Game of Thrones Hodor Merchandise

BreakingT’s new shirt designs look back on “The Door”

“The Door” was one of the most emotional episodes of Game of Thrones in recent memory. And what better way to pay tribute to those rich emotions than by wearing them across your chest on a t-shirt? As it does every week, the hard-working apparel czars at BreakingT have made a selection of shirts based on the most recent episode of Game of Thrones. The first design of the week celebrates the miracle of Jon Snow’s ongoing existence.

WiC T-shirt: You Only Live Twice

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In Westeros, where anybody can die at any moment, it’s more important than ever to cherish the time you have. Remember that, Jon, before you die again.

BreakingT’s second design for the week focuses on the big finale, and Hodor’s heartbreaking last moments. Now, no one design could ever do justice to the beauty and tragedy of that scene, so BreakingT has gone…another way with it.

WiC T-shirt: Hold the Door

In Partnership with BreakingT
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Is it too soon? Judge me how you will, but I laughed when I saw this design. If only Bran and company had a doorstop handy when they exited the cave…

We’re giving away a pair of free t-shirts each week. To enter our weekly drawing, you’ll have to watch WiC Live, our Game of Thrones aftershow. It goes live on Facebook every Monday at noon following the previous night’s episode. The fourth episode, all about “The Door,” can be seen here. Look upon our pastiness and despair.

Every week on WiC Live, we’ll mention a special email address you can message to enter yourself in the drawing. The first four people who email us will get the t-shirts, so it’s all about being quick on the draw. If you’re a winner, you can choose which t-shirt design you want to receive. We’ll be giving away a pair of plain “Winter is Coming” t-shirts as well.