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Clive Russell dicusses the Blackfish’s respect for Brienne

When Jaime gave Brienne leave to walk through the Lannister camp and up to the gates of Riverrun to try and convince the Blackfish to surrender the castle without bloodshed, most assumed it would not go well. After all, the Blackfish is a crusty and stubborn old man, and they figured he would dismiss a woman in a suit of armor out of hand.


Not impressed with your spoilers

Not impressed with your spoilers

Clive Russell, who plays the Blackfish, spoke to IGN on why his character did not, in fact, laugh at Brienne, but seemed to admire her by episode’s end.

Brienne represented for him his young self, a person of integrity, a soldier of integrity, trying to do the right thing. That added to the conflict he felt of what was the right thing to do: whether to send men to Sansa or not.

It also helped that both of them were stubborn as mules, making it hard for the Blackfish to just get her to buzz off. Russell said that height was also a factor.

I’m probably about 6’6″ tall. I think she’s about 6’3″, but all the time I worked with her, I felt like she was taller than me. Now I don’t really know what that has to do with it. It might be something to do with being confronted by a physically charismatic very tall woman, or maybe it’s that she’s caught the impressiveness of the character of that woman, that soldier.

Either way, Russell says, by the end of the episode, he feels like it’s the next generation’s turn to take over. “There’s a touching moment where he acknowledges that to her face. It’s very touching and sad, and I think that’s what it’s about. He’s really recognizing the next generation of what I once was.”

It helped, of course, that he and Gwendoline Christie also got along on set like a house on fire. “We had great fun together. It was great fun to play.”

Here’s to you, Blackfish! Let’s hope you didn’t make to big of a fool of yourself with that sword.


    • Did you not watch last nights episode? They said he was dead lol. And don’t tell me just because you didn’t see him die you thought he was alive…

      • Yes, no way that could be untrue. If he had escaped, I’m sure Jaime’s soldier would have marched up to Jaime and said “he escaped – please execute me.” Ever hear of the Hound? I didn’t see him die on camera and guess what? He didn’t die!

  • I thought he should have left with Brienne, even if they had him die at the Battle of the Bastards. To go to all the trouble to bring him back and then have him die off screen was bad.

    • Agreed, Doug. What function did his death serve? It told us nothing new about the character, it opened up no future alliances/events, no other character got a rub from him, I mean, I just don’t understand why they went this route. This was amore useful development than sending him up north/ And then to have his death offscreen- I just don’t get it. I expected some drop in the quality of the writing when they didn’t have any more source material to work with, but the writing has become just standard T.V. stuff. Very lazy and illogical. It’s still a great show, however, it’s only great due to the foundation that Martin laid. Very disappointed in D&D’s skills, still into the show though.

    • Agreed. Why bring Blackfish back if he died in the next episode. I see the siege only served to keep Jaime away from King’s Landing during Cersei’s trial. It’s good to visit Riverrun again but we don’t need it. There’s already many storylines to follow, why revive 2 old stories (Riverrun & The Hound) that filled up 2 episodes.

    • what I note is all the gray/white/silver heads of the show, all the old school ways, are being tossed off. Not shocked he went out. The old stubborn ways are being washed out. The ‘new way’, ‘new blood’ is stepping I guess

  • It is time for the next generation to step forward, but there’s still some clean up to do before the next shift.

  • Yea that was poop writing, so we get to hear tyrion and the two most boring, one dimensional characters ever telling jokes for ten minutes…. But rush right through the death of a character that has been made a point of resurging this year for what?

    D&D have some splainin’ to do for this garbage to be justified.

  • So did Jaime spare Edmure’s men and just kill Blackfish? Or did he spare the men?

    Also, of course Blackfish died. He already returned to the show once, he won’t return again. But the whole Riverrun part of this season was absolute horseshit. Terrible writing, it was apparently all just filler to apparently stall. No actual fighting shown, not even Blackfish’s own death. Like most of this season, a bunch of pointless shit that accomplishes nothing.

    • “So did Jaime spare Edmure’s men and just kill Blackfish? Or did he spare the men?”

      Sorry, I meant *kill* the men, not spare them. Anybody know?

  • The whole season has felt rushed..
    what happened to all the fight scenes game of thrones was famous for? Feels exactly like all the other shows now, a season full of boring conversations for one underwhelming cliffhanger ending.

    Heard it here first

  • Didn’t enjoy this episode, agree that it has been a rough season with the writing. Guess it’s the no source material. I’m not a complainer, but this season has been all over the place and many odd plot holes. Blackfish? Arya?

  • There was almost certainly more footage of The Blackfish fighting that we didn’t see. Does anyone remember the spoiler photo, released last year, of him firing a bow from the ramparts?

    It would have been good to see him take one or two of the Freys with him, at least.

    • Hemlin, i think that was the photo from Season 2 during the funeral of Lord Hoster Tully. Edmure Tully can’t seem to fire the bow of fire properly, so Blackfish did it instead.

    • That’s what I was thinking. They built Edmure up as broken and developed the character of the guard commander who let him in as disgusted by his cravenness.

      I thought perhaps they are building a surprise with Littlefinger letting Sansa down…the battle going badly – but then Edmure with his lieutenant the same guard commander by his side turning up on cavalry late in the battle to save the day.

      …Of course I think that would be a good dramatic twist.. that makes some dramatic conclusion to the Riverrun storyline. But there have been quite a few storylines that went nowhere so perhaps it just is what it is..

    • No… Edmure is a dumb slave to Lannisters and Freys alike. He won’t have any army, at least not until Walder Frey skins him alive lol.

  • I thought Podrick was on loan same as Oathkeeper. He originally was a star in Tyrions entourage.

  • Jaime told Edmure he and his son would be imprisoned at Casterly Rock during his scene at RR.

    The Freys will hold RR, which is where the trailer footage of Walder Frey fits in. They are celebrating the end of the seige. Hopefully there will be some Frey pies served.

  • It looked to me as if the Tulley army was being marched out of the castle as prisoners without their weapons at the end of the episode ,even stepping on their banners which had been dropped to the ground.
    Edmure is a limp and boneless fish.

  • I seem to recall that there was no bloodshed in Riverrun in the books either. And the scene between Edmure and Jaime lived up to what happened in the books. I do not know why you all are craving for some fighting and war in the show?! When nothing of that sort happened in Riverrun in the books?!?

  • I’m hoping they dispose Blackfish in the river, Nymeria, and or the BWB and they revive him as Lord StoneHeart. He had some of the best scenes in the show. Would love to see him come back kicking some Red Wedding instigator ass.

  • Edmure taking Tilley army to sansas aid ! What tablets do you guys take ??
    They handed in their weapons, have no horses and are miles away after enduring a siege for 2 years .

  • We distinctly see Edmure look to the Blackfish as he walks away from him, then the Blackfish slips out to help Brienne and Pod escape. Once Edmure has left Blackfish behind, the he orders the castle to stand down and to have the Blackfish found and sent to the Freys. Wouldn’t he have done that when they were face to face? Why turn his back to him and walk off?

    So while I’m not denying Blackfish could very well have died in battle as the Lannister soldier stated, it seems a bit fishy… excuse the pun. It makes me think Edmure was stalling for time for the Blackfish to escape as he does in ASOIAF. What would he do if he escaped RR… hard to say, the old fox has several options on the table.

    The Siege of River Run was bloodless in the books as it was on the screen. The conversations between Jaime and the Tullys was pretty faithfully adapted, if shortened. I was pleased overall with the scene, I just thought there would be a bit more “meat” to it, especially since Brienne, Pod and Bronn were added to the scene where they were not in the books.

  • Maybe the Blackfish didn’t go with Brienne, because he hoped they will be not followed by Jamie (after he learned that the 2 were connected before). If he gyes with them, Jamie just couldn’t let them go.

    But this is just my opinion. :-)