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Joe Naufahu (Khal Moro): more funny Dothraki scenes on the way

There’s a new khal in town, and his name is Moro. Joe Naufahu portrays the leader of the massive khalasar that took Daenerys Targaryen hostage at the end of Season 5, the one she sparred with in the Season 6 premiere. The Wall Street Journal talked to Naufahu about his newest role, and learned that his parents didn’t know what Game of Thrones was when he was cast. His father thought he was going to be a contestant on a gameshow.

Naufahu also recalls two and three-hour Skype calls with a language expert where he learned how to speak the Dothraki language. He and Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) developed their own Dothraki-themed inside jokes while filming scenes together.

So we’d have little jokes, me and Emilia, with our own little pidgin Dothraki here and there. And I’d slip in some Samoan and Tongan words and try to put her off.

The actor also talked about the scene where Moro suggests that seeing a beautiful woman naked for the first time is the best thing in life, and his bloodriders contradict him up and down. It was an unexpectedly funny moment in a dark episode, and Naufahu says we can expect more of that later in the season.

Jaime and Cersei Season 6 official

Moving on, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau sat down with the hosts of the Nerdist podcast, including Chris Hardwick. In a terrific interview, Coster-Waldau discusses how Europeans perceive Americans, growing up in a small Danish farming town, the Cersei-Jaime rape scene from Season 4, and what makes the the character so likable. There’s even a fun bit about Waldau ending Season 6 with Jaime’s own show: The Lannister Family Variety Hour.

It’s a great interview, and if you have the time you should absolutely listen to the whole thing—the whole thing is an hour-and-thirteen minutes long, and Coster-Waldau comes in around the ten-minute mark. Chris Hardwick is a fantastic host and a huge nerd—he’s clearly interested in Game of Thrones and gets the best of of Coster-Waldau.


      • Yeah, doesn’t fit with the world GRRM created. Another indication of how things might go without the roadmap of the books. Had those bloodriders said that to Drogo, there would have been some bloodshed. You don’t contradict the Khal. Ever. Arya and The Hound was a funny twist but those characteristics of those 2 had already been established on screen and on page. Turning Dothraki leaders into comic foils just doesn’t work. It breaks the mood

      • youve obviously never worked on a building site, bet youre sat in a suit in an office, wtf do you know!

      • I am with you… Didn’t find it funny either. The dialogue was so awful and I could tell they were trying to be funny but it definitely fell well short.

  • There was an outtake that will be on the DVD release of season 6.

    Brothraki: “Hitting the weight room is one of the greatest things in life……. It is known”

    Khal Bromoro: “Ok ok…. Seeing a woman naked for the first time is one of the SIXTH greatest things in life”

  • Great…… So Daenerys will have to complete a 30 second keg stand to be admitted into Vaes Dothrak? Does the flip cup tournament happen before or after?

  • The ‘five greatest things’ scene reminded me so much of the “What have the Romans ever done for us?” scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian, which made it even funnier for me…and kudos to Joe Naufahu, who totally nailed the scene…

    • And here I thought it was a funny take-off on the “What is best in Life” Scene from Conan the Barbarian.

  • I guess I’m in the minority when I do my old man “this is ridiculous” during these Dothraki scenes. Or maybe I’m that stuffy book reader that just doesn’t see the appeal in making the Dothraki into a Monty Python spoof.

    This is what GRRM gets for not getting WOW out on time… His Dothraki are now making frat boy jokes about nailing a grandma. It’s really too bad, but we are fully in D&D territory now and it’s the only way we’ll get closure in the ASOIAF.

    This and Dorne has me seriously worried about the remaining 22 hours of this show and D&Ds blank check (or pages if you will) in the lands of Westeros and Essos.

    –End of old man rant–

    • I agree, I feel like the show is just going down hill from here. They were kind of supervised when they had book material to reference but now they have nothing to fall back on. Like you said I’ll continue to watch just to get answers, and a glimmer of hope that they bring back some class.

    • This is what GRRM gets for not getting WOW out on time… His Dothraki are now making frat boy jokes about nailing a grandma. It’s really too bad, but we are fully in D&D territory now and it’s the only way we’ll get closure in the ASOIAF.

      – old lady rant – Seriously?? Do you really think that D&D didn’t consult with GRRM about how they saw that scene going down? Like they just wandered out into the desert and made things up? I have no doubt that if GRRM didn’t want that scene to play out the way it did, it would have been scrapped immediately, and I thought it was genius to inject a little humor into the situation.
      – end of old lady rant –

  • Yessss! The Brothrakis will be around all season, since Joe let slip they’ll have more funny scenes late in the season. Hence they survive Drogon’s DK bbq.

    • I get the impression Moro is going to be considered a “good” Khal and eventually be behind Dany. Other khals and the Dosh Khaleen not so much.

  • I agree. Seeing a beautiful girl naked for the first time it definitely up there. Discovering a dynamite nipple to boob ratio is such a treat. Haha. Daenery’s ratio could be better. However, knowing where to put “it” on said naked girl is much better.

  • I’m calling the D&D version the Dothtacky from now on. Until the sun rises in the west and their pussy hair turns grey….

  • Khal Moro also has his own late night Broadway show called “Karl the Khal”. It is known.

  • In case you haven’t heard it before (can’t check it cause I’m having BIG problems with this site at the moment – pages not refreshing, comments disappearing in the great void…):

    Title of Episode 5 will be “The Door”, according to HBO Asia: Link.

    Another cryptic one after Episode 4 being called “Book of the Stranger”

  • Tin Foil Hat Time – Slightly Off Topi

    In ADOD Melisandre tells JS that Gems make good Glamours amongst…………and bags of finger bones make the best ones.
    So, with Melisandre’s Ruby (poss Rhaegars missing Ruby) and if someone has Davos’ bag of finger bones……..are we not in a position where someone can be glamoured as Ser Davos (to speak to Ramsey Snow/Bolton) or someone can be Rhaegar, if for some reason they need it???
    {Tin Foil hat removed now}

  • First we hit gym, then we go tanning, then we do laundry. These are the 3 best things to get ready

  • Great, more sophomoric bro-tastic crappy writing. I swear, D&D never progressed past puberty. Can’t wait for the fart jokes.

    This writing does not gel with GRRM’s. It is inferior drivel.

  • Its hilarious that loads of you think guys wouldnt make sexual jokes, have you never been in the real world or worked on a building site? you think these people wouldnt joke around and would be serious all the time..? right..

    • I can’t imagine Khal Drogo making these kinds of jokes or putting up with mocking. BecAuse he’s a fierce scary fighter as khals are supposed to be. They’ve made this group a male mirrored version of the Sand Snakes with their “witty” banter.

      • And clearly this Khal Moro is not Khal Drogo.
        Is it that hard to imagine that they have different personalities?

        • Agreed. Since when haven’t the Dothraki been bros anyways, books or TV shows? It’s a whole society based on male prowess, and the looting, raping and pillaging of other societies.

          I enjoyed the Khal Moro banter, thought it was a fun play on Conan the Barbarian’s “What is best in life?”. I’m glad they didn’t make him a carbon copy of Khal Drogo. I like that he has his own distinct personality, and is not a stereotype. And he definitely still has some menace to him. His bloodriders shut right up when he got annoyed with them contradicting him.