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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Gwendoline Christie on Jaime and Brienne’s reunion

We’d waited a long time for this Game of Thrones reunion, and finally it arrived: Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie) met up in “No One,” and found themselves on different sides. The scene played played out brilliantly, with two damaged people who instinctively recognize the best in each other having to bury their feelings in order to serve opposing loyalties. With Jaime with his Lannisters laying siege to the man Brienne wanted to ally herself with, tensions were high. None of the potential drama was lost on Coster-Waldau in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

It’s a great scene. These characters are so much about holding their cards so close to their chest and they don’t want to reveal how they’re feeling. But we know there’s history between them, that this is more than two knights meeting. But they would never acknowledge that.

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Christie also was also jazzed to film a scene she knew fans had been waiting for:

I was excited. It was really fun to be with Nikolaj again, and I thought the way of which their reunion happens is not really expected. I just loved that it was so formal, because within the confines of such formality, and having to negotiate with each other, there are so many other stories begging to be told in those moments. There’s a slow process of creeping familiarity among two people who haven’t been together for a long time; it was allowed to build. And I love that Brienne asserts her intelligence and her newfound mind of strategy and negotiates with Jaime and gets the outcome she wants – he allows her safe passage to go in and negotiate. It wasn’t cliched in any way.


Is there romance in Jaime and Brienne’s future? “No One” was penned by showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss, and they used foul-mouthed Bronn to suggest how surely the two of them would want to bed each other, since everybody else wants to bed them. Coster-Waldau weighed in on that:

(Bronn) tells us what the audience suspects. It’s a great way to get all that stuff into the audience’s head before the scene because then there’s this added subtext. Jaime is always about Cersei and what he can do to help her and how to achieve whatever she wants. And for Brienne, it’s the same – she has an oath to Catelyn Stark. She’s extremely strong willed and has her honor and has to do the right thing always. Sometimes, with both of them, you just want go, ‘For godssake, let it go for a one second. What about what you want?’ They never listen to themselves. And what I love about the end of this scene is there’s some heartbreak. Because, once again, they were close. But are they ever gonna be able to talk about something other than someone else’s agenda?

Jaime and Edmure

While Coster-Waldau obviously relished shooting his scenes with Brienne, his favorite scene in the episode was his character’s slow and agonizing undoing of Edmure Tully (Tobias Menzies) where Jaime unleashes his dark side to win the siege of Riverrun. “The scene was beautifully written,” he said.

It reminds me of the scene in the bathtub, even though it’s very different. You’ve seen Jaime grow into a very skilled negotiator. It’s very relaxed, very conversational, then it turns on, ‘If you don’t do what I want you do to do, you’re going to have to accept that I’m going to kill every person in that castle … I’ll do anything for my sister. And if I have to do horrible things to you and your family, so be it.’ I hope that the audience appreciates it because we’re cheating a little bit – we’re building up to this big battle with Lannister forces and the castle and a siege that’s going to be bloody and crazy. But then, no, it’s not. He resolves it by his intelligence and wit. He’s actually saving a lot of peoples’ lives by using words instead of arrows . . . The character is growing and doesn’t get emotional about it.

Unemotional, huh? What about that wave to Brienne at the end of the episode? Her wave back. Those faces, the faces of two people who fear they will never see one another again.

Getting back to romance, has Coster-Waldau heard of the budding romance between Brienne and Tormund? According to an interview with IGN, he has, and he’s not pleased.

There was this beautiful image of Brienne and Tormund where they were like Kate and Leo from Titanic. It also seemed to me quite one-sided. I think Tormund is more into it than she is — or maybe I’m getting protective about the Jaime situation. I’m already being jealous on his behalf.

Finally, Coster-Waldau indicated where Jaime wants to go now. Unsurprisingly, he wants to book it back to King’s Landing.

He knows his sister and Tommen are extremely vulnerable. This whole religious uprising, no one saw that coming and it’s just taken over everything. He understands how dangerous a situation it is, and he knows that Cersei is on trial very shortly. Even though the idea is, of course, that [he] would think she’s safe with the Mountain fighting for it, he’s seen enough of the High Sparrow not to trust him.

With this week’s episode probably spending all of its time in the North, we probably won’t see Jaime return to King’s Landing, assuming he does, until Episode 10.


    • Out of all the ships, rowboats, and dragons sailing the high seas, FFS hasn’t anyone come across Gendry yet? What did he hole up on an island somewhere and say F Westeros!!!

  • It will be interesting to see how much this interaction with Brienne weighs on Jaime going forward.
    I re-watched the episode and enjoyed it much more on the second viewing. It seemed to me like perhaps the whole point of the Riverrun sequence was Jaime and the contrast between his conversations with Edmure and Brienne: we see his ruthless leveraging for the Lannister agenda with the former yet he was forced to recognise the wrongness of their methods with the latter. His sense of loss at her leaving was just beautifully done and leaves me hopeful that once back in King’s Landing that glimmer of insight afforded by Brienne comes back to him. Fingers crossed that’s what this sequence is building up to.

    • When everything hits the fan Up North with the White Walkers etc Jaime is going to realize just what is really at stake and hopefully keep Cersei from wasting all the wildfire (yeah I know not highly likely)

  • Brianne should have offered to return Podrick along with Oathkeeper. “Sorry I’m returning this a little scratched up and damaged. And here’s Oathkeeper, too!”

  • Bandit77. Thats hellza funny! I think Brienne should forget about the sister F#!KER and go with the Bear F#!ker. Giantsbane for president, first lady of Westeros- Brienne of Tarth.

  • Really! I think Jaime Landonmysister is by FAR the worst character in the series.. That type of lust,and sweat should never ever ever be focused on your kin let alone your sister.. He deserved to have his jerkoff hand CUTOFF.. If not, who knows what we would have seen or read about during his captivity and longing for his sister. That is UUUGGH! He wont kill her, he’ll let her burn everything which is the same to me… He should definitely burn too. I got so much dept on that and what he did to Bran and the wheels that are now in motion, that im so upset i can’t. Text anymore till i calm myself. Jaime is a girl name. They shuld have cut his love poker off so he could have been a women. Hence, Jamie.. A girls name… All men must die but, ladies first. Jamie and the Mad Queen. Oh yeah, Tommen is a wuss.

  • I think this is by far the best episode for Jaime all season. We actually see his character depth and development for the first time in awhile. I don’t say this as a ‘shipper’ of Brienne and Jaime, but Jaime shows his depth with Brienne in a way he never does with Cersei.

    The Side trip to Dorne was pretty botched as most people agree. Jaime was shooting from the hip and it failed. He lost Myrcella, although it could be argued she was marked for death by Ellaria regardless of Jaime and Bronn’s rescue attempt. Upon returning to King’s Landing, I can’t say I have been impressed by his dialogue or interactions with Cersei. He has shown more concern and a need to protect Cersei and Tommen… but not much else. Even his grief for Myrcella seemed muted.

    I actually thought there would be much more to the RiverRun siege, just as I thought his march up the stairs to free Margaery and Loras would have more substance. Seems like everything this season is so abbreviated to keep it moving. In both cases we are expecting at least an allusion of battle, yet both leave us wanting. There seems to be only 2 speeds for GoT… Slow or Fast… I prefer a medium pace myself!

    I really loved Jaime’s scene with Edmure, both actors really did a great job. Edmure reminds us of Jaime from Season 1&2, the brutal, brash and vulgar narcissist. The Kingslayer, the man with-out honor, the man who attacked Ned Stark in the streets of KL and insulted Catelyn and Brienne at every turn of his cruel mouth.

    Then Jaime reminds us of the man he has become after Brienne’s influence, yes he will resort to brutal tactics if necessary… but he is willing to try the high road and seek a peaceful resolution to the siege. The old Jaime would have just went in all swords blazing and damn the consequences.

    Jaime’s goodbye’s to Brienne are always painful, because we see she is so much better for him than Cersei. Brienne makes him see himself through another lens. Cersei has only ever encouraged him to do her bidding regardless of the cost. She has fed his narcissism and used it for her own gains. Brienne seeks to elevate him to something more Knightly.

    Some may have seen the Bronn and Pod scene as filler, but it was the best laugh of the night! Brienne seems to be getting alot of Love this season! Glad to see the most badass woman in Westeros getting some attention from the fellas!

    • Jaime and development? Yeah now instead of pushing kids out of the windows, he would rather throw across the walls with a catapult.

    • I agree,that’s one of the things I truly love about GOT is that some of the bad guys are not what they appear to be,my personal favorite the Hound. Back in season 1 we got a glimpse of his honor as with Jamie and Tryion all they way back to S1 and the good guys might not be good

  • I love the character Bronn but felt the dialogue D & D gave him with Podrick, about how he, Jaime, and Podrick would all fuck Brienne, cheapened the relationship and feelings Jaime and Brienne share for one another. Brienne is a character that was laughed at growing up; someone who was never viewed as pretty or feminine — and Jaime sees beauty and strength in her and respects her and she sees similar traits to admire in him. Jaime would never have a fratboy talk with Bronn about banging Brienne. It’s just silly to suggest otherwise and it wasn’t necessary and IMO, it was just weak writing. Boo! Still loved the episode though….

    • I actually think that comment supports the Jaime + Brienne relationship, Bronn would have no idea what Jaime felt towards Brienne as he has his ‘Kingslayer’ mask on for pretty much anyone but Brienne (included Cersei). Bronn would therefore just assume Jaime would ‘fook’ her like he would.

    • They weren’t suggesting Bronn and Jaime have discussed Brienne this way. At all. Bronn just has a lot of time to observe and form opinions, and has a history of interest in Jaime’s love life, though in the past it’s been displayed through oblique dubiousness about Jaime’s poor choices.

  • If Brienne knew that Jamie had sex with his sister next to a dead Joffery, she would knight his ass!

  • Jamie and Brienne’s scene was emotional and nostalgic. Makes you remember their Season 3 ordeal especially the bathhtub scene where Jamie opened up to Brienne. He was vulnerable and desperate. It was the first time that he told someone of the reason behind the Kingslayer incident. It was one of the best scenes of the series.

    And i agree that Brienne and Jamie have good chemistry. Plus, the “jealous” Cersei during Joffrey and Margaery’s Purple Wedding. She thanked Brienne for bringing her brother back to King’s Landing safely. Brienne mentioned that Jamie also helped her in a way to which Cersei mistook for something sexual. The look on Cersei’s face was priceless. Haha!

  • I think Jaime when talking to Edmure was foreshadowing Cersei using all the wildfire,he says something about burning down cities so Cersei knows already about the wildfire and Qyburn has told her his little birds have confirmed all this,will have to wait and see but I think the Sept of Baelor is being burnt to the ground along with the High Sparrow and the faith militant

  • Well, at least we won’t be reading about how fast Jaime returned to KL if he doesn’t show up til episode 10.

  • Can someone try to explain D&D’s terrible writing to me?

    Why would Brienne flee the castle? Obviously the Lannister forces had no interest in capturing/killing her while she walked about the camp, yet she fled after the takeover like they would? And on top of that, all that talk of “my honor compels me to fight against you” but instead of fighting, she does the dishonorable thing and flees!!

    Can anyone make sense of this plot?

    • She didn’t fight against Jamie because there was no battle after all. And there was no guarantee she’d be allowed to walk away so I think she did the right thing.

    • Substitution for The Blackfish’s escape from the castle in the books. A whole bunch of stuff from the books was pulled together in the brief seige of Riverrun in the show.

  • in the books, Blackfish escapes by swimming under the water gate, so it appears this is sort of a substitute to have Brienne leave that way. Also, Edmure tells Jaime with a great deal of satisfaction exactly how the Blackfish got out and who planned it and helped him (Edmure and his captains)
    I had to go back and find this and re read it after watching the show to make sure I was remembering it correctly (and settle a point of detail with my husband who remembered it differently) I was right this time!!