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See How Hodor Got His Name (Video)

Ever since Bran started seeing visions of the past, it’s been a matter of time before something happened that affects the future. Two weeks ago, at the Tower of Joy, Bran almost changed the future when he called out to his father, Ned Stark, who turned around as if he had heard something. The Three Eyed Raven was there to stop him (and pull him away since he was becoming too involved.) But tonight, we saw things go all sorts of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey, and made a tragic discovery. SPOILERS AHEAD.

This will be my monument
This will be a beacon when I’m gone
So that when the spoiler comes,
I can say I did it all with love


We’re Coming For Your Spoilers

“The past is already written.” But what about the future? When the past and the future meet, sometimes there’s a paradox. And sometimes that paradox means that the future was already here, and all this has happened before and all this will happen again.

Something like that happened tonight. When it was revealed that the Night’s King was coming for Bran, it seemed very strange to me that the Three-Eyed Raven immediately insisted he must warg back into the past, back to Winterfell, and to the moment when his father left Riverrun. But that’s because the Three-Eyed Raven knew that, back in the past, Bran had to be there on that afternoon, and Bran had to warg through time and space into Hodor in the present, through Hodor in the past.

At first, it seemed like Wylis (past Hodor) was fine, as Hodor in the present (commanded by Bran inside) ran from the wights with Bran in tow and Meera behind. We knew things were dire when Summer sacrificed himself so the threesome could get away. We knew things were worse when the Child of the Forest blew herself up to give them time.

But we didn’t know that, in order to keep Bran and Meera safe, Hodor would be making the final sacrifice, and would be killed by wights, holding the door…or that moments before he died with Bran warged into him, Bran would accidentally warg into Wylis in the past, bouncing the moment back through time. The trauma that made Wylis unable to speak any word but Hodor was experiencing the memory of his own final moments and the last command he ever heard…hold the door…holddadoor….holdador…hodor…hodor…hodor…

And now we know that, for decades, Hodor has held in his mind the moment of his own death, already written in the past.


    • Because Summer was Bran’s familiar and you’re familiar will die for you! She died to protect him which is horrifically sad and incredibly beautiful at the same time

  • Oh my god the paradox of the past and future colliding in this episode, is just mind blowing!!

  • I agree with other posters why the f do the direwolves have to keep dying like that?! I sincerely hope grrm does the wolves better than these crappy writers.

    • GRRM’s pen is as bloody as Dan and Dave’s, and likely bloodier. GRRM might actually make it even worse,

  • OK, my interpretation of what happened:
    as I understood it, Bran knew he had to leave Hodor behind to hold the door.
    But he can’t control Hodor over long distance to hold it and Hodor by himself would be useless.
    So he sent young Hodor’s mind into old Hodor to hold the door.
    Everything that was left in young Hodor were the echoes of the last words he heard:
    Hold the door…

      • He didn’t know anything.
        He was literally mindless since his mind died with old Hodor.
        That’s why Bran could warg into him so easily.

  • Cant believe Hodor is dead!! This is fucked up GOT. Also Bran is an asshole for what he did to Hodor

    • Also Bran is an asshole for what he did to Hodor

      I think what Bran did and the seconds of intimate contact between wilys and bran before he warged into him in the past, was not Brans doing alone but a combined sense of duty. A devotion like that of Hodor to Bran throughout the series could only have established because he knew what purpose both would have ‘in the wars to come’. From that moment on, I believe Hodor did everything out of free will, but was traumatised by the event (who wouldn’t be?).

  • My heart is broken… I really hope we don’t have to see Hodor reanimated as a Wight…

  • Bran, haven’t you ever seen Spider-Man. With great power comes great responsibility. That gift isn’t a game, guess you had to learn the hard way.

  • I wanna see both ghost and hodor as wights.

    All this had to happen for the current story to take place. Bran is north because hodor became simple and basically carried him in the long journey. saved his ass a buncha times.

  • This episode, and specifically the Hodor revelation, is going to mess me up for a while. I’m just blown away. I can’t seem to reconcile what I watched and my feelings about it. I think I would have cried if I wasn’t so gobsmacked.
    Please somebody tell me that Hodor did not live his entire adult life “remembering” the day he dies in the future. Time travel is some tricky shit. If I watch it again, will I get a different meaning than that?
    No, I can’t watch it again, not yet. I just can’t even.

  • So sad, so tragic this ending. Excellent episode up until the end, and it really sucked for me. I understand the death of the 3-eyed Raven. But Hodor AND Summer? I’d like to whack whoever wrote that ending, those 3 deaths………


    I wish Bran could go back in time and change THIS outcome but it’s not going to happen.

    Who in the world is going to help Meera and Bran now?!?

  • Welp, I knew the last episode was too “happy” for GoT, and they would have to balance the scales but Hodor AND Summer in the same show?! #$@!*&%#

  • I know this has been stated previously but wtf is going on with murdering all the Direwolves? RIP Summer (the whole conclusion of the show; I do hope it’s not a metaphorical representation of the death or summer/ the long night).

    Ho-do-dor!!!! Well, Wow is all I can say…. I don’t really think Bran had a choice, it had already happened in a manner, and if Bran hadn’t of warged into hodor, then Bran may have never even made it to the Blood Raven’s gaff: as who knows what would have become of Wylis if he hadn’t experienced a horrifically terrifying (mental) death!!!!

    I do hope Sansa has evolved somewhat from the days of getting members of her family murdered through her stupidity.

    Ok, ok, I’m done!! My first post here, but been reading for awhile now, nice to be apart of this great site. RIP SUMMER AND HODOR!!

  • I wish people shut up about direwolves Don’t worry. Whichever is left will get their revenge .susususuperpack is coming.

  • Hodooooooor… I’m crying for an hour, more than I cried for red wedding and Jon’s death. Showruners are so cruel :((((

  • Although it’s a little off topic:

    Tonight the German synchronized version of Episode 5 will air. I wonder how they’ll solve the ‘Hold the door / HO-DOR’ thing in any other language than English…

    • @Ser Tolerance
      In german it’ll be called by “Das Tor”.
      “holt das dor” and so on.

      • Well, the correct German term would be:
        “Halte die Tür” (Tür=door in German)
        which doesn’t work at all in becoming “hodor”.

        A workaround of sorts would indeed be:
        “Halte das Tor” (Tor=gate in German)
        Still, long way to go from that sentence to “Ho(ld the)do(o)r” but I guess this is the only way.

  • Umm did the 3-eyed Raven tell Bran to go back to Winterfell or was he just there AGAIN trying to watch home videos when the 3-ER had already warned him about that?

    My impression was that Bran was asleep at the wheel reminiscing when the Ice King came calling and simply had to warg into Hodor where he was (in the past) for expediency. This made his indulgence all the more horrific.

    It may be however that this, like all else, was simply fated to happen (noting the Ashai Priestess’ poignant comments to Varys). Who knows where Hodor might be had he grown into a normal guy. As it happens this was his big role/moment… even though it took his life.

  • I keep watching the end of this epi and cry everytime. Didnt realize i was so attached to Hodor but he was so loyal and i respect that more than anything