Benjen Stark Featured Game of Thrones Interview Season 6

Young cast member Matteo Elezi on filming Game of Thrones Season 6


Young actor Matteo Elezi’s role in Game of Thrones Season 6 has been kept sort of quiet. His IMDb page reveals that he will be portraying a young Benjen Stark in one of Bran’s flashback visions (Sebastian Croft will play a young Eddard Stark). He’ll show up this Sunday for the second episode of Season 6.

Elezi and his mother were interviewed by BBC Radio’s Alison Butterworth and Phil Trow. The young actor talked about his casting on the show and filming scenes for Season 6. The show itself is long—just over three hours. The Game of Thrones section starts around 02:51:38. Elezi drops a few spoilers along the way, so tread lightly.


Matteo Elezi (young Benjen Stark) and Sebastian Croft (young Eddard Stark) spar with wooden swords. Game of Thrones Season 6

Matteo talked excitedly about what it meant to him to be cast on a show as massive as Game of Thrones: “literally the whole world is watching you.” The young actor’s mother lets him watch his own scenes, but will view the episode first so she can skip past any potentially offensive bits.

Later, the hosts asked young Matteo if he had any interaction with the stars of the show, and his response probably said a lot more than he meant it to:

I was getting my hair cut…and I was next to Jon Snow, and he was getting his hair cut as well…and I was like talking to him, and I only realized at the end he was actually Jon Snow.

So Kit Harington got a haircut around the time young Matteo Elezi was getting one. I wonder what that portends for future Jon Snow scenes? Regardless, it’s quite fun to hear the awe and excitement in Matteo’s voice as he talks about his experience.

Isaac Hempstead-Wright will return to Game of Thrones this Sunday as Bran Stark, and will apparently flash back to Winterfell as it was years ago—that could be one of the reasons Episode 2 is entitled “Home.” So expect to see Matteo Elezi as young Benjen, sparring with  Sebastian Croft as young Eddard, as Bran watches, this Sunday.

h/t Watchers on the Wall


        • It would be quite the deviation from GRRM. The Umbers were such a loyal vassal to the Starks I would really hate that. House Cerwin and Karstark were really the only loyal houses to Roose. Maybe the Umbers are swerving the Boltons like Wyman Manderly did in ADWD.

          • But Jon will come with the wildlings and the Umbers fucking hate them. And the Boltons prove their power by defeating Stannis. Yes. Stannis will die in the next book as well. Or you’re a sweet summer child and disagree?

          • Yes I mentioned that several months ago about the Umbers hatred of the free folk . And yes I believe Stannis will die in TWOW :(

          • I’m thinking there will be a reason for the Umbers to be turncoats…like Ramsay kidnaps one of them and holds that person hostage to force the Umbers to fight on his side.

  • Hahahaha! Out of the mouth of babes! Kinda adorable that. All the power and surveillance of HBO and along comes this cute lil guy in all his innocence. Love it!!

  • End of season 5 they mentioned Benjen and now they’re putting little Benjen in a flashback. Hmmm, perhaps they’re planting seeds, reminding us that we never did find out what happened to him?

    Also, that shot in the trailer of a man in all black, riding the horse in the snow and killing the possible WW with fire. I hope it is him..

    *Takes tin foil hat off*

    • That will be the show version of Coldhands. Bran and co. will leave the cave, because the White Walkers will attack them. Coldhands will escort them some safe place.

      • Yess! Remember that picture of Bran on a horse? Where else would he of got a horse from north of the wall other than off the mystery man in black?

        Were finally getting answers guys, exciting times!

  • I can’t fucking wait to see Benjen, he has to deliver something good to us, perhaps some knowledge about the Others or something , I don’t know I just know I can’t wait for his return.

  • The magic that powers the wights are powerless in the cave and since the WW are almost at the wall, I think it’s better for Bran to stay in the cave rather than going out

  • I’m honestly shocked they would cast a young Benjen instead of a young Brandon. Brandon Stark was talked about much more prominently in the books then Benjen

  • I always assumed that it was Benjen’s hand Ghost brought back to Jon, because his horse returned…

  • Maybe getting a bit ahead of ourselves here!
    No spoilers I don’t think.!
    Of course Jon Snow could’ve been there.
    Afterall he has been refilming the dead scene. The shots were done a while back.

    • Right, Jon Snow is in episode 2 whether he is dead or alive so it’s not necessarily a spoiler to have the actor get a haircut.

  • Casting a young Benjen instead of Brandon, while disappointing, isn’t a shock if Benjen has something to do with Walder “becoming” Hodor.

  • Kit got a hair cut…I don’t think so. Let’s be honest, last time everyone freaked out about his hair being cut, he got a half inch trim! I don’t see how a hair cut holds any importance for future JS scenes…his hair looks the same :) but do we really think he’s coming back??? I’m starting to doubt it *panic rising*