telltale’s Game of Thrones? The trailer features Kit Harington reciting the oath over a series of Jon Snow’s top-tier Season 5 scenes, building up to one deviously dramatic moment: “I shall live and die at my post” as Jon Snow stares at the wooden cross with “TRAITOR” written across it. That’s one way to try and convince people that he’s really, really dead. Whatever the case, this trailer certainly highlights the banner year the Night’s Watch had in terms of drama, including some brief but exciting shots from the epic Hardhome battle sequence and the foreboding shot of Alliser Thorne atop the Wall. (Noticeably absent is Olly—probably for the best.)

By the by, the Season 5 DVD/Blu-rays are available to purchase wherever DVDs/Blu-rays are sold.


  • This is a little off subject but I am trying to piece together a theory and who better to help me than all you ice and fire nuts like me. I need a few more answers to some clues before my theory is complete.
    My biggest question is: “why must there alway be a Stark in Winterfell ?” Rob says it. Cat says it. But I can’t remember ever hearing or reading why. Help, please. I need facts no guesses. Thanks.

    • Your theory is a Stark is needed at the wall for the magic to hold, right?

      We know the wall is built 8000 years ago by Bran the builder (Brandon Stark) with the help of giants and Children of Forest. It’s widely believed the magic played a big role and some fans suggest for the wall to hold (by the magic), a Stark needs to be at the wall. Although Stark has always been regular NW, there is no evidence a Stark is ALWAYS at the wall.

      I believe the wall’s collapse has more to do with the NW abandoned their post, or simply the White Walkers finally get a hold on the Horn of Winter.

  • Remember little Bran making decisions for citizens? A Stark always needs to be at WF to rule -nothing more.

  • I am with Jane. There is no Stark at Winterfell atm in the books or the show. Except the dead buried in the tombs.