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Nicolaj Coster-Waldau goes on Periscope and gets cute about Jon Snow’s fate

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) just recorded video of himself answering questions from fans via the official Game of Thrones Twitter account. Here are a couple of highlights.

Coming as they are from a man who’s read the scripts for this season (and by the sound of it, he reads the full scripts, not just the scenes involving his character), Coster-Waldau’s comments about Sansa and Theon’s story being interesting have some weight to them.

I gotta say, I’m a little surprised that Coster-Waldau didn’t name Jaime’s bathtub confession to Brienne as his favorite scene (he calls it “the most rewarding scene” in another response), but it’s hard to argue with either of the ones he mentioned.

Coster-Waldau is predictably coy about how, or whether, Jaime has changed in Season 6, but he hints here that his paternal feelings for Tommen might be getting the better of him. Maybe that father-daughter moment with Myrcella at the end of Season 5 lit something inside him.

Solid advice.

He probably made the most revelatory response, the one involving Jon Snow, towards the end of this next video. To watch this one, click the image in the tweet, which’ll take you to Periscope. Then hit play. And don’t click anything if you want to avoid potential SPOILERS.

What’s Coster-Waldau’s take on Jon Snow? “He’s dead…so far.” To those fans who think Jon is poised for a comeback, that might speak volumes.

And here’s the whole shebang:

And now for some other news. As I’m sure several readers are already aware, it seems that, despite HBO’s best efforts to prevent leaks, info about the first episode of Game of Thrones Season 6 is spreading around the internet. If you want to know more, click here. If you want to remain unspoiled, for the love of all that’s holy, don’t click there. And if you’d like to discuss any of that info here, please be respectful and use spoiler tags.


  • How reliable is that spoiler guy? Anyone who is using that much profanity has to be questioned. And how in gods name would the show be available by accident?

    • The Melisandre one I find intriguing. It actually lines up with quite a few fan theories. I don’t like the one about Dorne, but I guess I understand why Benioff and Weiss would want to wash their hands of it.

      • The Melisandre one has a the issue that we have already seen Melisandre without her necklace (and fully naked too?) before.

        As for Dorne, they’re doing it by killing off the characters people liked and leaving the ones people hated… Seems more to me like they’re continuing on the story that they wanted with the characters that they preferred rather than trying to wash their hands of it.

        • As regards Dorne, I don’t think that’s what’s happening. Oh, I’ll just go deep spoiler tag on this.

          If they were indeed continuing the story, I feel like we would have heard something, ANYTHING about it during the course of the off-season. But it was dead quiet on the Dornish front, except for a couple of days when they were filming what looks like the scene in the premiere.

          Maybe I’m wrong and they filmed in a vast array of interiors…but I doubt it. It seems to me like they’re tying up loose ends and then preceding to pretend like the whole thing never happened.

          • I don’t know Dan. I think if they were really trying to bury Dorne, they would at least start by getting rid of Ellaria and the Sand Snakes. And they even had the opportunity there. Just have Doran execute them for what they just did. But instead they went and had the characters from the Dorne storyline that everyone hated go and kill the characters from the Dorne storyline that everyone didn’t hate.

            I believe when the news that Dorne was coming surfaced, they were using the Sand Fakes to increase the hype. That they’re keeping them to me seems like they’re sticking to their story. I mean, I doubt episode 1 is the last we’ll see of Dorne. Surely they’ll still play some role.

          • Are we sure Trystane wasn’t murdered in the boat by Jaime???? It would have more sense … Dorne storyline really sucks in comparison with the books, what happened with the Fire and Blood scene … I though Varys and Olenna went to Dorne to talk to Doran… Maybe Varys went to Highgarden instead… We’ll see. What a waste of a good actor like Alexander Siddig. I can’t believe Oberyn would like that … Why did they include this in the premiere …

          • To Mag:

            If you ask me, they included this scene in the premiere because they wanted to get Dorne out of the way. I think they’re done with it. And I’m not sure who murders Trystane, but Jaime makes more sense than the Sand Snakes, and Cersei makes more sense than Jaime. Him NOT being killed and instead kept as a hostage makes the most sense, but I think we’re through the looking glass so far as that’s concerned.

            To Golladan:

            Fans may have preferred Doran to the Sand Snakes, but that doesn’t mean having the latter murder the former doesn’t represent a way for Benioff and Weiss to stop writing about Dorne. Either way, it comes to the same conclusion: the characters who might have had an effect on the plot are gone, so the producers can leave the whole thing behind them.

            At least, that’s my guess. They were willing to give the Ironborn lip service in Season 4 and leave them out entirely from Season 5, so why can’t the Dornish likewise disappear?

            And if I’m wrong, then god help us all.

          • See I think that’s backwards. Doran in the show had been established as pro-Lannister. So they could have had him execute Ellaria and the Sand Snakes for killing Myrcella to make amends and then not be seen again. It wouldn’t have made it any less of a waste of time. But it would have concluded that storyline.

            Ellaria and the Sand Snakes are still pretty vengeful and anti-Lannister. I just don’t expect them to kill off Doran because he’s weak and then disappear entirely from the show. That’s… bad writing.

            The Ironborn never really had a presence on the show outside of season 2. So their disappearance wasn’t really noticed. Dorne had a big presence in season 5, AND apparently will start season 6 with a big impact. They can’t just disappear for the rest of the season like that.

            Yes, we didn’t really learn anything about them during season 6 filming. But then, we didn’t really learn much about Sam’s story either, did we?

          • Yeah, but Sam’s story involves having dinner with his family and getting sick on a boat. Maybe he also reads some books. It’s stuff that can be filmed indoors, and we STILL heard about it. If the Martells (or the Sand Snakes, if they replace the Martells) want to go to war, I imagine they had to film some more ostentatious stuff, stuff we would have caught wind of. This was the leakiest off-season the show ever had, despite HBO doing more than ever to clamp down on that stuff. Irony’s ironic like that.

            Honestly, think it’s bad writing no matter what happens. If Dorne disappears after the premiere, it’s sloppy, and if the Sand Snakes rise to prominence, it’s bad writing because they built up Doran as a capable ruler only to have him stumble from one screw-up to the next, with his final screw-up being that he let Ellaria and the Sand Snakes murder him even though they went behind his back twice and killed a little girl. It’s just a mess down there in Dorne.

            Or maybe they kill him immediately after they send Myrcella off, before he finds out about their second betrayal? I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

            But then if they continue the story without Doran, that means they ignored the perfectly good book plot that was all ready for them, the one where Doran is quietly preparing for war and uses the Sand Snakes as tools. Yeah, however I look at this, it sounds dumb.

          • Did we find out what they were filming for Oldtown? Just because we found out a lot of stuff doesn’t mean we found out everything. We didn’t find out about the Dorne thing until just now, after all. And it might be that the rest of the Dorne stuff takes placed in closed sets. Hell who knows. Maybe this stuff was originally supposed to be in the previous season but moved to this one due to lack of time.

            But yes. It’s dumb whichever way they go about it. But at least the way I’m saying would have created a nice conclusion. The way they’re going the SS HAVE to show up later in the season. One way is less stupid than the other.

      • Benioff and Weiss should have just ignored Dorne than go the way this spoiler is pointing. Just let it disappear than dig the hole deeper with bad storyline.

      • On your first point I agree Dan but there are other aspects to it that I really don’t like – and I can’t imagine how the more ‘civilian’ contingent of the audience will react. But let’s see how it comes across on Sunday and discuss more freely after. On your second point, well, yea /sigh

      • I can understand why D&D would want to wash their hands of Dorne, and I doubt most fans would object too much…. but WHY kill Doran? Kill Ellaria and the Spice Snakes instead.

        I understood that D&D didn’t want to cast Arianne Martell, when they could easily adapt her Storyline to suit Ellaria… especially considering Indira Varma is a great actress and already known to the GoT fans. I get the reason for streamlining the Dorne subplots. BUT I think they made a huge mistake in execution.

        Oberyn was a well loved character, much in part to Pedro Pascal’s performance. His continued insistence that “In Dorne we don’t hurt little girls…” and his desire to avenge his sister and her children was a wonderful window into the Dornish culture and political equality.

        Yet all Ellaria and the Spice Snakes want to do is kill Myrcella and hurt Cersei. This completely against everything Oberyn stood for. He would never condone killing an innocent girl for revenge.

        I am no fan of Cersei… But Honestly NONE of the Lannisters had a role in Oberyn’s death. He volunteered for the Trial by Combat. Tyrion did not recruit him. Oberyn saw a chance to strike out at Tywin and Cersei by aiding Tyrion and an opportunity to kill The Mountain for his crimes. Jaime was not involved at all in the matter.

        None of the Lannisters sabotaged him or the match. He was so Hell Bent on avenging Elia Martell’s murder that he broke a cardinal rule of combat… Don’t get Cocky! It can get you killed! He should have finished the Mountain off… when he had the chance!

        We can all play Armchair writers here… and we often do… but The Queenmaker storyline could have been adapted to suit Ellaria and shown her desire to Usurp the crown, and get revenge from inside the Red Keep rather than being a petty bloodfeud.

        As far as the Spice Snakes… I’m sure they could have been utilized for some corny T&A along the way… as that is what they have been reduced too onscreen. I re-watched the Season 5 finale today… the whole Tyene/Nym slap game scene… talk about worthless filler. I’m sure that screen time could have been better served in another segment.

        • Oberyn wanted revenge for the murder of his sister and nephews… and these bitches kill his brother and nephew … Are we supposed to believe Doran didn’t care about taking revenge on the Lannisters???? …. They murder the storyline for good and the characters … What a waste …
          Unfortunately, I don’t believe it will be the end of it. The whole point for Ellaria is to go to War against the Lannisters. Maybe Varys go to Dorne to make an alliance with them and wait for the Dragons.

        • Because the dornish people with the Sand Snakes, it was told in the books and the series as well. So Doran most likely fucked with his slow plan…

  • I watched it and I’m a little disappointed about the first part… Regarding the second part, I knew it was going to happen, I expected it, actually I wrote once it would be funny if that happen … D&D will be angry…

  • If true about the spoilers it makes me wonder what GRRM saw in Dumb and Dumber. This will certainly rush the end. Just do away with major plot lines as if they haven’t already. No wonder there are only 15 or less episodes after this season. Readers of the books will not need to fear about the show spoiling the books. It will feel like they are just making things up to suit their timelines.

    • Agreed. I’ve tried to maintain a good opinion of them in the face of a lot of valid criticism. But that’s impossible now, at least with respect to the non-Red Woman spoiler.

      • In regards to the Mel “spoiler” D&D didn’t make up anything; the “twist” is heavily implied in the Melisandre POV chapter in Dance with Dragons.

        • Carice has also mentioned it in previous interviews from Season 2. But I think people is complaining more about the Dorne plot.

          • Yea Mel isn’t a problem (yet – let’s see where they take it, how the handle it and how they explain it), it was heavily prefigured and much expected (actually Mel confirmation is good even!!! Can’t wait to see where it leads! Especially with a certain Mr BR….but dread where it could go with JS) It’s the Dorne and ships burning stuff which shows a complete lack of any plot or character continuity that has me worried. It’s not like I’m sad to lose Dorne, it’s been shambolic, but it’s an insight into D$D’s abilities when ‘off-piste’ that has me depressed. But hey, on the bright side, at least they won’t be spoiling the books for me now! I’m hoping George is equally outraged and from it finds some scribbling motivation to put things straight.

          • They’re definitely complaining more about the Dorne plot. But that seems to be because they’re willing to forget that Melisandre has been completely naked before.

          • I’m willing to give some benefit of doubt on that. I think it’s possible that the magic involved is down to more than just her ruby. But if not, yea just more evidence of school boy errors.

    • A few spoilers from that Youtube recap that answer some of the questions people have posed:
      1. Ellaria kills Doran and Obara kills Trystane (not Jaime).
      2. Dany is captured by Dothraki and threatened with rape until she reveals herself as Khal Drogo’s widow and the (presumably good) Khal decides to keep her safe but bring her to Dosh Khaleen.
      3. Daario and Jorah are able to find the ring that Dany dropped because she ended up in the center of a circle of trodden grass because all the Dothraki horses did that circling motion around her when they caught her. So it is not so crazy I guess to believe that they would find the ring since it was in the center of that. Oh, and a Dothraki horde is not so difficult to track once you know that is who you are following.
      4. There is no Bran story at all in this episode. There is also nothing with Sam in it.
      5. As expected, Arya gets beaten up by the waif but it’s sort of a Karate Kid training thing where she learns reflexes.
      6. Everything Alfie Allen spoiled is true. Theon tries to save Sansa, they are both caught, Brienne rides in to save the day, Podrick is about to get killed, and Theon steps up and saves Pod’s life. Theon redemption story proceeds.
      7. At the wall, Ghost starts howling alerting Davos to Jon’s body lying in the snow. He and Jon’s friends spirit the body away, the meanies want to reclaim it to burn it and threaten to break the door down, everyone prepares to fight but somehow Davos talks Alliser down from that and they leave them alone (my Spanish was not good enough to get all this). Melissandre views Jon’s body but at this point does not do anything to revive him. Repeat, there is nothing in this episode to even hint that Jon will be revived by Melissandre or that he won’t.
      8. The episode ends with Melisandre undressing for bed and taking off her necklace by herself in her bedroom in front of a mirror where it is revealed that she is an old woman.

      • One clarification:

        With respect to Theon/Sansa, Theon does try to sacrifice himself and throw the pursuers off Sansa and even tells them she’s dead before things get heated. And Ramsay does mourn Myranda and promises vengeance against Theon/Sansa for her death. Roose is alive in this episode in his conversation with Ramsay where they decide to send their men after them.

      • About #3

        It’s still dumb. For starters they would need find out which way she went in the first place. And remember she FLEW away. Flying doesn’t leave tracks to track.

        And second… What, are you saying that after the Dothraki rode in circle and captured Dany, they kept the circle intact when they rode off? Please.

        • Let’s face it. D&D are out of book join the dots to follow and, as many suspected, couldn’t construct a credible plot if it was Lego. Shock and big budget spectacle is all they can do. But talent is like class; you can’t buy it.

          • i think the anger towards D&D is a little absurd. Let’s not forget that when the idea to bring GoT to the TV was conceived, there was no notion that it would bypass the books.

            -D&D have described this in the past, stating that the have the outline of the full story “in case.” I have a hard time believing the intention was to adapt the story from the first five books and then just wing it from there. Clearly everyone thought the books would finish first and i am sure GRRM told them the same.
            -GRRM has stated the same, recently saying that there was “no way” he ever thought the show would bypass the books. Again, really dont think anyone wanted D&D running with this.

            My point? I agree that the story is going to suffer…. It’s almost like asking a cover band to stand in for the real thing. But that said, i think the blame lies with GRRM for not finishing the story himself. I don’t understand why the fans will kiss hiss @ss and say “don’t worry, take your time” and then turn around and bash D&D. The show has always only been as good as the books (seasons 1-3 were almost perfect, 4 and 5 still great) and i expect season 6 to feel like a step backwards in terms of story for the reasons above. The only difference is, i blame GRRM (and his editors) for spending his time blogging and going to fancons instead of just buckling down and finishing the books. It’s tough enough adapting a story like this, even worse when all you have is a brief outline if the main points. I dont think D&D are equipped to do it- and i dont think anyone other than GRRM is capable of telling this story properly.

          • Jon, they ruined a plot that was in the books, they decided to go their own way with that plot, so it isn’t GRRM’s fault at all. They murder the storyline, they murder his children … maybe the acting will save the scene …. hahahahaha, yeah, right.
            Well, it was also my least favourite storyline in the books, but it has some dialogue I really liked that the show didn’t use.

          • Yes a57se you are right, I’ll wait till I watch and try to keep an open mind. And I know how much you especially love the show so hope too that you’re not disappointed.

            And, no fear Jon. GRRM is not an infallible God in my eyes, far from it, and I agree with what you say. But as Mag says, right from the start D&D made bad plot choices (from the PoV of logic as well as character development).

        • Yes, it is dumb reasoning but that is what the recap video said, not me. But no, the circle of riders was not kept intact after they rode off. The circle of grass was left behind because the horses rode all over it. Then they moved on as a large group but it’s not hard to track a large group.

          • I think my point was just that while i agree that TV Dorne is a total flop, i am expecting more mishaps like it in the next few seasons and blame GRRM for leaving it in the hands of HBO producers. Yes, for Dorne they made the choice and it didnt work (no one is perfect, look at Vinyl) but i am expecting the ending to this story is likely going to be treated the same way (multiple deviations, coincidences, etc.). So my point was rather than call out D&D and say they have no talent, lets just call it like it is and say they did a great job of PRODUCING and adapting a well written story….. But when forced to produce AND write a story (which was not the original intent) the results are obviously going to be subpar to previous seasons. And again, not saying it would have been perfect if they had TWOW, but i think there would be less chance of more dorne incidents

  • Bottom line is even tho they’re playing it as careful as can be the mysteries n faith in jon snow have to play out. His story IS the story. If he died like that how stupid would that be. This show is on pace to be greatest ever if jon died thatd be one of few things that would take it out of discussion. Theyre pushing it so far even im like damn they wouldnt. But a show like this where everything happens for a reason CANT kill the guy they spent hours focusing on how n why he can be the guy. Of course hes raeger n lyanna son n the baddest character thought up. but i guess that wasnt enough they gonna kill the dude too, i just hope they bring him back right

  • Well, I’m also not too happy about the Sand Snake revival (though that coup d’etat of the Dornish war faction seemed quite predictable); and for TV show-only watchers, the Melisandre revelation might rather be a confusing deus-ex-machina thing than a clever plotline.

    But what I’m really interested in:

    How does this connect to the Jon Snow death/ resurrection topic?

    And how will this “set the scene for some powerful sorcery to come”? We knew before that Melisandre has powerful magic abilities (visions, shadow babies, blood magic), and that there is at least one red priest that has successfully resurrected a dead man (Thoros).

    So as “shocking” as it may seem to the unsullied watchers that Melisandre is very old and uses a glamour to hide this, it doesn’t seem to change a single thing regarding the main storyline – or does it? Any thoughts on that?

    • Agreed. Right now, it seems like nothing has advanced the potential revival storyline. It’s just a another shock cliffhanger for now.

    • I have a massive fear. But I’m not sure how to use spoiler tags so would rather not say it.

      [what I just click spoiler at the start and end of the bit i want redacted, yea? Because I did that previously and it didn’t work or maybe it doesn’t show for the commenter?]

    • I’ve thought since when we got a glimpse of jon on the battlefield that it may be mel is not resurrecting him, but rather disguising Davos as she did Mance/rattleshirt in the books. If this ep ‘setting the stage for some powerful sorcery’ I can’t see how it could be anything else.

  • Looking forward to watch it tomorrow, staying away from spoilers when it is almost there. But the tone of these comments made we worry.

  • certainly looks like episode 1 is going to be a huge letdown according to the leak. It figures. I’ll probably just DVR it and catch it next week, heck with more cliffhanger bs

  • That taught me good. Real good.

    1,2,3,4,5 Watch the bees go in the hive.
    6,7,8,9,10 here they all come out again
    1,2,3,4,5 watch the bees sting me alive;
    6,7,8,9,10 I’ll never fuck with bees again.

    Me ass got so spoiled I had to toss it out.

  • People on reddit are upset over the whole dorne plotline…I am personally annoyed that after a year, we still have to WAIT to see what happens with Snow/Flashbacks etc. They said this season would start fast. They lied. I get that Dorne was probably epic in the books, but this isn’t the books. It had a pointless feel to it here.

    • Eh, Dorne wasn’t “epic” in the books. It was pretty stupid. Not quite as stupid as Dorne in the show, but, pretty pointless, yea.

  • In a certain episose Melissandre has said that she is fighting this battle for years… That makes sense…