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Spoilers: Actor teases trouble at Cersei’s trial, and we learn when we’ll see Young Ned again

HBO made a point of cracking down on spoilers ahead of the premiere of Game of Thrones Season 6, but the network’s enforcers can’t be everywhere at once. Now that the season is in full swing, a couple of actors are saying a bit more than HBO may want them to, although neither spills the beans completely. Still, just to be safe, please accept this SPOILER WARNING.

Sansa you're spoiling it

First up, Jonathan Pryce (the High Sparrow) gave an interview with Polish-language magazine Kawerna. He talks generally about the character, discussing how he doesn’t see the High Sparrow as a villain but rather as a man who sincerely believes he is doing good, and also mentions that not wearing shoes all the time is difficult on set. The most interesting part of the interview, however, is when he describes the set-up for Cersei’s trial, which she talked about in “Book of the Stranger.” Here’s what he said, translated:

Everyone is waiting impatiently for Cersei’s trial in the Sept. Literally everybody is going to be there. My protagonist has let his guard down – he is absolutely certain that Cersei will show up (at his request). When the messengers inform him that she hasn’t left her home he still believes that she is going to show up at the trial because in his opinion she should be there.

Meanwhile, behind his back — and in his closest environment — there is some scheming going on and everybody is plotting against everybody. The tension is gradually building as the huge Sept is filling up with people — High Sparrow is still happy with the turn of events and he is convinced that everything is going according to the plan. He does not suspect that something unpleasant is about to happen…

We don’t know exactly what this unpleasant something entails, or when exactly it will fall during the season, but if Cersei is behind it, it will probably involve violence. Remember this moment from the first trailer for Season 6?

Cersei chooses violence

Lancel: “Tell you man to step aside or there will be violence.”

Cersei: “I choose violence.”

This might have something to do with that. (That first trailer has been removed from the official Game of Thrones YouTube channel, by the way, but you can still see the exchange here.)

Next, James Campbell of the Hull Daily Mail has written up a story about hometown hero Robert Aramayo, who Game of Thrones fans now know as the actor who played Young Ned Stark during the fight at the Tower of Joy in “Oathbreaker,” the third episode of Season 6. The story mostly concerns how proud Aramayo’s family is about his success, but at one point, it tells us when we’ll see Young Ned Stark again:

He will appear again briefly in episode six before another significant showing in episode ten.

The bit about him appearing in Episode 6, entitled “Blood of my Blood,” shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. After all, the Three-Eyed Raven pulled Bran out of the scene at the Tower of Joy before his curiosity was satiated. Odds are good that we’ll follow Young Ned up those steps at some point.

The part about Aramayo having a “significant showing” in Episode 10, which still has no title, is bigger news. Does this mean that Bran will still be in the Three-Eyed Raven’s cave by the end of the season, on his back and journeying into the past? And what will Ned be doing? Is there more to the scene at the Tower of Joy than even book-readers know, or are we going to see him doing something else entirely? Ah, such beautiful questions.

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  • Some of the scenes in that first trailer will not be appearing in the show this season.

  • Episode 10 for the big reveal makes sense to me.

    So the high sparrow bites it, imagine that’s all kept for episode 10 as well when we’ll see the end of tommen and possibly cersei too , the lannisters have all but run their story arc.Theres no point squabbling over kings landing when the white walkers are coming .

  • I bet the biggest Tower of Joy reveal is in episode 10. “His name will be Jon” or something

    • The most recent (unconfirmed) spoilers indicate that you are correct and we are not going to get that until the finale.

  • I am very positive that Bran will follow another big moment -the one where Jaime became Kingslayer (there is a bit on one trailer that just seems to similar to it). And it may have to do with certain someone getting mirrored to the Mad King.

      • I think they are talking about Dany? There is speculation running rampant that they are turning Dany “mad” like her father because she burns people now. I don’t buy it though.

        And a bunch of people seem to think they see the Mad King getting murdered in that shadow clip, but I don’t see it either.

  • I’m also thinking the 2nd visit to the toj could well be ned fighting the third member of the kingsguard, assuming there’ll be one in the keep as well

  • We need somewhere to discuss the spoilers about Bran/White Walkers/3ER from this coming episode that are out there. Very interesting.

  • I really can’t stand that video player that starts automatically. Got people annoyed on the bus more than one, woke up the whole family this morning, etc… I’m not meant to read your news with earphones on, am I?

  • Anybody know which ep is that white walker attack the cave and do you think attack will take in present timeline after seeing happy family picture of children of forest I can say that maybe cave attack scerene will show fisrt long night any spoils any info thanks _

  • Susan, can you tell me those spoilers please?

    It’s up to you if you want to tell me here or on my email.

    • Stannis, not sure how I could email you?? But here they are in the original spoiler’s words:
      “You will soon learn how Hodor came to be. The White Walkers attack Bran and company and Hodor will be forced to ‘hold the door’ as they make their escape.” [Susan note: So this means Hodor dies I guess??]
      “The White Walkers were created by the Children of the Forest.”
      “Bran has a vision of a bunch of the CotF gathering and doing something. He wakes and then confronts Leaf about creating the White Walkers. She says they did it to protect something. Bran then has a vision of the White Walkers but the Night’s King actually senses him and that’s how the White Walkers learn of Bran’s location and attack. That’s all you see from them this season.”
      “… Also we can assume the 3ER dies when the White Walkers attack.”
      “Uncle Benjen will come to rescue Bran and Meera. He will accompany them to The Wall before departing. Bran will have one more ‘flashback’ in the finale and we will see what’s in the Tower.”

      • So the key point here is that the Night’s King senses Bran when Bran was having his vision and that’s when he reaches out and touches him as shown in the trailer. It’s because of this that the Night’s King knows where the cave exists and in today’s time, they attack the cave. I don’t understand how that works given in Season 4 they said that the cave was magical and couldn’t be entered by Wights. But D&D are never ones to let a little (or big) logical plot development get in their way.

        And so we learn how Hodor gets his name. It’s short for “hold the door”. Not sure how that works timing wise (was it a premonition that Hodor has or something?).

        • Maybe the magic is part of an agreement that “there must always be a Stark in Winterfell”? And since that is not the case, at least in a ruling sense, that is why the WW are able to attack.

          • I hope Benjen appears in the show … he could be the Stark that dies in the Battle of the Bastards and Rickon could survive somehow… Or is Benjen going to replace Coldhands in the show and he isn’t going to be able to pass the Wall?????… we’ll see.

        • No, nothing was said in the actual spoiler’s words about that something and I get the impression the episode doesn’t elucidate either. Frikidoctor does an analysis video and the only thing he could think of was the Horn of Winter (?? not sure which horn as there are two in ASOIAF). But that doesn’t really make sense because the horn’s magic is to tear down the wall and wouldn’t the White Walkers like to use that? But it could be a case of unintended consequences. The Wall was built with the aid of the CotF’s magic when they settled their conflicts with the Andals/First Men. So perhaps they included a safeguard backdoor (like a computer programmer) to bring the wall down in the future just in case they ever needed it. That safeguard was the Horn and they realized they needed something powerful to protect the Horn. But maybe then the White Walkers sort of evolved and turned against their creators? Just a speculation.

          • What if….the Horn itself isn’t just for the Wall/wasn’t originally for the Wall? Maybe it’s some super-power-magic object, which they also used for the “backdoor” of bringing down the Wall? But then..what was it originally for?

  • A guy on Reddit said that the truth about the Tower of Joy will be shown in the last episide.

  • I like the wording used. “Significant showing” sounds like it’s a series of scenes. A lot were expecting ToJ to be resolved immediately. That would’ve been out of place with this season’s style for gradual progress with Jon.
    Jon’s new waking moments have all had a pace to them that also brought more to the fore. Showing Mel to have doubts added to all of this. Revealing the ‘real’ Mel built on that. Sansa’s arrival was just what Jon needed at that time, that sense of family. If all of those had been in quick succession, they’d not deliver to an audience like they did.
    The same has to apply to key moments, like ToJ. It would’ve been wrong to show a resolution too soon. It sounds right that it’s all coming throughout this season with this “significant showing” in the season’s finale. That has to be more than a ‘Promise’. Surely it has to include Ned’s arrival back at Winterfell, with this young child in his arms.
    That sounds like a good link to current events, with a family’s triumphant (despite all its losses) return to Winterfell.

  • in GOT episode, we need…
    1. Gestapo
    2. KKK and Hitler stuff
    3. Napoleon
    4. Serious people
    5. Trench Battle

    • In Fan’s life he needs
      1. Stop eating paint chips
      2. Quit smoking meth immediately
      3. To get fixed so he can’t procreate
      4. Move out of moms basement
      5. Stick to watching the flash and teen wolf.

  • What about one of the flashbacks with young Ned being the Tourney at Harrenhal, including the Knight of the Laughing Tree? We see Rhaegar falling in love with Lyanna. That could be episode 6. Episode 10 then could be the Tower of Joy.

  • What makes the High Sparrow think that he’ll ever have a chance to put Cersei on trial?
    Or that she would actuallly leave the Red Keep to go to the Sept for a trial?
    What is he gonna do? Attack the Red Keep to get her?
    He’s not too smart.

  • Sounds like there won’t even be a trial by combat, never mind CLeganebowl. A trial in the Sept is what Jonathan Pryce is talking about. That doesn’t sound like combat.

  • Are you sure about that? because if those events are in Ep.5, I guess that will make it one of the best episodes ever!

    do you know anything else about what’s next in each storyline in this season?

    1 Q : what do you mean by ” That’s all you see from them this season. ” ?? we both know that the walkers will show up in one or all of the last 2 episodes + Bran will reveal Jon’s identity in the last episode according to so many sources.

      • Sorry, Sandra but how do we know from that link that it is Episode 10? All the White Walker footage was filmed against green screen indoors, right? So maybe they just filmed all that footage at the end of filming all of the episodes. The other possibility is that an epilogue was added to the Episode 10 after this leaker watched all of the episodes.

          • Thanks! And Stannis, the words “And that’s all you see of White Walkers for the season” or thereabouts were a quote from the leaker, not me. So not sure what they meant.

    • Really, other than that stuff, the rest of the episode sounds bland to me.
      -Arya gets her first kill mission. Spoiler: it will be for an actress in the traveling troupe and she will eventually refuse to do it which will cause the Waif to come after Arya to kill her.
      -Kinvara goes to visit Tyrion. You can see the entire dialogue from the scene by watching the leaked Kinvara audition video (although the actress is terrible). Spoiler: Kinvara tells Tyrion and Varys that Dany is Azor Ahai reborn so we will have competing Azor Ahai candidates.
      -Sansa and Brienne meet with Littlefinger in Moles Town. Sansa tells him she is mad about the whole Ramsay thing and doesn’t believe him that he didn’t know and leaves.
      I don’t know if there is anything else interesting happening with Margaery/Loras/Lannisters though.

      I do agree that Bran will reveal Jon’s identity in the last episode. This source says the same. PS, this source predicted exact scenes from episode 4 in their spoilers, as well as perfect spoilers for True Detective (also from HBO) so they have some track record. I don’t know what to say about the White Walkers. What are the spoilers we have that they are in the last episode?

      • Can’t reply to your comment above, but…

        …maybe your source hasn’t seen the finished product, just a not-quite-finished one? Creating the white walker scenes takes a lot of time( I think)…

    • Stannis, the leaker I am quoting for Episode 5 spoiled the major points of the rest of the season although he/she did leave out some major things. I was limiting my comments for next episode. But I can say that most of his/her leaks line up perfectly with another big leak from the Battle of the Bastard that came from an onset extra. So if you have read those, they were likely right with respect to that storyline. [Although the two leakers disagree on Ramsay’s fate..one says Jon kills Ramsay, the other says Jon *almost* kills Ramsay and takes him prisoner instead.]

  • I remember seeing a photo given by the director of the last 2 episodes ( BTW he’s a great director, one of my favorites ) of a walkers production unit ( this year they used 3 units unlike the previous seasons : Wolf + Dragon + new one called I think Walkers ). So, that mean that we will see The White Walkers in the last 2 episodes for sure.

      • I’ve been wanting to post this story for a week and was worried about doing it. I’m glad you did it! I thought people would be pissed, I’m glad that they are not. A friend of mine sent it to me and said that this person hasn’t posted on their Reddit page in a long time and came out of the woodwork with this GoT leak. A site saw it and saved it before it got deleted. They waited to post their story on it till they had validity from it. The first three episodes were dead on to what this person said apparently. They only left out major deaths……well they named a few that I would consider major! I bet this person works for HBO, almost without doubt.

        • I worried too but in a previous week one of the writers of this blog said he was happy to have the spoilers. Just make sure you black them out with spoiler codes first.

          And they have to work for HBO because they also apparently spoiled the last season of True Detective perfectly too. So they must be pretty secure that their Reddit postings can’t be traced back to them or their job would be at serious risk!

          PS, have you read the other spoilers for Episode 9 from the extra on-set? *Very* detailed and the first time I felt that I was too spoiled.

  • I have a feeling Howland Reed will be integral in how the tower of joy scenes develop. I can’t imagine Ned lying about how that all played out before he went up to the tower of Joy. The only other person who knows what happened that day is/was Howland Reed. Does Ned not mention who accompanied him because Reed is still alive and knows Ned brings down Lyanna’s new born baby? Is Lyanna alive..? Is Reed?
    Really hope we see a young Rahegar in flashbacks as well.

    • The inclusion of Bran’s ability to see the past through his visions really makes the importance of Howland Reed tumble. Without Bran, Howland is the only one who could confirm what happened that day at TOJ. But now, it doesn’t seem to matter.

  • That’s true but often I wonder if his character has been left out in order to bring in a big reveal later on when ‘everything’ comes out, i.e John Snow’s real parentage etc and maybe the about Benjen is given to us.
    Is it possible Lyanna survived and left with Reed or is my imagination working over time?

    • On your last point, i think it might be imagination gone wild. ;)
      Why would she need to be hidden? Plus, in Ned’s flashbacks we know she was lying in a “bed of blood”. Yes, that could be normal childbirth too but it’s not usually *that* bloody.

  • Haha okay. Yeah you’re right, there’s no reason to hide her. I do think she died from giving birth though and not killed. The soldiers who Ned and company fought, before Ned headed up steps, were ordered by Rahegar to protect Lyanna I think, while the prince was getting killed by Robert, hence Ned’s surprised expression when the guardsman tell him they were told to watch the tower.
    I think Ned and Lyanna will exchange words at her deathbed, before our (ex)hero takes the half tagaryan / half stark baby into hiding.

    • If you read the books, you would know the answer about whether words were exchanged. ;)
      “Promise me Ned!”

  • And as I mentioned before, I don’t believe Ned’s stories to his children about that famous end to a famous battle was told by him differently to boost his own ego, doesn’t fit.. Hence the mystery I feel about Howland Reed, he saved Ned with almost a cowerdous way to do so and why has Ned left that part out. I suppose you could counteract that argument with the fact it is known that Ned mentioned Reed saved his life and maybe it’s Ned’s strong sense of honour that stopped him telling the whole truth.
    Or maybe he’s protecting Reed and covering up what happened next…haha, and there I go again!! Just what happened up there?

    • I understand that, although I think the show really did a disservice to the character of Ned in how they framed that issue in the episode. I suspect GRRM won’t do the same. But the dialogue with Lyanna is not from Ned telling his kids anything. It’s from a fever dream that Ned has and is known because the chapter is written from Ned’s perspective so the reader knows what’s going on in his mind.

  • So…as I am able to post again, I have had a theory for quite a while…

    …what if Bran is AzorAhai, and he saves everyone by changing the past? We would see a lot of- now- dead characters, alive, all of them in different positions/places, and no one would know what has happened….wouldn’t this ending be ‘bittersweet’?

    • It’s a pretty good idea. But I would hate it…if the writers decide to make everything that happened in the show irrelevant and Bran can go back in time and just change everything and everyone ends up happy and alive, it’s such a schlocky let down. It would be worse than the ending of Lost.

    • Sorry Sandra but no. That would KILL the whole series, the ending must be realistic as was the whole theme of the show ” no one is safe, no one is 100% evil – except for the bastard now is known as warden of the north :) -, no one is 100% good and everyone is human being eventually with all the natural desires like power, sex, love, hate and wealth… So the show and the books didn’t reach that limit of fantasy ( where you can change everything in less than 0.1 second ).

  • Yes I need to read the books but at moment I’m heavily into ‘the world of ice and fire’ as I’ve become obsessed with the world and history behind the whole thing. This is why I think one of the most important characters in the show is not actually in the show! Rhaegar Tagaryan.
    Okay, with this in mind..here’s my final fantasy: Rhaegar is now a white walker, hence connection between that one and John, and John gets to fight ‘his father’.. I swear to God that would put it up there with Starwars :o) in my book.

    • Rhaegar sounds like the best character. I would love to see him make the show sometime.

    • No!!! … Rhaegar had prophecies to face the White Walkers in the future. He wanted to defend humanity against them. I hope not.

      • The only comment I have to the WW thing is:
        1. I’m not convinced that WW are inherently evil really. They are another species fighting a war just like humans are. They are just the great mysterious “other” right now. At least that could be true for the books if not the show.
        2. As to Rhaegar, is there any precedent for a dead adult to transform to a WW? Is there even a reason to worry about that? That sounds like mixed metaphors to me between WWs and wights. Corpses become wights and who knows how WWs reproduce (although in the show *live* babies do get turned into WW).

  • I think you’re right and maybe that’s why I don’t like to believe it – it discredits his character, making him a liar and look weak too, in the scene. I was watching 1st series again recently and repeatedly watched the scene where Ned and Robert are comfortably sitting outside sharing past times. It’s really interesting to watch Sean Bean and how he acts all that out, gazing into the distance, getting more and more uncomfortable by Robert’s constant probing. Really enjoying learning more and more through Bran, brilliant work.

  • Yeah I agree. Credit to G. Martin, so much scope on his work, a spin-off series must be in talks, unless more series’ come explaining stories of the past.
    If Bran changes everything that would be disappointing.. Maybe Hodor tried changing events and got f*cked up in process.

    • I don’t think Lyanna picked Jon. It really sounds like Ned’s idea to name the baby like Jon Arryn … he could be baby Rhaegar because baby Aegon was still alive. Yeah, Ned would have to change those names … But I don’t think Lyanna had time to put the baby a name. We’ll see.

  • Guess his interview coupled with episode 6 tells us that we’ll get to see the Tower of Joy scene to completion in the season finale. And when he said a “brief” appearance in episode 6, he wasn’t kidding. If you blinked during Bran’s gigabit data upload you probably missed it.