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Alfie Allen (Theon) Digs into GoT Season 6

Game of Thrones

As we draw nearer to the Game of Thrones Season 6 premiere, the actors from the show are beginning to surface and give those oh-so-tantalizing interviews about the upcoming season. Always careful not to give too much away, but just enough to whet the appetite of the media and the public, these interviews serve to make these last few weeks until the season premiere that much more bearable. Today we’ve got a hefty interview from Junkee with Alfie Allen, who portrays Theon Greyjoy.

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This interview had a lot of filler, so I’ll just bring you some of the highlights. Allen was asked about Theon’s revelation to Sansa, in Season 5, that her younger brothers were actually alive, and if it was too optimistic to think that Theon would now be responsible for a future Stark reunion:

I think the word optimism doesn’t even exist in the world of Game of Thrones…No, no, no it’s just… it has very dark sides to it. Definitely my storyline is one of the darker ones. But personally, if I was going to see anyone on the throne, it would be Bran Stark. You know, if he ever comes back into the show… fingers crossed.

Junkee had the immediate reaction I had when reading Allen’s response, which was: does the Iron Throne really matter anymore? Allen’s response is absolutely perfect:

Yes, I think it does. Power corrupts, babe. You’re going to think that you don’t want it, but then when you get it, it feels pretty good.

Of course, the horrible events of Sansa’s wedding night were discussed. Allen’s take was that he didn’t like to talk about it, and would rather defer to Sophie Turner on the matter. However, he did say that shooting the scene was difficult for everyone involved, and that Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton) lost sleep over it.

But I think it was very delicately handled and if it can be beautifully done, then it was beautifully done.

He also talked about how, two episodes after Sansa’s rape, an eight-year old was burned at the stake, and no one “seemed to care too much about that.” That led to a question about about the bleakness of Game of Thrones, and how in today television seems to be more depressing.

Is it relentlessly bleak? I guess that’s the beauty of it. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside one second and the next you’re literally like, ‘Oh my god’. The perfect example is the Jaime and Myrcella scene on the boat, when he’s been yearning for some sort of identity as a father figure…He suddenly gets this moment with his daughter and then she’s taken away from him just like that. It is relentlessly bleak, but it gives you warm butterflies sometimes.

Allen is asked about the possibility of Theon reuniting with the other Greyjoys, and the actor was predictably dodgy. He talked about Theon being disowned by his father, Balon, and leaves it there. We’ve theorized that Theon will go back to the Iron Islands at some point during Season 6, but I guess we will have to wait until April to find out for sure.


  • Oh no. The White Walkers will attack the Three -Eyed Crow’s Cave. Look 2:36, a child of the forest with a wight. So, Bran must return to Winterfel… well, nearby in the North.

  • This topic is so irritating. How can you eliminate a character like victarion and bring about garbage like the sand snakes. Wow. A boob. Sweet. Wheres arrianne? Oh they piss me off lol. Vic is kinda my fav. I love the silent badass type. There’s something about beating your wife to death with bare hands for getting raped that adds to the character. You cant put that past on “yara” or theon. How will they portray the malice and discontent for euron? Moqorro? We need vic. Stop with the shortcuts. The subservient brothers hatred for his elder brother, the obedience despite the fact he should’ve beat euron to death in place of his wife. Now that I think on it. He is a very pivotal pov. One i think should not be neglected. Its not like replacing vargo hoat for Locke. This is the iron fucking captain. Not to be played by a woman (not biased, just not plausible for a small woman to wear thick heavy armor fully weighted in the middle of the sea), besides, pilou better bring it home for that part. He doesnt look as menacing as euron is portrayed in the books. Looks like someone Vic would rape btw. Some of the writers improv is necessary and actually quite clever. I cant see downplaying the iron captain. His story is awesome and he will be an invaluable ally to Dany. There im done .

  • Trying to recall when Thrones has ever made me feel ‘warm & fuzzy’…

    ….Oh yea S1E1 when they found the pups (PUPPIES YAY!!) and since then….hmmm.

  • I think you’re on to something there Mag. Hard to believe no one else has caught this yet but it definitely looks like Wights getting into Bloodraven’s cave at 0:56 and then you have a Walker/Other, followed by a Wight and a CotF together at 2:38 in what again appears to be BR/3EC’s cave.

    • It looks like frame 1:22 may be a White Walker battle scene. Its in front of a green screen so hard to tell where it happens. Could this be the rumor scene of White Walkers showing up after the Battle of the Bastards?

  • I think that Victarion will be crossed with the Daario Naharis character. From listening to Alfie Allen, accidentally saying that there’s only one dragon locked away, makes me think Naharis may use a/the Dragon Binder and take one of the dragons to the Greyjoys; we keep getting told they are playing an increasing role. He is also in a position to propose to Daenarys? It’s something I’ve been mulling over but makes semi-sense in the TV show (certainly not the book), as they have a habit of merging roles to tell the story in a more TV friendly way.

  • As GOT loves bastards and challenges for thrones, I always wondered what if one of the many young girls Theon slept with prior to his castration returned with a baby Theon Jr. and a possible threat to his Uncle Euron. After being ridiculed for not being able to further the Greyjoy line, Theon might consider it a gift. I am not up on all the books, but on TV you have the Captain’s daughter in the ship Theon took to the Iron Islands – or even – Osha herself. What if this season when Osha returns with Rikon she has a young bastard Theon Jr. in tow. Wow, talk about a bastard and a wildling child to boot.