Game of Thrones Hodor Humor

Benioff and Weiss “apologize” for Hodor’s death, and other Game of Thrones-themed funnies

Still reeling from Hodor’s death at the end of “The Door?” Perhaps this look at the lighter side of Game of Thrones will help.

We start, appropriately enough, with Hodor, whose death has been a big talking point this week. The furor was such that Game of Thrones showrunners Davis Benioff and Dan Weiss even went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to apologize for it…kind of.

So they’re not the best actors, but this was a cute bit. Also, listen closely at the end: “We’re also sorry for that close-up wiener shot.”

Hodor, may be dead, but he’ll never be gone so long as we remember him, and doing impressions of him is a good start. Here’s a compilation of cast members giving their best “Hodors.” Feel free to join in.

Moving on to larger-scale episode recaps, the always-funny Ozzy Man is back with his take on “The Door.”

Jonathan Van Ness of Gay of Thrones was also in fine form this week, particularly with his description of that play Arya watched.

The new names for this week:

  • Leaf: Klingon Tila Tequila
  • Yara Greyjoy: Lena Dunham (and the Iron Islands are Seattle, I’m assuming because of the damp climate)
  • Euron Greyjoy: Drunk Uncle Wolverine
  • Greyscale: Terminal Westeros psoriasis
  • The army of the dead: The Insane Cold Posse

Elsewhere, YouTube channel PizzaPartyFX crossed Game of Thrones with Black Knight, the 2001 movie in which Martin Lawrence plays a theme park employee who gets transported back to medieval times. How did no one think of this before now?

Finally, Emilia Clarke went on Late Night with Seth Meyers and sang Hanson’s “MMMBop” in Dothraki. Let’s leave it at that.