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This fan correctly predicted last night’s Hodor twist years ago


Are you still reeling from Sunday night’s heart-wrenching Game of Thrones twist? Did you see it coming? Well, if you can believe it, there’s one man who correctly guessed the final twist behind “The Door” years ahead of time. IGN got the scoop about a writer from VentrellaQuest who shared a theory about Hodor with Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin back in 2013.

So here’s how this all went down. The writerMichael A. Ventrella, apparently approached Martin on an elevator and spoke to the author about a comment he once made about wanting to be an elevator operator:

I finally figured out why you have a character named Hodor…I was thinking about your comment about wanting to be an elevator operator. It’s clear to me now that ‘Hodor’ is short for ‘Hold the door’.

Martin’s response? He laughed and replied: “You don’t know how close to the truth you are!”

While Ventrella’s catch was impressive, he actually wasn’t the first person to figure it out the mystery behind Hodor’s favorite word. NME did some deep digging and found a tweet from Larry Bartleet  who documented a 2008 post in the ASOIAF forums that, while light-hearted, kind of hit the nail on the head.


In 2013, Kristian Nairn was interviewed by Flicks and the City, and was asked how he’d like to have Hodor die…his answer was tragically prophetic. Head to 4:11 to hear it.

Finally, and this is the most interesting thing from the IGN article, the first words spoken to Hodor in Game of Thrones were “Help Bran down the hall.”


My, how those words resonate now. It’s neat to see the Game of Thrones connect Hodor’s final moments on the show back to his first, even if it wasn’t intentional. Hold the door, Hodor, hold the door.


  • Quick question. Does this now mean the future is set in stone? Due to Bran warging into Hodor his mind got scrambled but considering Bran was not even alive at the time Hodor was scrambled( I know Bran was there)

    • I thinks so.
      As soon as young Hodor had his seizure all the events that lead to Hodor holding that door one day were set in stone – otherwise young Hodor wouldn’t have that seizure.

    • I personally think that the future is different in that it isn’t set in stone because people still haven’t made certain choices. Although it is originally GRRM so I wouldn’t put anything past him.

  • Question , did the three eyed crow (BLoodraven )set hodor In play knowing the need for him to help bran in the future .If so then wouldn’t he have also known of his own demise. Last question in the show BLoodraven tells bran its time for you to become me ,so when bran was looking at hodor on the ground it was really a memorie of blood Ravens and not brans only because bran was not yet born ,if so then BLoodraven showed Willis the end of his life kind of cool in an odd way .mostly sad though

  • What if Meera said something like ” Continue manning that door until you cant see my face. ” ?

  • There are some theories floating out there that Bran is a time traveler and has been in play for generations. We have heard numerous historic figures named Bran, as in Bran the Builder, etc. Some even think the 3ERaven is Bran (eventually or another time period Bran). I am not sure I’m buying it. But, maybe over time he figures how to physically be in other time periods? All that does is make my head hurt.

  • Zombie Hodor and Zombie Summer vs Wun Wun when the White Walkers attack Castle Black. You heard it here first.

  • I think that the vision bran was shown compared to tower of joy and the other visions do not match in importance. Bran was smiling thinking “aww I’m home”. But really he was there so he could take hodors soul. So because he was warged into in the future his purpose and life energy was assigned to brand fate. Beautifully orchestrated by the three eyes Raven but it could have been anyone. He knows everyone and all knowledge and used the pieces available like a game of chess. He had been waiting for bran for so long not just to teach him but to put all this into motion. Also he must have known that bran was going to succumb to his curiosity and used it as the time to present him with the path he needs to take. And knew his death was necessary just like jojen.

    Still doesn’t explain why S6 is anti direwolf

  • Ive seen post on here that Bran fried Hodors brain and COF created WW bout a yr sgo. Might have been on ASIOF 2 i think

  • Bran and Meera need help, as in Need Big Help Now, because the door could only be held for so long. Who is known to be north of the Wall and in need of something to do? … Benjen Stark.

  • Coldhands to the rescue? I can’t see them getting out any other way and I really want to see him roll up on a great elk.

    • It must be Cold Hands or Bran wargs an elk and they use it to get to castle black.

  • Thoughts on this theory – Bran is actually the 3 Eyed Raven? There are a few times he tells Bran that he must become “me”.

    • I forgot to mention that the 3ERaven is always,sitting in the tree. Has anyone seen him (outside of warging visions) walking?

  • I was pretty critical of this episode immediately after watching it, perhaps the loss of Hodor just had me in a bad mood.
    Anyway, it seems like Bran is stuck in greenseer-land, possibly until he’s finished “downloading” all of the knowledge 3ER meant to give him? It occurred to me that Hodor dies shortly after having his mind broken, and while still under the influence of Bran… they could totally create a version of Coldhands with that situation if they wanted to.

  • Loyal reader and love how ceremoniously Hodor went out. The full-circle mind trip was refreshing.

    So pissed about Summer though. We barely see him for two seasons, and then all of a sudden we get 2 seconds of him (none of which we get to see him kick any undead ass, he just leaps in and starts yelping). Saves Bran and co. maybe 5 seconds. Of all the Direwolves, I thought Summer would last the longest. Bran is a cripple and a 1 in 1000 Warg, so it just made perfect sense that he’d have his loyal wolf with him a long time. Why kill him off? Why not just have him escape with Bran and Meera? Or better yet, just leave him the fuck out of the episode like they’ve been doing since Bran got to the cave! Any ideas? Even assuming/holding out (foolishly) to the hope that Rickon/Shaggy Dog’s plot isn’t what it’s made out to be, still don’t get why they needed to kill Summer. I’m not even pretending to hope that Arya will reunite with Nymeria one day either. We’ve learned over the years.