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Watch a new Season 6 clip featuring Jaime and the High Sparrow

We’ve seen glimpses in Season 6 trailers of Jaime facing off with the High Sparrow, the new religious leader in King’s Landing, in the Sept of Baelor. This morning, Nicolaj Coster-Waldau stopped by Good Morning Amercia and showed off an expanded clip from that scene. Check it out.

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Jaime is squaring off with the High Sparrow while Myrcella’s body is lying right there, but if he does “spill blood in this holy place,” it wouldn’t be the first time he’d done something wildly inappropriate while the body of his child lay three feet away.

The most surprising thing about this clip is that Jaime admits to letting Tyrion go free in Season 4. I can see him admitting to killing King Aerys—everybody knows he did that. And I guess no one is going to come down on him too hard for killing Alton Lannister back in Season 2—it happened a while ago, and few probably have the stones to call him out on it. Letting Tyrion go, though…don’t give the High Sparrow a reason to throw you into holy jail on charges of kinslaying, Jaime.

The bits about the writers using code names to refer to characters this year was interesting. They really did try to tighten security, and it really, really didn’t work. Also, Coster-Waldau’s Ygritte impression kinda sounds like a Jon Snow impression.

Cersei close-up

Coster-Waldau’s onscreen sister Lena Headey also weighed in on her character, Cersei Lannister. “People always said, ‘Oh, she’s so mean, ‘but I think the reason people like her is because you feel the goodness in there somewhere. It’s in there somewhere,” she said. That might be a hard line to sell people who have watched Cersei scheme and plot for five seasons, but it’s nice to see that Headey is embracing the complexity of her character.


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  • Dan Selcke,

    My new favorite saying, “something wildling inappropriate”. Case of “damn you autocorrect”?

  • All the code name secrecy for what?! Gotta be Jon!

    I love this game. I know others are sick of it but I think it hilarious cat and mouse stuff and the literal ejaculation of excitement (to borrow and extend one of Razor’s more explicit allusions) they have built up in us is going to pay off huge when the moment finally comes. Amazing emotional puppetry.

    • I hope you are right, my friend! I have been trying (somewhat successfully) to busy myself enough to not have much time to obsess lately. Now that it is THE WEEKEND OF, all bets are off! ?❄️?

  • The most surprising thing about this clip is that Jaime admits to letting Tyrion go free in Season 4.

    Not surprising. He admitted it to Cersei in season 5.

    • Well, didn’t Cersei kinda drag it out of him? Or actually, I think she just accused him and took his guilty face as an admission. Plus, they’re allies…technically. I think that’s different from admitting a big crime to an enemy.

      • Why would freeing Tyrion be the sin of Kinslaying?

        As Cersei said, Jaime killed Tywin accidentally by freeing Tyrion, but it was not a willful act.

        • I don’t think freeing Tyrion would be the sin of kinslaying. I think it would be the sin of helping a convicted murderer escape. That Tyrion was bogusly convicted is irrelevant. Effecting a jailbreak is illegal.

          Or at least I imagine it’s illegal under the laws of Westeros, but who can tell with that legal system?

  • “As you know I’m a huge fan…”

    “You know nothing Jon Snow…?”

    “Uhm, the red head?”


    • Exactly what I was thinking.

      Baffles me when someone goes on about how big a fan they are, they show their lack of knowledge about very basic things of the show…

      I was like “Why is she hesitating, she’s about to say something like Well, it’s Ygritte’s thiing but Melisandre said it once as well!”.

      To me that seem like basic knowledge, a very slightly trick question. But no, she couldn’t even name ygritte…

  • We’ve seen Margery, Loras, and Cersei be accused of their crimes and taken by the High Sparrow. Jamie flat out admits it to the High Sparrow’s face in the Sept! It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. I bet we see Robert Strong in action not too long after this.

    • We also saw Cersei confess to high treason. And all the High Grandpa did was send her for a walk.

  • Well people. Season 6 episode 1 was available already yesterday on our local On Demand TV service (MTS in Winnipeg, Canada). Was shocked when I saw it there last night. Someone messed up bad I think. I watched it twice!

      • It says spoiler…why would you click on it if you don’t want to be spoiled? Show some self control.

        • Because it’s pretty major and not just some sneaked out still taken behind some bushes in Spain like people usually expect with spoilers. It’s potentially full-on.

      • What do you mean “uncool”? Spoilers are the very reason many of us even visit this site. They said spoiler and hid it. It’s 100% cool.

    • Just OMG wow! Ok, I’m 20% skeptical of this and 80% OMG REALLY?!! (Seriously, where did you find this and why so sure it’s “M” ?) …Thank you in advance! -ngb :)

      • Where it’s coming from? No idea. Why “M”? Just compare with this pic from the trailer:

        Melisandre undressing

        And for book readers it’s a plausible and long discussed theory that she is very old and using a glamour; but I have no idea how they will sell this to the TV audience… there is absolutely no plausible reason for this coming, as they left all hints to it out. Strange, very strange.

        • Ok, I get it now & it makes sense…the gift of illusion is a pretty handy card to play to ward off potential rapists. Thank you! :)

  • New Spoiler #2
    Doran, Trystane & Areo Hotah are all killed by the Sand Snakes While Dorans Guards stand by and watch

    • Where did you get this from? This would perfectly fit into my theory I wrote about a few days ago:

      Do you remember that ominous sentence from one premiere review: “Elsewhere in the Seven Kingdoms, the women are taking control too – in some regions, terrifyingly so.” So maybe we’ll see Ellaria and her war fraction taking over power in Dorne and sending poor old Doran into retirement (or worse).

      But why is Trystane there – did he sail back with the Dorne ship because he feared for his life after the killing of Myrcella??

    • Ok, the cat’s out of the bag (not Schroedinger’s Jon though ;-) ) and won’t be put back in again…

      Full Episode 1 storyline has been published together with some pics revealing the only two real surprises (Melisandre and Dorne); the rest was known before.

      SO for anyone who saw the first picture: what does this mean for the story? How in seven hells does this set “the scene for some powerful sorcery to come”??? Pls answer only in spoiler tags!

    • I bet after this there will still be people that insist the show will be spoiling the books.

      • I hope we haven’t been waiting for GRRM to finish the books for this long… if this is HOW bad the plot will be…

        I am going to keep an open mind… but the images and synopsis make the episode seem deplorable.