Brienne of Tarth Featured Game of Thrones Gwendoline Christie Interview Season 6

Gwendoline Christie and Sophie Turner talk Brienne’s exciting return

Game of Thrones

Brienne of Tarth made a rather grand appearance during Sunday night’s Game of Thrones Season 6 premiere, and Gwendoline Christie sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about what her return meant.

After season 5 people would come up on the street moaning about why Brienne wasn’t doing more, and I’d say, ‘I’m terribly sorry I’m not really in charge of that. It was really exciting to see Brienne burst forth again. I loved seeing Brienne fighting again. There was so much action and it’s quite brutal and it’s very exciting to dedicate myself to that moment to overcome that obstacle and rescue Sansa.

As Christie says, fans were frustrated with Brienne’s relative inaction last season. Sure, there was the exciting chase scene early in the year with the Knights of the Vale, but after that, Brienne and Pod basically took a back seat to the action. And then after waiting for what had to be weeks at least, Brienne missed Sansa lighting that candle in the Winterfell tower, choosing instead to go find Stannis and avenge Renly’s death.

That’s all in the past now, as Brienne and Pod saved the day, and rescued both Sansa and Theon from Ramsay Bolton’s men. And then Brienne pledged her sword, a blade made from Sansa’s father’s sword Ice, to another Lady Stark (I refuse to call her Lady Bolton). Christie talked about that endearing moment:

When she pledges her oath to Sansa and lays her sword down for her, I found it very touching. I have so many fond memories of working with Michelle Fairley [Catelyn Stark]. This is a mirror of that oath and this time Sansa accepts it and she can see how dedicated Brienne is to her. It was really gratifying to carry on that oath for Catelyn Stark and finally to find one of the Stark daughters and so she can try to keep her safe.

For now, we wait to find out where Sansa will decide to go now that Brienne and Pod are in her service. We saw Theon tell Sansa that her half-brother Jon Snow was Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, and that she should head to the Wall. Hopefully, this wasn’t the only action we will see the Maid of Tarth get into in Season 6, because her fighting the Bolton men was one of the better scenes from last night.

Sansa in Season 6 Official

Over at Vulture, Sophie Turner also talked about the scene as well. Like everyone else, she was very pleased with it. “I was just like, ‘Finally! Justice!”

It worked out even better than I had pictured it in my head. We didn’t set it up as emotional, but now that I watch it, it just feels right, you know? Things are starting to look up.

Turner feels that Sansa administering the vow to Brienne represents that she is getting “stronger.” With allies like Brienne, Sansa is gaining the power to “get what she wants, go where she wants, and do what she wants.” She also teases Sansa’s relationship with Theon (“For now, they’re forgetting everything he’s done…because they’re just trying to survive. That relationship definitely develops a lot.”), a potential meeting with Melisandre (“They’d be quite the duo!”) and how Sansa might react to learning about Jon Snow’s death (“Jon’s death would affect her, less in an emotional way, but more like, ‘Okay, I want justice for this, too.'”). For the first time in a long time—maybe ever—Sansa looks ready to make her own choices in life. It should be exciting TV.


  • The citizens of the Dreadfort may back her claim to that piece of real estate too if Sansa is pregnant. They can’t all be monsters.
    My hope is that this ensemble represents the future of Westeros, even Theon. His management of the Iron Islands, if fated, has to be an improvement over his management of Winterfell.

  • time for the starks that are left, and those that are still loyal to them, to kick some serious arse. They’ve been rock bottom, but now you can sense the tides are turning.

  • Sansa and Theon were being followed by 6 Bolton’s men, 4 horses and 2 dogs. Brienne had killed 2 men and a horse, 1 man had been killed by Pod, another by Theon. I wonder where did another 2 men and 2 bloodthirsty dogs disappear, why they didn’t participate in the battle?

    • Editing error most likely. I counted 3 men killed by Brienne, 1 by Pod and 1 by Theon. The editors probably found the length of the fight is too long and cut it short but forgot the death count. If a man run off, the editors should show it and Sansa vow making scene will not make sense (you will be running for your life, knowing the man got away will alert others to continue the hunt)

      • Correct. Brienne had killed 3 horsemen, 1 had been killed by Pod, and Theon killed a foot soldier. 2 dogs and a soldier still missing.

  • Really wondering when/if Sansa finds out Littlefinger ignited this entire mess between starks/lannisters. In the books she hears lysa arryn’s confession but even then hasn’t quite put 2&2 together

    • Well she is really effin stupid if she doesn’t know that by now since her aunt told her that she had murdered Jon Arryn at littlefingers request…

      • She said I murdered for you … but she didn’t go into specifics in front of Sansa… Besides, Sansa was almost thrown away by the Moon Door…. Lisa revealed the truth before their wedding when they were alone.

  • Interesting, by the look of it, Jon will not come back until second half of the season if you believe what Sophie said. It’s obvious now Sansa will go to The Wall and seek help from Jon, only to find him dead but gain more allies in Davos and Melisandre. They probably decide to bring Jon’s body back to Winterfell for burial and find more allies along the way (Bear Island and others). So Jon’s revival will not come until Ep6 at the earliest.

  • I still wonder how Rickon and Bran will factor into this as they both would come before Sansa in the Stark (and Tully for that matter) line of succession.

    • She’s smart enough to put Rickon’s ass on a horse and shout ‘Behold! Your new King of the North!!” and watch as the daggers come flying at him instead of her.

  • Wonder if Sansa fails to get support of the Northern lords and Melisandre glamours Davos as Jon?
    Why else should they explain the glamour if it wasn’t used later on?

  • Not related to this post – but I just want to say that I’m delighted that we in the UK still have the wonderful aftershow show called Thronecast with the delightful Sue Perkins. This week featured guests: super fan and chatshow host Jonathan Ross (who is totally switched on to what’s going on) and Mark Addy (Robert Baratheon).

    But the big news is that they finished with a preview for next week’s episode. Do viewers in the States get this too?

    • We in the States watch GoT on Sunday nights & HBO will start having an After Show tonight, which means we need to wait a day (until Mondays) for it. This will be the first year for that and I’m really excited to see it!
      We always get the upcoming show’s preview after each program, immediately after the credits roll.

    • A preview for the next week always airs immediately after the ending of the episode. And after the credits finish rolling, Benioff & Weiss also provide their “Inside the Episode” commentary.

    • Thanks, Donna and Sue, for your replies.

      Hope the D&D “Inside the Episode” commentaries make it onto YouTube, because I’m pretty sure we don’t get those here in Britain.

    • No :( but now I’m wondering if it’s available online.

      I love Talking Dead, with Chris Hardwick, after The Walking Dead. Same idea & fabulous.

  • Are we game of thrones fans or editing directors. Like come on guys if they go and killed those dog Michael Vicks haters would have a fit

  • Another bunch of idiotic writing…WTH!!! We will need to get another adaptation in ten years or so, when the last book will be releasing.

  • I admire Brienne, understand her motives and heartaches but I cannot support her. The showrunners have made her beat The Hound half to death and kill Stannis (one of my favourite characters), so you could understand my ambiguous feelings towards her.

    If Brienne does die this season I’m afraid I wont be upset by it.

    • I don’t see Brienne dying until the last season sorry. The showrunners and GRRM love her character (and the actor) I don’t see them killing her off.

    • Sorry afraid you’re in that alone. Brienne’s character is one of the best on the show. She’s got more balls than all the Warriors put together on that show.

      She was keeping to her oath and just trying to protect Arya and Sansa. She will live and be the hand to Sansa.

    • rhisiart I liked Stannis as well. But after he sacrificed Shireen, not so much. The love he had for his daughter was one of his better points.

      I don’t hold any ill will towards Brienne for either Stannis or the Hound.

      She’s an awesome character.

  • Excuse me…but isn’t Sansa still married to Tyrion? Doesn’t that mean any issue from her union with Ramsey would be considered a bastard!!! Further, isn’t she Lady Lannister in which case….

  • No she’s a bolton now she married Ramsay underneath a heart tree that’s puts her as a bolton. littlefinger passivicalilly said they didn’t legeninize the marriage and by the law of the land she’s no mane wife he’s a cunt. Brienne coming in saving her was deadly it should of been another vale soldier breaking the sword and going right through the armour even pod was good and theon stabbing your man was brilliant. Brienne swaring to sansa is brilliant but when sansa does the speech that her mother did that you will always have a place at my table and I ask no service that might bring you dishonour. I wish brienne was going to be with sansa when she runs into littlefinger kick his fucken ass for giving her to Ramsay she clearly isn’t going to be she will be at riverrun. on the way to the wall sansa will probaly run into a northerner umbers I reckon they will bring her to the last hearth where they will tell her the north remembers and there plans to take back winterfell but she will wonder why and then they will bring rickon in she will be overjoyed but will want him kept away so the boltons don’t find him