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Watch Sansa and Theon on the run in a new Season 6 clip

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Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy), Iwan Rheon (Theon Greyjoy), and Michael McElhatton (Roose Bolton) stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! and debuted a new clip from Game of Thrones Season 6. The is actually a direct continuation of a clip HBO already released—like, the Kimmel clip picks up a half second after the HBO clip ends. We’re re-embedded the HBO clip first, so you can get an idea of the full scene.

Here is: Sansa and Theon run like hell from Ramsay’s hounds.

Jimmy Kimmel: “I don’t think any clips have been seen from the show.” Well, no, but thanks for trying.

Anyway, I’d stake my life that these clips are from the Season 6 premiere. Between clips and interviews, we have a good idea of how this whole sequence will play out. Aflie Allen previously talked about what happens to Sansa and Theon immediately after this.

As we’ve guessed before, Sansa and Theon are heading into the river to throw Ramsay’s hounds off their scent. Ironically, this is the same tactic Osha, Hodor, Bran, and Rickon used to evade Theon back in Season 2 when they were trying to escape Winterfell. Funny how things come full circle. There’s a physicality to this sequence that’s very urgent. Sansa’s having to suck it up and take the plunge in a way she usually doesn’t.

Allen, Rheon, and McElhatton also shared some talk show banter with Kimmel.

Rheon is getting out there in the press today—in addition to appearing on Kimmel, he stopped by ABC News (apparently, Ramsay will get up to some “horrible behavior and real disgraceful stuff” in Season 6, which I’m sure will surprise no one) and gave a lengthier interview to The New York Times where he talked about being “the most hated man on TV.”

Rheon predictably keeps pretty mum about what’s coming, but he does reveal something surprising: apparently, Ramsay will show a little emotion when he discovers the death of Myranda, his mistress. We last saw her tumbling off one of the Winterfell ramparts and landing with a splat on the pavement.


Good times.

“That surprised even me,” Rheon said.

I can see how that might be surprising, but then again, Ramsay and Myranda did seem to have a stable relationship last season. I mean, they were very disturbed people, but they seemed to be comfortable around each other. According to showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss, “[t]he spark of humanity that Iwan occasionally provides makes all the other stuff that much more terrifying.” It seems they’re writing to that.


  • The Theon and Ramsey kiss was unexpected. Shouldn’t Sansa have more a tolerance for cold since she is a Stark? It would have been a great time for Theon to remind her.

    • Sansa spent too much time in the south, she lived most throughout the long summer and she’s probably never been in ice cold water before.

      • Haha, you’d think hey? I live in Wisconsin and we get brutally cold winters here. We have annual events on New Years Day called The Polar Plunge. There is no fu::ing way I could ever get in Lake Michigan when it’s 10• outside. I don’t blame Sansa for not wanting to go in! It’s a little different when you’re about to be a snack for 5 dogs though……I’d still have to think about that shit for a minute.

        • With the family saying “winter is coming” it’s a little ironic not to be prepared for it. You know she heard it a million times by now. It’s like the Lannisters forgetting to pay their debts.

    • Maybe Sansa is not Stark. It was a theory, Lady Stoneheart had affair with someone, maybe it was the Littlefinger. It would be interesting for the Littlefinger to be Sansa’s father, wouldn’t it? Very interesting.

      • I thought that too!! Littlefinger distracts them with his little game while the white walkers slip in and smash everyone!
        Also as to the too cold for Sansa…. I don’t care what your family words are, you don’t literally train for it. I never heard of ned take ice water baths to stay stark strong.

  • Will somebody add Yakety Sax to the clip of them running? It makes any scene where there’s running better!

  • Oh damn, so close to the premiere. I can’t wait to find out the shocking and confusing moment in episode 1, the one that left everyone in shock and awe.

  • I absolutely loved the little squeak Myranda made when she hit the platform below Sansa and Reek!
    Great attention to detail by the show!

  • “Anyway, I’d stake my life that these clips are from the Season 6 premiere” you really went out on a limb with that huh

  • There is an extended version of this clip…saw it on facebook! Theon and Sansa dialogue and in the water…

  • This is my dream scene for Sansa: she sentences Ramsey to die, one of her followers moves to do it, and she stops him. She says “NO. SHE WHO PASSES THE SENTENCE MUST SWING THE SWORD”. And bam she lops off his head like a true stark wolf. So much respect for her if she did. I am dying for this to happen

  • So, brave Sansa had jumped from the high walls of WF, but not long afterwards she’s afraid to enter the river? Why, is she afraid to catch pneumonia in cold water?