Game of Thrones Interview Maisie Williams Season 6

Maisie Williams is sure some fans will be “unhappy” with Season 6 events

Game of Thrones cast members continue to tease the upcoming season at full speed, and Maisie Williams dropped a couple of interesting sound bites when talking to Event Magazine.

First up, she joined onscreen sister Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) in admitting that she’s sorta-kinda hoping her character will die on the show in the name of good drama, although she was less eager about it than Turner. “At the end of the day, these horrible deaths make great storylines,” she said, referring to Ned Stark’s death at the end of Season 1. “It makes the show what it is.”

So it would be really selfish if I were to say, “Oh, I never want Arya to die.” I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I know that it will make a great storyline.

I wouldn’t worry about Arya dying anytime soon, though.

Arya kills Meryn Trant--Official HBO

Williams also warned that there could be some controversy on the way.

I’m sure some people are going to be unhappy with some things that are coming up, but you can’t deny that it’s a breath of fresh air.

On the one hand, it’s no surprise that the upcoming season might make some people unhappy. Game of Thrones has been making fans tear their hair out in despair for years. From the Red Wedding to Oberyn’s death to Jon Snow’s assassination, the show has made a habit of shocking the system. It’s part of the reason fans keep coming back.

I just hope that Season 6 will make us the right kind of “unhappy”—the kind where we’re weeping into our couch cushions because we’re so devastated, rather than sitting there with our arms crossed wondering how the show thought it could get away with that. We’ll see for sure on April 24.

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  • Some unhappy? Why would that be any different then any other season. P.s. die Hodor die!

  • My list of 5 characters I HOPE bite the dust:
    1. Daenerys: Her story’s been unbelievably boring since season 2.
    2. Ramsay: His act is old.
    3. Hodor: Boring character.
    4. Lancel: Just because.
    5. Greyworm: Because the show kept him and his caveman-style of speaking, over the Bold.

    • what do you mean by caveman style?

      Hodor is boring character? Then all boring characters must die, example Mary Reed, Margary the Queen, Samwell Tarly, Rickon Stark, Jorah Andal, Daario Harris, Old Nana, Theo’s sister, all the people in Meereen except the Harpies, King of Dorne in his wheelchair, Kevin Lannister, so boring, all must die.

      my vote for someone is for being so dark to Hodor. no, it’s a joke. my vote for someone is The Mountain 2.0, but I hope he will fight Wun Wun the giant first. Battle of the giants! Get hyped about it! Giant-Balls!

    • Yeah picking characters like Grey Worm over Barriston or Roose & Ramsay over Stannis are such huge miscalculations!

  • I hope they don’t repeat the same kind of unhappy feeling like the season 5 finale. I still haven’t rewatched it, just hated how they rushed all the scenes, piling 1 death on top of one another.

    • While also flicking off the camera and trolling fans! I mean hey you might as well have had Dave and Dan walk up hold Oathkeeper together and make that fateful swing! Olala.

  • Arya is about to kill Walder Frey, then lets him live because he’s just a pitiful, nasty old man. A White Walker gets him later :)

        • Because yes the good guys dont always win especially in westeros but goddamnit there are some parts where they get some shots back in. And wouldnt you want to see some sort of payback for the freys? Even if she is a small character that doesnt move much of the story. Her character wouldve been a great finishing piece as a cliffhanger other than arya standing on a goddamn boat going to bravos. from season 4 till the end of 8 you could have probably a total of 30 min dedicated to stoneheart and it would be good to go. It would be better than 95% of the random scenes they have made up so far.
          My question is why dont people get that lady stoneheart would have been an epic finish to season 4?

          • So those who want Lady Stoneheart want cold-bloodied vengeance. Especially against House Frey whom have not been seen since The Red Wedding.

            Tell me who wouldn’t want to see dead Freys being hanged like common criminals? Would that not be satisfying?

          • If they had any level of competence they would have introduced LS, instead they opt for stupid ish like Brienne wasting time in Winterfell only so she can walk up and ruin the show in one swing.

        • RHISIART, I would assume for the sake of argument that you have finished reading the books.

          Most book readers have been wishing to include the Lady Stoneheart arc in the GoT series because it would have caused a different flavor to the series. There are so many good stories in every book that the series could not include for time and budget constraints, but LSH is different.

          Nymeria (Arya’s direwolf) and her wolf pack first found her before the Brotherhood Without Banners eventually took her in and resurrected thereafter.

          It would have been badass to see how LSH will exact revenge to the Freys and the Lannisters on a different level. That is, being the resurrected “creature and/or thing” she has become.

          • I believe they left LSH out because they wanted to put more of an emphasis on Jon’s resurrection. If LSH happened, it would have taken away from it. If you added LSH to the show, what would you have had them cut out to make enough screen time for that plot line? Don’t say Dorne because as bad as it was, it needed to happen. They should have just done it much better. That being said, I wouldn’t be shocked if LSH came into play after Jon awakens.

    • Yes, please. The reason we want Lady Stoneheart is because she is the vengeance of the Starks. Remember, we care about the Starks.? :-) She can right the wrong of her most terrible mistake in life; the promises Catelyn could not keep which in turn brought devastation to her House. All because she couldn’t keep her own promise, or oath… to love a motherless child. We NEED her, she is part of George’s story. What I don’t understand, is why people bitch and moan that HBO is screwing up the story…yet you want an important character from the books left out. Doesn’t make much sense. You’re behaving like spoiled, entitled & impatient children. This is not your story, it’s a gift from a beautiful author, a story we all adore, or we wouldn’t be here on this site. Right? So let it unfold before you judge HBO, especially George and his characters, such as Hodor when we have yet to discover what or who he even is! This is entitlement at its finest & it’s ugly to read. How about a thank you!? I’m sure that would help George feel like writing the rest of the books for his fans. If I were he, I’d be saying screw you all. Nothing I can do is pleasing you? Then I can write something else that I feel like writing instead. Just find a touch of humility. It would be so nice. It used to exist on this site, but wow how it’s tone has changed since I was last here at the end of S5. It’s becoming mean guys, it’s becoming like every horrid, unintelligent, troll-filled comment thread on you tube. Saying D & D are trolling fans is so silly I can’t stand it. Lady Stoneheart, bring it! Anyway, if not LSH, they’ll give it to Sansa. Seems she’s wearing a necklace when she wears black that is an alchemical symbol for salt. The Night’s King wears one too, it looks different, but they both represent salt. We’re going to get some cool shit from here on out. Just have to accept that the show and books are going to be different…as they always have been. You cannot make a series for tv or even shoot six films and include all of this information or all of his characters and tell the story right. That is right in the books for all to read and love. But through an entertainment medium, it just wouldn’t happen. No show is ever as good as it’s literary counterpart. We all know that. These guys spend on each episode what an entire feature film with a high budget would cost. That’s unheard of and quite a feat. And they’re doing it all for us.

  • “Sitting there with our arms crossed, wondering how the show can get away with that” sounds like the first 20 min of Mother’s Mercy amirite?

  • I think characters and plots make best storylines. Not killing so many off. Its nice to see that some people think so many people dying in a show makes them think “great storyline”
    Go read a manifest for a morgue.

  • I guess we’ll just harden our hearts then…

    After seeing the characters you support die or fail miserably, you start hating other characters wanting them to fail.

    • Hahaha that is absolutely right Rhisiart! Going into this season I’m rooting for Jon not to come back, Dany to die in Essos ( there are other ways to get the dragons to Westeros) and the Boltons to go 2-0 on the northern lords lastly I’m throwing my support around Littlefinger. Dave and Dan look what you’ve done!

      • Your theory would mean that the structure of this and every story would be destroyed just, what…for fun? Do D&D can stick it to YOU!? Come on. There is an outline every story follows. It is common knowledge, story structure. You should look it up, read some Joseph Campbell. Jon is the hero of this story. He’s not going to remain dead. Why is this so difficult to see?

  • The only way I will really be upset is the plot lines are as ridiculous as those last season in Dorne. What were they thinking. Write a good plot line and show character development. The body count is what it is just make sure the character arc is complete and not cut short. To many of the deaths last year felt incomplete and served no purpose except to eliminate characters they were bored with.

  • I think she definitely is referring to Jon Snow, that he will not be brought back at all, which will obviously infuriate and make almost…all fans unhappy? I honestly have lost all interest in Jon Snow as a character because of Kit Harrington, it actually has made me not care about his character. All I’m becoming worried about is how much the show is going to be effected by all the massive changes.

  • LSH should have been introduced by now ..I consider it a cost cutting by D&D

    Cold hands would have been an awesome add as well

    Luke Roberts is Ned Stark in season 6 ..looks nothing like a younger Sean Bean

  • I hope by being angry it doesn’t mean Jon will be dead permanently!?
    The upside to that would be that from then on I don’t have to fear anyone’s death on the show anymore. If Jon’s gone my heart can’t be broken anymore. There’s no one left… Except Ghost

    • Don’t worry, my dear. It will never happen. Jon is back in 19 days. They have to address it in the first episode. It’s a cliffhanger and Jon is the hero. He will be back.

    • Before George would give D&D the go head to make the show, he told them they needed to answer him one question: Who is Jon Snow’s mother? Obviously they answered correctly since we are, where we are today. I believe it demonstrates the significance Jon has to the story. He will return.

  • For Christ sakes season 6 better be good waiting a whole year for it to come back better be awesome cannot afford to screw it the story up again like season 5 I will never have anything to do with GOT again