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Coster-Waldau doesn’t let his kids watch GoT, Lena Headey teases Cersei’s dark path

[T]his may be very obvious, she’s not very happy.

That’s the most direct thing Lena Headey would say about what may happen to Cersei Lannister on this season of Game of Thrones, in a new interview with Parade. And indeed, the only daughter of Tywin Lannister has plenty to be unhappy about. She’s been publicly shamed, she just learned her daughter is dead, and the Lannister family’s grip on the Seven Kingdoms is growing ever slacker. Headey drops hints that there are bad things in store for Cersei throughout the interview. For example, here’s what she said when asked how, as an actress, she relates to a cruel person like Cersei:

I don’t think she is that cruel. I don’t play her to be hugely disliked, so I don’t see her as purely evil. She’s a ferocious parent, and she’s dealing with a certain madness of her upbringing. Ultimately, she’s a survivor. This season’s a little different. I may change my tune after this one.

What is Cersei going to do this season that would cause Headey to stop defending the character? Cersei is definitely in a dark place right now, and people at the end of their rope can do some pretty desperate things.

Cersei and the Mountain

There’s also the answer she gives when asked what it is about George R.R. Martin’s world that has people so interested. “I guess everyone loves to watch a descent into madness.” She doesn’t say if she’s referring to Cersei specifically or the show in general, but given all she’s been through, I can see a descent into madness in Cersei’s future.

The interview also has lighter bits, including discussions about fan encounters and whether Headey fears that her character might get killed off. Head here to read the whole thing.

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Moving on to the other Lannister twin, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau talked with The New York Post about the show. He was even more light-lipped about what’s coming that Headey, but he did weigh in on the scene from the Season 6 premiere where Jaime comforts his sister after she finds out about Mrycella’s death.

It’s a heartbreaking scene — even though you might think Cersei is the monster of all monsters, it’s still a mother and child. So when [Jaime] says, ‘I’ll kill the rest of the world, I’ll destroy everything, if that makes you happy,’ it’s because if you see the person you love getting into that kind of pain, you’ll do anything to take it away.

Does that mean that Jaime’s sympathy will evaporate once Cersei gets back up to her old tricks? We’ll see.

Coster-Waldau also touches on the Season 6 spoiler lockdown (the set now features drones and security checks), the Season 4 rape scene between Jaime and Cersei, and the fact that he doesn’t let his daughters, who are 12 and 15, watch the show.

My wife doesn’t watch it [either]. Work is work. It’s not something we sit down and enjoy. For my kids, it’s just weird to see your dad pretend to be someone else. It’s weird to see your father make out with another woman. It’s not cool.

Speaking of work, there’s a new trailer out for Me Before You, a romantic comedy starring Game of Thrones‘ own Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen). She’s going a bit lighter for this one.

And yes, that is Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister) as the father of the male lead. Game of Thrones employed half the actors in the world, so they’re bound to cross paths again at some point. The movie looks sweet. Hopefully it’s a hit for Clarke.

Finally, Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) made (or at least caught sight of) a pretty awesome cake.


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That’s the question, isn’t it, cake?


  • Cersei is going to kill tons of people with the Zombie-Mountain. I wonder if Cersei is going to hurt Tommen or put him in danger and cause his death … Joffrey killed by Tyrells, Myrcella killed by Martells … who will kill Tommen????? It should be another family.

    • ?? The Faith Militant?? And I wouldn’t put it past. The High Sparrow to reach for the crown.

      • I don’t think the high sparrow has the iron throne on his mind. He looks and seems like a voice of the poor and the downtrodden. But I might be wrong.

      • They are in Littlefinger’s teleportal device. Where will they show up next, and how quickly will they get there???

        • In the very first episode Cersei and Jaime are in King’s Landing. At Jon Arryn’s funeral. And in the same episode they arrives in Winterfell, so stop this LF-teleport because it’s stupid.

  • Sophie didn’t make the cake; I think someone was attempting to bribe her with it to answer THE question. Poor bastard, s/he must be really desperate. Face it, Jon is dead cake!

  • The show has a tendency to take things that are sometimes subtle in the books and then making those same things very open and obvious in the show. For instance, in the books the sexuality of Renly and Loras is only hinted at through the whisperings of other people, but, in the show they make it obvious. With Cersei’s character, we get the sense that she is slowly sliding into madness in the books, so I’m guessing the show won’t be subtle about her madness at all.

  • No way is Ghost going to be the sacrifice for Jon’s resurrection. Well, it’s possible — but I refuse to believe that. Lol. GRR has a painting of JS and Ghost in his home/office (?) He posed for a photograph with it so IF Ghost does – ever – die, I don’t think it will be until the same episode a resurrected Jon dies permanently. However, I believe Jon and Ghost will outlive everyone. Just throwing out my 2 cents here…. Wishful thinking maybe. 😊

    • No way Ghost dies! I too believe Jon and Ghost remain a team once he’s resurrected! We’ve all had enough heartbreak. I don’t think I can stomach Ghost being killed off. Even if it’s for Jon to come back. Hope the spoiler is correct and Jon opens his eyes tomorrow night! With Ghost alive and well next to him!😍